Oct 28 2013

Shrink the Web: Automated Screenshots Enrich the User Experience of Your Web Projects

An image is worth a thousand words. We here at Noupe Design Magazine live up to this saying every day. Thus, services that visually break up the gray by adding imagery to long texts are always appreciated. Shrink The Web by Neosys Consulting is one of those services. It automates the use of recent screenshots for any given URL in your web projects. The service is free, yet can be leveled up with the help of a few paid extensions, if need be. We have taken a closer look at Shrink The Web…

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Oct 25 2013

Noupe’s Favorites 43/2013: The Best Links of the Week

If you follow our accounts in the various social networks out and about, you’re certainly aware that we are posting loads of additional content there. Be it links to freebies, tutorials, interesting articles or other things worth mentioning. We dig up a lot in the widths and depths of the web. And we do actually share content, that hasn’t been created by our own team. These days we got a friendly email by one of our dear readers, asking us to not only publish these additionals in the social networks as this reader as well as many others are refusing to get engaged in socializing. In times of Prism and Tempora we can perfectly understand this approach. So we decided to curate the best links of each past week into one weekly article, starting today. Here you go…

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Oct 24 2013

Saving Big Bucks: 200 Premium Photoshop Actions for 17 instead of 243 Dollars

First and foremost, Photoshop actions are time-savers and will boost the productivity of any creative professional regularly working with images. These premade actions are also great for people with only a basic level of Photoshop knowledge, as they get equipped with professional manipulation steps, they would not have been able to accomplish left to their own devices. Today, we are not only talking about time-saving, we are also talking about saving big-time. Because in our Deal of the Week we have 200 premium Photoshop actions discounted 93 percent off of their original price. Get 17 bucks ready to spend and read on…

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Oct 23 2013

Babylon.GameFX: This Framework Helps You Build HTML5 WebGL Games Faster than Fast

David Catuhe has recently released a simple & powerfull WebGL 3D engine named Babylon.JS. Which is a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL. As this was great in itself, we decided to carry the concept even further and built a framework on top of that. This is our story…

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Oct 22 2013

Bento: One-Stop Shop for Online-Courses on Web Development

It’s merely a few weeks ago, that we brought you a comprehensive overview of 22 of the online learning resources the planet has to offer. Just today we stumbled upon another effort for web designers, developers and programmers. An offering by the name of Bento curates the best learning resources in its field. The collection is community-based and as such more helpful than any Google search result could ever be ;-)

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Oct 21 2013

The 500 Dollar Blogger Bundle Giveaway: Noupe is Looking for 3 Winners

Dear readers of our lovely Noupe magazine. Today we teamed up with Envato to bring you the opportunity to win The Blogger Bundle. The Blogger Bundle consists of over 500 dollars worth of files. For a limited time, you can buy this bundle over at Codecanyon for just 20 dollars. But we encourage you to first try your luck and participate in our giveaway game. Three readers will be randomly drawn from all correct entries. Read on…

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Oct 17 2013

GA Dash: Newcomer teaches Newcomers HTML5 for Free

Online-learning resources are great ways to gain knowledge at your own pace and in topics you are truly interested in, unlike typical school education. There are quite a few institutes promising to help you evolve your skills in whatever field you like. If you are about to embark the web design or development ship, just recently a fresh alternative came to life. It’s name is Dash. It was created by General Assembly, NYC-based course provider of real-life classes with online attachments. Dash works project-based and can be used for free.

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Oct 16 2013

Colors of Fall 2013: 21 Fresh and Free Design Resources

Hello designers, developers, web enthusiasts of the globe. We are back with another edition of our monthly collection of the freshest design resources the month of September had to offer. If you know our series already, you know you can expect the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates, as well as UI-kits for your next great web or native app. All of the resources showcased here are fresh, free and easy to download, suitable for experienced and amateur web designers, so be sure to download the ones you love and share them with everyone you know!

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Oct 15 2013

One-Stop Shop: PHP-Tool Munee Cares for All your Website’s Assets

Cody Lundquist, Australian with a Swedish sounding name, created a free asset-management based on PHP 5.3. Its feature-set is astounding, yet demands a special preliminary treatment of the websites, it’s supposed to be working on. Munee is able to manage any kind of possible asset, be it images or other files, JavaScript, CSS, LESS, SCSS or even CoffeeScript.

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Oct 14 2013

September 2013 Edition: 18 Just Released, Fresh and Free WordPress Themes

Congratulation selfies. It’s a full year now that we showcase the freshest WordPress themes on a monthly basis. If you follow Noupe closely, hardly any new, free WordPress theme should slip your radar. This makes it easy not only to keep track of the latest and greatest, it also helps you decide for contemporary themes from a smaller, well curated number of designs, where the official repository is dominated by thousands of outdated templates. Today we show you the new (and some re-issued) entries of September 2013. All these themes are free, though some have commercial variants available. We stated that where applicable…

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