Mar 09 2009

Beautiful Forms – Design, Style, & make it work with PHP & Ajax

Forms needs a solid visual structure, a profound hierarchy of form elements (Fields and Labels), powerful techniques and Functionality (AJAX) to make the form look and work creatively. There is a great bunch of creative, outstanding and individually designed from scratch forms.

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Mar 04 2009

25+ 3D Studio Max Best of Tutorials & Resources

Creating 3D visualization rendering autodesk 3ds Max software, brings not only the look and feel for the image, but also helps to visualize the design in reality. This full-featured 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and effects solution is used to produce stunning interior & exterior 3D visualization rendering, top-selling games and award-winning film and video content.

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Mar 02 2009

20 Useful PHP Components & Tutorials for Everyday Project

Web applications have made huge leaps and bounds in improving user experience thanks to a lot of recently developed Ajax technology. When you combine some neat functionality courtesy of PHP with the cleverness of javascript you can produce some pretty cool results. In an effort to help you take it up a notch, we’d like to share some methods for helping your site anticipate a user’s next move.

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Feb 26 2009

Paper + Color + Concept = 40+ Creative & Inspirational Piece of Art

Over the last years designers came up with a number of interesting concepts which have somehow stuck between the prototyping stage and the production stage. Today we wanted to present innovative designs and concepts that give us an idea of what we should expect from designer’s creative mind over the years to come.

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Feb 18 2009

40+ Adobe After Effects Best of Tutorials & Resources

For months, we have been bookmarking interesting, useful and creative Adobe After Effects tutorials and Resources, so you can now rest assured that you will have the necessary tools to get the job done.

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Feb 15 2009

40+ Useful & Handy Web Designer’s Web Services & Tools

Nothing can be more useful than handy tools you can use “on the fly” in your design process. Whether you’d like diagramming application, create vector images, format or optimize CSS code, generate patterns- you can use dozens of tools to make your life easier. Today we wanted to share with you a comprehensive list of more than 40 online tools that will really make your life easier and on the fly.

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Feb 08 2009

Website Backgrounds: 70+ Impressive Trends, How To’s & Best Practices

Web designers compete to impress visitors with distinctive and appealing visual elements. Background images are one of those visual elements that when designed properly, can create an amazing atmosphere and convey the style the designer has chosen.

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Feb 05 2009

Readers Pick: 30+ Incredibly Useful Mac Apps for Web Design

Last week i wrote a post called “15+ Incredibly Useful Mac Apps For Freelance Web Designers“, i asked our readers to tell us what is their favorite Mac App and why do they love it.

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Feb 01 2009

5 Popular CSS Frameworks + Tutorials & Tools for Getting Started

CSS frameworks have grown in popularity recently, enabling developers to rapidly prototype designs. The idea of CSS Frameworks is to do all the heavy lifting of the repetitive tasks you do over and over again on each site, allowing you to get faster results and get to the fun stuff designers love.

Main features of good CSS Framework is to 1) rapidly speed up our development time, 2) should have a very small size, 3) have good documentation and tutorials and 4) have clean grid structure. You will need a basic understanding of the CSS framework you are going to use to understand why and how things get solved.

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Jan 29 2009

15+ Incredibly Useful Mac Apps For Freelance Web Designers

In today’s post you will find 15 incredibly useful Mac Apps for freelance web designers to get their website or application styled in a fraction of the time it took before and help them manage their project efficiently to get their job done.

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