Dec 09 2014

Awesome Christmas Freebie for Noupe Readers: 10 Vector Xmas Cards as AI and EPS

Do you remember Freepik, our friends from sunny Spain? The guys who bring you design elements en masse have again teamed up with Noupe to create a few exclusive and useful vector Christmas graphics. Ten designs are there to choose from. Relating to the special season we made no experiments, instead decided to stay close to the conventional motifs. We went for a modern vintage look, however. In fact we are pretty sure you will like these free vector Christmas cards.

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Dec 08 2014

With and Without JS: SVG Loader and SVG Morpheus Beautify Your (Web) App

If you are into designing for multiple resolutions, SVG is the best option to turn to as far as the use of graphics is concerned. These small vector files can be scaled up and down as you like it without sacrificing quality. And with the two tools I am about to introduce you to, SVG will even move…

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Dec 05 2014

27 Free Texture Packs for Your Next Design Project

Sometimes in order to take your website design from blah to bling, you do not have to put a great deal of additional effort into it. If the project fits, a texture can make a big difference. Thanks to a pretty rich assortment, textures are able to provide projects with absolutely different aesthetics. For example, if you adopt a more rough and grainy texture such as wood or paper then you are going to receive a strong rustic vibe that is well-suited for restaurant-related projects. If you opt for vibrant semi-transparent watercolor-esque textures you will be able to get a subtle appeal and stately elegance that is necessary on fashion-themed or womanish websites. Each project demands its matching texture.

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Dec 04 2014

Put Straight! 8 Amazing Sites Created With: Webydo, a Code-free Platform for Professional Designers

Tools are what drives the web design industry. I do know a handful of people who honestly tell me they design each and every site using just their vi: or Notepad Plus. But I know hundreds of people who embrace modern tools to get their work done without sacrificing quality. In a new series here at Noupe we’ll be taking a look at the various solutions available for those designers who don’t hide behind ideological walls and are open to evolve. These solutions have come along a way from the Geocities of the Nineties to the online design platforms some of them are today. They are no longer an overly simplistic way of getting sites online without even the slightest knowledge. Instead they have become elaborate, feature-rich design tools in their own right. Our little series will focus on sites created with the online branch of web design software. We will takle a look at how they look and how functional and modern and state of the art they are. We start with Webydo, the code-free online web design platform for professional designers.

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Dec 02 2014

ThemeFuse Exclusive Giveaway: Win Your WordPress-Site Complete With a Theme and a Domain

This is a brilliant way to set up your own WordPress site in a matter of 15 minutes. ThemeFuse lets you choose from more than 30 professional themes, will register your desired domain name and have the whole thing up and running on a one-year hosting plan for a total price of zero. At least as soon as you are one of the three people who can win just that in our little giveaway here. All the others will need to buy the (affordable) package…

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Dec 01 2014

Freelancers, Here’s Why Your Clients Hate You

Some freelancers are fast, clean, follow directions, and are on top of the freelance project every minute of every day. So why is your client so angry and upset with you? The truth is, THEY are not efficient and your abilities, which should be welcomed to make a project run smoothly, is just a reminder how screwed up the client side is and how you’re making them work harder to try to show you they are in charge… and smarter than you. It’s an odd power struggle but what can you do to make sure the project isn’t affected but not have the client feel like a total douche?

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Nov 27 2014

20+ Free HTML/CSS, PSD and GUI Templates from November 2014

Christmas is around the corner. In fact this roundup here is the last we’ll publish before the most important holiday season of the year. Are you already calming down, approaching the lazy days or are you under high pressure with each and every customer knocking, nagging and biting like a barn fly. If you’re a victim of the latter, the least thing you should use now are shitty templates that leave you with more work instead of less. We have the perfect list of resources for you. All of which are lightweight (not to be mixed with poorly created), with some of them including smart objects for you to include your logo or app design within a beautiful frame, and all of them being vector files. Sounds good? We bet it does…

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Nov 26 2014

November 2014: 22 Free WordPress Themes for (almost) All Needs

Bloggers, magazines, content creators, and freelancers are usually having a hard time finding themes to showcase their thoughts, news, articles and products. And even though there are lots of options with WordPress to do this, many of them are poorly designed and do not have the features a content creator needs. Many of the themes featured in the following article include plugins, frameworks, engines, fonts, icons, e-commerce capabilities, multilanguage, retina support and many more additions that improve the experience of the user while using it, and allows the content creator to take advantage of the combined power of these tools.

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Nov 25 2014

Time to Relaunch: Win PSD2HTML Services Worth 500 Dollars (Giveaway)

If you’re into web design, you’ve most likely heard of PSD2HTML more than once. Back in 2005, they were the first team of this kind, providing design to HTML/CSS conversion services. Today they are still the industry lead with their massive staff capacity and high customer demand. Alongside an infographic with five fun facts about the company, we have a total value of 500 Dollars in services to give away. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to save time and sanity and get your site professionally developed with no hassle. Read on for the details.

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Nov 24 2014

25 Free Hero Images and Mock-ups: The First Impression Counts

The use of giant, so-called Hero images is a trend of the younger years. Some say it was Apple who brought it forth, some say gigantic images have been there forever, but couldn’t be used due to poor bandwidths. The latter is becoming less and less of a problem, so why not start using hero imagery today? It will make for a solid first impression and be kept remembered. So if your brand or product fits the use of giant imagery, you should give it a try. Today we have put together 25 free hero image mock-ups from around the web. Some add extra PSD layers to the canvas; others are plain great photos. Everything is tied together through coloring, logotype or some specific decorative elements. Here is what we compiled for you…

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