Feb 27 2014

Big Time Saver: Becoming a WordPress Pro (Near-)Instantly

WordPress powers a massive amount of websites and has rightfully become the go-to solution for most small to medium businesses. It is easy to comprehend, easy to install and easy to administer. Yet, it isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. Getting to know one’s ways around the system is not to be done intuitively. So you’ll need to do a bit of learning – one way or another. And you know, if you could just master WordPress, you’d be well on your way to creating fantastic websites!

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Feb 25 2014

Total Recall #2: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Pro GUI Sets of 2013

In part one of our Total Recall series we featured an extensive collection of the best free website layout HTML/CSS themes and PSD templates from 2013, aimed to quickly and effectively give you a solid foundation for creating your own theme or website. However, not everyone can find a design that will fully meet his design requirements and satisfy customer’s preferences. So for those who prefer to construct their own interfaces brick by brick, we have prepared another comprehensive collection – even bigger than the last one. These more than 100 helpful toolkits can enormously contribute to your prototyping process, providing you with a broad range of basic components and integral widgets that adhere to the same style and coloring.

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Feb 24 2014

IM FREE: Curated Collections of Free Commercial Use Photos No Designer Can Do Without

Okay, this is new. At least that’s how I decided to apologize why I didn’t notice this service by IM-Creator earlier. Remember IM-Creator? The homepage builder equipped with templates made by freelance designers itself targets freelance designers and not the DIY thirteen year old son of the CEO’s golf mate. It was this same homepage builder that secretly (well almost…) introduced a new offering named IM FREE. IM FREE hosts curated collections with free, also commercially usable photos. And it contains quite a few gems…

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Feb 21 2014

DesignerCandies: Brand-new Service Offers Free Design Resources in the Public Domain

DesignerCandies is a five weeks old side-project maintained by designer Adam McIntyre. At the time of this writing, DesignerCandies hosts 25 freebies, suitable for both web and print design. Given the current pace, the collection grows by five freebies weekly. To date the focus lies on 3D renders, yet textures and brushes can also be found. The most interesting point: all the resources are released into the Public Domain, which means they are explicitly uncopyrighted and thus, free for each and every thinkable use case.

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Feb 20 2014

Almost for Free: 17 Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

Premium responsive WordPress themes. Does that not sound like your favorite tune? I know it does to my ears. And from our analytics backend we know that WordPress themes are among the top ten most wanted article topics here at Noupe, your wonderful design magazine. While free themes are always a solid traffic magnet, premium themes usually fall behind a little. Which is due to the fact, at least that’s my interpretation, that they are sometimes ambitiously priced. But what if we had premium themes closest to the most radical price of all. That’s what we want to show you today…

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Feb 19 2014

Hosting, Polling, Logos: And The Winner Is…

During the past weeks we ran a few giveaways. The winners have yet to be announced. That’s what this post will be all about. So, if you have been taking part in any of our giveaways, check whether you won by reading on…

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Feb 17 2014

Total Recall #1: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Free Templates 2013 in PSD and HTML/CSS

The past leaves its own mark, so it is very useful to look back early in the year, and put up a best-of-collection of remarkable things and resources. May be you have missed something valuable that might come in handy in the near future, probably something that will make your working process more efficient, time-saving and cost-effective. Or be it something that can help to quickly “kickstart” your web project, and is available free of charge and can freely undergo different changes. Today we are going to give a rundown of the previous year’s free stuff. To be more precise, today we have collected professional website layout PSD and HTML/CSS templates, which, as practice shows, are never enough.

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Feb 14 2014

Get Prepared: 40+ Top Free Vectors for Spring Holidays

Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving (in the US) are such big holidays in the winter that it can be easy to forget the smaller holiday that occur at the end of winter and into spring. Valentine’s Day is today, so we are little late for that, but we still have St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and even Memorial Day at the end of spring.

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Feb 13 2014

Snap That Chance: Royalty-free Stock Photos for Less than One Dollar each

Our Deal of this Week is straight-forward mighty. It is the comeback of a deal already run. There were so many requests to run it again, that Mighty Deals tried their best to be granted permission and just do it. Today’s deal brings you another round of stock photos by one of the largest repositories out there. You can save up to 90 % off of the regular price. Read on…

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Feb 12 2014

Minimal is the New Black: 20 Fresh Free WordPress Themes from January 2014

Continuing with our monthly series, today we bring you a new edition of the most recent and beautiful themes available. All our new entries sport a minimal style, which is undoubtedly growing in popularity. In order to improve their websites’ speed, to ensure that visitors focus on content and – not least – granting a perfect experience on mobile devices, many website creators are switching to minimal themes. Reason enough for us to lay a focus on clean, flat and all around more simplistic designs.

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