Jun 09 2014

26 Free Resume Templates to Give You That Career Boost

A well presented Curriculum Vitae is a piece of personal marketing and self-branding. In its best form it sheds a bright light upon you and helps you win the sympathies of your potential employer or important client. Remember, at first they don’t see you nor talk to you. It all starts with the good old resume. In standard situations, employers still prefer the traditional paper kind. But even when your potential employer is more modern, sticking to the known rules of old is not an error. That’s what we want to assist you with today…

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Jun 06 2014

Oozled: Fast Growing Resource Collection for Designers and Any Webworker

Who’s to say that list posts are boring, noone would want to read them anymore? Only a few months ago, it was November 2013, design freelancer Dan Edwards wrote just that. He put up a list of resources over at Medium and titled his article simply "Resources". He curated 80 offerings, he found to be inescapable for any designer out there. The list raised loads of attention and grew continuously. In fact the list got so much applause, that Dan decided to transform the simple list into a full-blown web app. The result, strangely entitled Oozled, has gone online merely two weeks ago and it’s growing even faster than its list predecessor…

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Jun 05 2014

Responsive Images: Finally The Picture Element Arrives!

This has taken quite a while. There was a lot of discussion, but now reality has it. The picture element as propagated by the W3C has finally arrived. If you are into the matter, you might know that the WhatWG had tried to standardize an additional attribute to the image element, named srcset as opposed to picture. Whoever believed in what WhatWG said, as they stated they’d stand for the "living standard" while W3C would be more an administrator of a static snapshot, got it wrong. W3C is alive and kicking.

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Jun 04 2014

Coming to a Screen Near You: CSS3 Animations and The New JavaScript Method Animate()

With CSS3 animations in HTML documents have become fairly easy to achieve. Using the "@keyframes" rule various properties such as position and size of an HTML element get defined. Then the property "animation" cares for getting the keyframes up and running according to their definitions. Without the need for JavaScript and plug-ins we are able to create even complex animations, that run most flawlessly in all modern browsers. Problems occur as soon as you need to get JavaScript to enter the game of creating CSS3 animations. We all know, JavaScript is more often than not unavoidable as we need to calculate individual values or an animation process as a whole.

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Jun 03 2014

Cody – Free Library With HTML5 Gems for Instant Use

Cody is a great project for designers and developers. The webworker couple Claudia Romano and Sebastiano Guerriero from London put together a library of out-of-the-box HTML5 solutions. Plus, they do not only deliver the solutions, they also explain the use of each of them in elaborate, comprehensive articles. That way, Cody is not only a valuable resource for seekers of key-ready components, but also for those eager to learn technologies from the ground up. The library still has to grow a lot, but what is there is already remarkable. And with an approach like that, the future is bright…

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Jun 02 2014

But It Does Move: Homepage Builder Wix.com Adds Animation

Who doesn’t know Wix.com. You, as a frequent reader of our lovely Noupe Magazine, definitely do. Wix.com is one of the top website builders out there. Similar to Webydo, they are on a feature rush, trying to implement as many functions in as little time as one possibly could. These days they announced the availability of animations. Animations allows you to add animated effects to any page element. If you don’t overdo it, the feature is a valuable addition to your DIY possibilities.

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May 30 2014

Titania Foto: Free Photo Collections, Made in Germany

This is a rarity. We often introduce you to free commercial-use photo providers. Rarely any of these stem from Germany, the country were the Noupe world headquarters happen to reside. Of course we have the great resource Pixabay.com coming from here, but besides that, needle in a haystack and such. This new entry we found a few days ago is one of this rare species. Titania Foto, maintained by Tania Timpone, which actually does sound Italian, but anyway, offers quite a few photos and doesn’t cost a cent.

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May 29 2014

CSS3: Viewport Units – New Units for Responsive Designs

Developing web designs that adjust to the width or – if needed – the height of a browser window is easy with percentage-based values. You will probably be doing this on a daily basis, optimizing your website for tablets and smartphones. No matter the element, text blocks, images, everything adjusts to the size given.

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May 28 2014

Let it Burn: 40 of The Best Text Effect Tutorials Crammed With Photoshop Expertise

Tutorials on how to create amazing text effects with Photoshop are highly coveted. And rightfully so, as a burning, frozen or glowing or in other ways different looking text brightens up any invitation, flyer, poster or other print and web product. We have found loads of these. What we also found are 3D effects we found astonishing. There’s a lot you can do without having to fire up a full-fledged 3D software. We dove into the deep web and came up with these 40 high-grade tutorials, packed with Photoshop tricks for immediate usefulness. We are sure, you will yourself dive into more than one of the following brilliant guides.

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May 27 2014

Compressor.io: Free Tool Reduces The File Size of Your JPEG, PNG, GIF or SVG by up to 90 Percent

A new web app by not so unknown Stephane Lyver delivers automatic image optimization for the common formats JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG. The compression is able to either work lossy or lossless. The strength of compression is not adjustable by the user, Compressor.io will always try to reduce to the max. And this works astonishingly perfect…

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