Jan 21 2015

For Your Blog Only? Think Again! These 35 Global Brands Use WordPress as CMS

WordPress has become far more than just a blogging software. Even large and highly complex sites with millions of visitors each month can be realized with this flexible solution created by Automattic. The worldwide success of the free content management system seems unstoppable. About 60% of all websites using a CMS run on WordPress – with an upward tendency. WordPress is the only CMS gaining market share at high speed, whereas all other systems stagnate or even lose on market share. But this is not just a coincidence; WordPress is easy to use and offers endless possibilities for developers. With proper configuration, WordPress can handle millions of monthly visitors easily, which is one reason why even large and well-known brands rely on WordPress. In this article we will show you a selection of global brands that use WordPress as their CMS.

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Jan 20 2015

The 9 Best Free HTML Editors for Web Developers (Windows Edition)

If you want to develop a website, you’ll need an HTML editor. You could, of course, use the Windows Notepad to build a website, but that would hardly be convenient, comfortable, or pretty, for that matter. Crucially, a good HTML editor must do two things very well: syntax highlighting (coloration of the code) and autocompletion. Naturally an extra feature or two is welcome: a selection of themes, for example, that would not only accommodate your taste, but also increase your productivity and mitigate fatigue in long bouts of coding. With that, let’s have an impartial look at the nine best free HTML editors for Windows.

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Jan 19 2015

Cartoon: If Web Designers Were … [#001]

People working in the web design and development industry need to become thick-skinned over the years if they intend to survive long term. I am in this business since web design got invented in the early Nineties, and I sure know what I’m talking about when it comes to the hidden secrets of client communication. My remedy these days is laughing. I refuse to get angry anymore. Instead, I make fun of the situations that only a few years ago made me want to hire a professional killer. There are quite a few people out there who are only still alive for the fact I couldn’t afford to pay one. Nah, just joking. As making fun of it all is the healthiest way to cope with it, we decided to start a new cartoon series titled “If Web Designers Were” here at Noupe. Hope you like it…

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Jan 18 2015

Links of the Week 03/2015: Your Mom, Crazy Furniture, Some BS and a Material Design Case Study

Besides crafting unique content for our ever-growing readership, we share loads more content through our social channels on a daily basis. Once a week we curate the best of these links to highlight great content further and to make our shares available to all those readers who refuse to partake in social networks, which as we all know is not the dumbest of ideas. Anyway, who am I to judge? Have it your own way. These are our Links of the Week 3 of 2015…

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Jan 16 2015

No Trespassing! Eight Essential .htaccess Tricks for WordPress

The .htaccess file is a powerful configuration tool for web servers or web hosting packages that should always be used when you host WordPress yourself. The file can be found in the root directory of a WordPress installation (where the folders wp-content, wp-admin, etc. are located). In this article, we will explain the basic file settings for a safer and better WordPress besides the tweakage of its own configuration files.

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Jan 15 2015

Give Your Online Shop Personality – or Even Better: a Smile

Online stores have one big problem: They are anonymous, have no personality at all and lack in atmosphere and emotion. There is no smiling account manager who welcomes you (although, in the real world this is also an exception rather than a rule), instead product and advertising photographs, links, and buttons dominate the online shop. This affects Amazon as well as big fashion stores and small private shops. Surely, you can’t bring bits and bytes to life, and an online store is only present on the visitor’s screen.

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Jan 14 2015

5 Best Free HTML Editors for Web Developers on Mac OS X

Everyone, who wants to develop websites, needs an HTML editor or rather a development environment. There are, of course, several fee-based editors of high quality, but if you do not need your development environment every day, a free application will be perfectly fine. That an editor is free of charge does not mean that it is of low quality. One of the best development environments is available as permanently free evaluation version. You can “test” it as long as you want. However, if the editor suits you, you should be fair and purchase it. Below, we present you a selection of the best free HTML editors for Mac OS. X

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Jan 13 2015

Pretty Colorful: Webdesign for High-Context Cultures

Occasionally, Asian and Western webdesign are poles apart. If you want a proof, check out the German and Chinese websites of a famous fast-food chain, or the Chinese news portal Tom.com. With its animated sequence of images, it may put some Western viewers on edge.

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Jan 12 2015

Web App Manifest: Open Websites Like Native Apps on Mobile Devices

Native apps for smartphones and tablets are still popular but not always necessary. Instead you can create web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Thanks to the JavaScript APIs, you have access to the accelerometer, enabling you to recognize gestures and react accordingly. The web app manifest allows you to add classic app features to your web application, including special launcher icons and names that are shorter than the usually very long titles of HTML documents.

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Jan 08 2015

Enjoy Inspiration: Best Design Practices Daily

Creative workers need a mixture of different fuels. But one of the more important parts of this composite is inspiration. Inspiration is, of course, everywhere. Then again, sitting away long office hours cuts you from natural sources of inspiration and throws you back into virtuality. If you are like me, you’ll be happy about each new source of inspiration reachable from inside the cubicles of the world. And if this source of inspiration is a curated collection of best design practices, the better…

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