Apr 23 2014

Spring Cleaning: 20 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes from April 2014

It’s us again, your deep web theme divers. Continuing with our monthly series, we bring forward a new list of 20 fresh themes for a variety of purposes. Although there is a lot of color in some of the designs, the minimalism is still the common denominator. The following themes are very simple, yet advanced and good to be used as is or to experiment with them to create something unique for your or your client’s site.

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Apr 22 2014

HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 22 Free and Fresh Design Resources from April 2014

How was your Easter, if you happened to celebrate it in your part of the world? We did not only find loads of eggs, but also a bunch of free resources for you all to enjoy. Today we are back with another round of HTML, CSS and PSD templates as well as some UI interfaces, all created in the course of the last few weeks. Frequent readers know that we collect the best new entries to the scene on a regular basis. So, add this post to your ever growing collection of design resources. If you’re a first-time visitor to this series, scroll down to the bottom of the post where we have neatly listed all the already published parts of our monthly collection.

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Apr 15 2014

Create For The Next Big Thing: Free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups

The new year suggests the new undertakings, new hopes and new expectations. In the beginning we are always full of enthusiasm that is bubbling up inside us, pushing us on creating something incredible. However, in order to channel this boundless energy we need a fresh start, something that will “turn on” our imagination. And this something appeared last month. Motorola unveiled the Moto 360 smart watch, a part of the Google smart wear series, that as befits is powered by the Android platform.

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Apr 09 2014

Exclusive Freebie on Noupe: 50 Funny Icons Out of The Ordinary

Oops, that shouldn’t have happened. Simply hold your breath for a minute and it will have faded. Yes, we find this hilarious. A few weeks ago, Nasty Icons created ripples, yet we found the set too drastic in some ways. So we contacted Freepik, our friends from Spain, and asked them if they’d be interested in creating a set, inspired by Nasty Icons, but more on the funny side. They agreed immediately and today, we are proud to be able to bring the 50 symbols to you. All of the icons are free to use for any type of project, but you can only get them here…

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Apr 08 2014

Free Download: Trey Ratcliff’s 500 Best Photos in Full Resolution

This is definitely worth an article as well as your time. Trey Ratcliff, avid traveller and professional photographer, sat down last night and curated his 500 personal favorites from his great photography portfolio into one album. Then he went over to Google+ and released this album exclusively there. Trey is a heavy user of G+ anyway and the platform didn’t limit him to certain resolutions for his images. Out came a great and really large album of 500 high grade images in their fullest resolution.

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Apr 04 2014

Glyphter: New Free Service Helps You Build Your Custom Icon Font From Random SVGs In No Time

Glyphter.com is one of those services that got me immediately. It is simple to use, it works absolutely flawlessly, it is nicely designed and it keeps all of its promises. It even is free. What more could we want? Read on and build your own custom icon font using any SVG you have at hand while waiting for the bus.

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Apr 03 2014

Dribbbox: And Your Dribbble Profile Becomes a Website, Hosted on Your Own Space

Many tools are simple. Only a few are simply good. Dribbbox, created by Belgian designer Benjamin De Cock is both. Benjamin designed a contemporary, responsive portfolio look, which automatically populates from any given Dribbble account you throw at it. While this is already great, even greater is that you can host the whole thing on your own webspace.

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Apr 02 2014

Adobe’s Snap.svg: Animations With HTML 5, Without Flash

Flash has long been the standard for vector-based web animations. Some say for too long. The rise of mobile clients led to an acceleration of web standards such as HTML5. Thanks to the SVG formats, which is widely supported by modern browsers, we are able to embed vector-based graphics into our web projects without the need for a plug-in. Adobe’s JavaScript library Snap.svg even allows for the creation of vector-based animations with SVG.

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Apr 01 2014

Exclusive Giveaway: Win your Favorite Templatemonster Premium WordPress Theme

About three weeks ago, we introduced you to Templatemonster, a service with a catalogue of 30,000 templates for sale. Today we are happy to be able to announce an exclusive giveaway. We teamed up with Templatemonster to give five of our readers the chance to win their personal favorite from Templatemonster’s large WordPress theme collection of over 2,000 themes. All you need to do is tell us your favorite in the comments section.

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Mar 31 2014

Beyond Light X-Rayography

You know that we love art here at Noupe headquarters. And while we are dedicated to digital artists mostly, once and again we stumble upon other art forms impossible to ignore. The x-rayography by Albert Koetsier from the Netherlands is one such singularity and definitely worth more than a quick superficial look. Albert creates photos using traditional x-ray technology and then colours the pictures manually. His project Beyond Light cooperates with Photowall to bring x-rayography as wall murals or on canvas into your own four walls.

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