Mar 30 2008

Powerfull List of WordPress Lifesavers Plugins

This is the third article in the four-part series, “Powerful guide to master Your WordPress”. We are taking a look at 77+ quality and useful WordPress Plug-ins, which have been very handy and saves us lots of time and effort to run our blog the way we wanted.

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Mar 24 2008

45+ Must See WordPress themes

This is the second article in the four-part series, “Powerful guide to master Your WordPress”. We are taking a look at some quality outstanding Free and premium WordPress themes, which have been released over the last few months.

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Mar 16 2008

Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

This is the first article in the four-part series, “Powerful guide to master Your WordPress”. Throughout this article, we’ll be focus on many WordPress Theme hacks, ideas, tips and useful tutorials you need to have ready in hand when developing WordPress websites.

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Mar 10 2008

Powerful guide to master Your WordPress

Today we are introducing “The Powerful Guide to Master Your WordPress Blog”, a four-part series of tips, tutorials, hacks, themes, plugins and best practices from the World’s Leading WordPress web-developers to be published in the coming weeks, with the first article coming this week.

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Mar 05 2008

45+ Fresh Out of the oven jQuery Plugins

Two month ago we’ve presented the 50 favorite jQuery plugins many developers use and we promised that the second version will be coming soon. Today, we are going to introduce 45+ more jquery plugins that were recently created, so you don’t have to do the search as we did it and will continue to do it to build a useful library of jquery plugins and solutions.

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Mar 02 2008

Stunning Designs Using that Piece of Wood

It’s not hard to design a website, but it gets harder when you try to achieve that unique design using Wood pieces and integrate it with the design elements to make the whole design part of that piece of wood.

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Feb 21 2008

37+ Great Ajax, CSS Tab-Based Interfaces

Over the last few years web-developers have developed many AJAX and CSS Tab-based interfaces which became one of the most interesting techniques giving us an easy way to get information without the need to open and close multiple windows at the same time.

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Feb 17 2008

WordPress Security Tips and Hacks

We all agree that having a secure wordpress weblog should be our first priorities when keeping a successful blog. In this post we’d like you to share your knowledge and help us create the WordPress Security guide to keep the bad guys out.

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Feb 10 2008

70+ Visually Impressing Header Graphics

We were inspired by Smashing Magazine’s Header Graphics Contest to create a small showcase of more than 70 outstanding header graphics with excellent use of visual elements and interface design.

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Feb 03 2008

Best of Ajax, Dhtml and Javascript- part1

In this article we’d like to present our first series for an extensive developer’s suite that should give you a useful and powerful toolbox you can use every day while developing AJAX-based web-applications. Scrolling techniques, Gradient Effects, instant field editing, interactive elements, visual effects, animation, slideshows, accordions,star rating and other useful javascripts examples that you can find handy while developing your next ajax web application. Part 2 is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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