Jan 02 2010

Free Furry Cushions Social Icons Set

Today we are glad to release Furry Cushions Social Icons, a set with 6 transparent furry social icons in .png. This set was designed by Andrea Austoni and released especially for Noupe and its readers.

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Dec 30 2009

7 Must-See Web Design Videos and Presentations

By Louis Lazaris

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Dec 28 2009

Data Tables In Modern Web Design

By Matt Cronin

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Dec 25 2009

Tools And Techniques To Manage Creative Projects On Your Mac

By Matthew C. Gallagher

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Dec 22 2009

35 Awesome Vector Illustrations

Unlike raster-based images, vector images are infinitely scalable. From the photo-realistic to the abstract, vector art is as varied as any other medium of expression. The artist featured here have taken their craft to the next level with these inspirational images. In this inspirational post we present 35 beautiful vector illustrations that will certainly inspire you. Do you have further suggestions for beautiful vector illustrations or just some nice ideas for next inspirational posts? Let us know in the comments to this post!

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Dec 21 2009

Tribbon ‘Layered’ Font – Exclusive Free Download

By Graham Smith

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Dec 18 2009

CSS Techniques I Wish I Knew When I Started Designing Websites


CSS is the best thing to happen to the web since Tim Berners-Lee. It’s simple, powerful, and easy to use. But even with all its simplicity, it hides some important capabilities. Ask any designer, and they’ll tell you that the majority of their code headaches are caused and ultimately solved by CSS.

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Dec 17 2009

The Ultimate Christmas Round-Up: Patterns, Brushes, Vectors and Fonts

By Vailancio Rodrigues

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Dec 16 2009

Beautiful Christmas and Winter Wallpapers For Your Desktop


Winter is a special time of year for people around the globe. Many will celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, the winter solstice, while others may celebrate the first heavy snow on the slopes and the season itself.

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Dec 15 2009

20 Excellent Facebook Scripts and Resources

Networking has certainly become important to our daily life. Whether light-hearted interaction with friends or communicating with business clients the world over, socializing is integral to our personal and professional relationships. Facebook has gotten most of the buzz in the past few years, allowing members to easily stay connected with friends, family members and business associates.

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