Jul 30 2014

24 Fresh and Free HTML, PSD and GUI Templates: July 2014 Edition

Continuing with our monthly series, we bring a selection with the best quality items for webmasters and app developers looking for good interfaces to use in their projects. Our favorite this month is Kappe, but as always, there should be something for everybody. If you’re a first-time visitor to this series, scroll down to the bottom of the post where we have neatly listed all the already published parts of our monthly collection.

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Jul 29 2014

CSS3 Background Blends: Photoshop Background Effects in pure CSS3

With CSS3 we are able to add more than one background to an element. In doing so background images and/or colors are piled upon each other, just as you know from the layers concept of Photoshop. While transparencies exist, the underlying background file or color will shine through. The new CSS3 Background Blends allow for even more possibilities to combine several backgrounds into one impressive appearance.

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Jul 25 2014

Better than Pure CSS3: Realistic and Complex Shadows with Shine.js

Thanks to CSS3 there are several possibilities to apply shadows to elements. We have text as well as element shadows, and even a shadow filter exists. Unfortunately all CSS3 shadows are limited to simple drop shadows, where you can define its colour, its blur, the offset and the size. The new JavaScript library offers many more features to let you create much more realistic and complex shadows with Shine.js.

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Jul 24 2014

More than 700 Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use – Raumrot and KaboomPics

We had free images since years ago. That’s not so very new. But what really is new is the growing professionalisation of these services and their offered material. Was professional photography the domain of commercial stock photo providers for ages, these days the lines start to blur. I personally have turned to looking through the free offers first, and only if I cannot find suitable imagery there, turn back to paid services. This is not only because I don’t have to or want to pay, it’s more because of my experience that the better pictures are with the free providers. Pictures taken with heart-blood, with a fire only an amateur can develop, not the boring standard interpretations of generic topics, photographed in generic ways. Today I want to introduce you to Raumrot and KaboomPics, both of which are brilliant examples of what I just said. If you are looking for high-grade and free stock photos for commercial use, covering a range of popular topics, a visit there is strongly recommended…

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Jul 23 2014

MagicSuggest for jQuery: Beautiful Selection Comboboxes Based on Bootstrap 3

The „<select>“ element makes it easy to markup input areas for multiple selections. On the downside there are quite a few limitations to it and it sure doesn’t look anywhere near as great as MagicSuggest does. Instead of having boring select lists, MagicSuggest allows us to create beautiful comboboxes capable of multiple selections from both freely entered and prepopulated items.

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Jul 22 2014

Mazwai: 65+ Free HD Videos for Commercial Use

It’s getting more and more common. Free stock photography is on the rise. We see new services emerge on a monthly basis. Mostly maintained by photographers, aiming to get more exposure or agencies, aiming to prove their quality of work, free stock photo libraries are a benefit for both sides. Getting more exposure and sympathy might potentially help to acquire more paid work, the philosophy of freemium. This assumption is valid and widely successful, so why should it not work for high-grade video content as well. That’s what the creators of Mazwai may have thought. And yes, why shouldn’t it? We all need free HD videos for commercial use from time to time…

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Jul 21 2014

Vintage Style: 40 Free Retro Fonts Not Only for Hipsters

Hipster supercharged the already running Vintage trend. Thanks to that we have a plethora of note-worthy, production-usable retro fonts at hand. About half of those we are going to show you today allow commercial use, the other half is for private use only. The information is given right alongside each item of the following article. We hope you enjoy our little collection of 40 free retro fonts for the vintage fan.

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Jul 18 2014

HTML5 Brings Tables Back: Contemporary Grid Layouts with CSS Grids

Back in the days where CSS was a rumour and content and design were not divided, building a website using tables was perfectly common. With the rise of the semantic web tables were redefined to be used only for their original purpose, structuring data, that was meant to be shown in the form of tables. Furthermore, CSS didn’t bring forward an easy way to structure layouts in rows and columns. Now, with the new CSS Grids rasterized layouts return and they resemble the way of table-based designs quite closely.

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Jul 16 2014

Sky’s The Limit: 40 Fresh and Free Photoshop Text Effects

Text effects in Photoshop are an art not too many know how to achieve. At least not when we are expecting noteworthy effects. Still, a strong typographic logo or eyecatcher of any other kind is granted to draw a good deal of attention to whatever you want to communicate. Text effects with Photoshop are not that easy, but no rocket science either. We have curated 40 fresh and free Photoshop text effects to get you going. Grab your Photoshop and read on…

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Jul 15 2014

HTML5 Imports: Import HTML Files Into HTML Files

The „link“ element is a blessing. It allows for easy embedding of stylesheets and JavaScripts needed in multiple documents. It didn’t allow the embedding of HTML files, though. To achieve that we were limited to the „iframes“ element or the JavaScript method „XMLHttpRequest()“. Thanks to the new HTML5 Imports, we can now use the „<link>“ element to load one HTML file into another.

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