Nov 05 2009

The Beauty Of Splash Sculptures

Splash Art is a truly beautiful art form requiring precise timming a specialized photography equipment. Masters of the genre often have complex studios set up with lasers, multiple flashes and controlers to acheive the exact timming needed to capture these wonderfull images. With the abstract nature of splash photography you can often make out figures in the liquid forms. The artists featured below have taken this niche to new heights – perfecting their techniques and inspiring us all.

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Nov 04 2009

Essential CSS/HTML Lists Styling Techniques

Certain elements in HTML lend themselves to many situations when marking up a website, one of the more useful of these elements is the HTML list. Using lists, a developer can markup horizontal navigation, dropdown navigation, a list of links, and even scrolling content panels (with the help of Javascript). These features can help developers build new sites and applications as well as integrate new content into existing applications.

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Nov 03 2009

The Future Of The Web: Where Will We Be In Five Years?

We’re approaching the end of 2009, and many people are wondering what the future will bring. While no one can predict for sure what the Internet holds in its future, there are indicators and trends that can point us in the right direction.

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Nov 02 2009

40 New Useful Web Development Tools and Resources

To become a professional web designer, you need effective tools that would help you implement beautiful designs with solid coding techniques. Handy ready-to-be-used solutions and smart design tools are always nice to have, but good ones are often quite hard to find. And this is where we come into play.

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Oct 30 2009

Web Typography: Font Embedding Services

There are a lot of options out there for using other-than-websafe fonts in your website designs. Dynamic text replacement methods or resorting to very long fontstacks (where most of your visitors won’t see the font you wanted anyway) have long been the standard for using anything other than websafe fonts.

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Oct 29 2009

35 More Useful jQuery Plugins and Techniques

Do you ever think "Ugh" when it is time to update or redesign your site? jQuery has a fantastic library of plugins and tutorials that can speed the benefits of developing your site while demanding less time and improving workflow constraints.

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Oct 28 2009

80 Stunning Background Patterns For Your Websites

We are always attracted to the outstanding design, layout or content when we click in a website, but seldom of us would notice the textures and patterns that are used. If there are only background colors, many websites would not be that eye-catching as they are now.

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Oct 26 2009

60 Marvellous Wall Paintings And 3-D Street Art

Art grabs your attention whether it is displayed on paper or another material. As long as it conveys its message the right way, it will inspire people, irrespective of the canvas.

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Oct 25 2009

40 Adobe Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials

By Paul Andrew

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Oct 22 2009

Six Creative Solutions in Online Advertising

By Mike Takahashi

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