Dec 19 2013

HTML5: FileSystem API – Create Files and Store Them Locally Using JavaScript and Webkit

The FileSystem-API allows the creation of files and folders as well as their local storage using JavaScript. Files can be simple text files, but even more complex files such as images are possible. Modern Webkit browsers with HTML5 support are already able to handle the FileSystem-API. We show you how you can benefit from the new possibilities.

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Dec 18 2013

Homepage Builder on Steroids: Is Going to Disrupt the Web Design Industry? has grown to more than 40 million users lately and has put loads of effort into changing from the ground up in the last few years. A few weeks ago, went public. It was the biggest IPO ever in Israel’s history. Will Wix change the web design industry in a way similar to what Apple did to the computer industry? A disruptive service bringing a whole new definition as to how websites will be designed in the future? At least this doesn’t seem too far-fetched…

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Dec 17 2013

Let It Snow: Festive Resources to Santa up Your Website

In these special times we tend to not only decorate houses, streets, the whole country, basically. We don’t even leave our websites untouched. Christmassy looks are mandatory these days. If you are on the lookout for a bunch of effects to implement on your blog, portfolio, whatever, look no further. We have compiled a small collection of just what you need to bring that Santa sparkle to the eyes of your visitors.

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Dec 17 2013

Deal of the Week: 2 Million Stock Images for a Fraction of Their Regular Price

Stock photos are what any designer needs on a daily basis. No wonder, that competition in that industry is fierce. Any stock image provider out there needs to beat the drum louder and louder to make sure they get noticed. For designers, this is good, as beating the drum usually equals to discounted offerings. Our Deal of the Week features stock image provider Ingimage and their 2 million elements large library with high-quality photos, vector images, videos and more.

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Dec 16 2013

Blogging with Ease: Best Resources for Ghost

Finally! A new blogging service that can compete with WordPress! It’s called Ghost and was just released this year on October 14. So far, it has proven to be exactly what the founder, John O’Nolan, envisioned – a simple, clean, easy, no-nonsense publishing platform for bloggers and writers. Yet more than just content creators are using Ghost. Some of the recently released themes work beautifully as a clean portfolio website for photographers and other artists. But an easy-to-use platform isn’t the only perk: Ghost is an open source platform, meaning that it is completely free. And so are many of the themes and resources.

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Dec 13 2013

From Scratch: Writing a 3D Soft Engine 3/6

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to draw lines and triangles. We really started to see the 3D side of our meshes, thanks to this wireframe rendering. But we’ve only displayed a cube… And even a simple cube already has 12 faces! Are we going to be forced to handle ourselves all the faces for more complex objects this way? Hopefully not.

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Dec 12 2013

Special Times: 18 Free WordPress Themes from November 2013 to Keep You Warm

Christmas is approaching fast. Is your blog still in that summer dress? We told you early enough to change that before winter breaks in. I don’t know what the weather is over at your spot of the globe. Over here we still have a little time to get our blogs winterproof. These themes we dug up lately will come in handy to achieve that. They were not specifically styled for the festive season, though. So they will still look good after New Year’s Day.

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Dec 11 2013

HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 25 Free Design Resources from November 2013

Hello world! Another month has passed and here we are, back again with another collection of the most awesome fresh and free design resources we were able to dig up. We’ve put together a set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. One important information before you read on: All the following elements are freely usable, though some will require a registration to download.

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Dec 10 2013

Make a Snatch: More Than 2,000 Commercial-Use Fonts for the Price of Not Even One

There are a handful of things every designer cannot have enough of. Ready-made resources are one of these things and, thus, always appreciated. They need not necessarily be free, yet shouldn’t cost a fortune, either. In this Deal of the Week we have fonts for you – loads of fonts. More than 2,000 fonts out of more than 300 font families will have you spoilt for choice. What you don’t need to decide is which ones you’ll wanna buy. They are all great, so there’d just be the agony of choice again. Instead, just snatch them all for a mere 27 dollars. Don’t laugh, we’re serious…

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Dec 09 2013

These Are Special Times: Win A Logo Design Bundle by

Are you on the lookout for a new logo? One that represents your company best and gives it a progressive, yet likeable look? The only problem is, that money is short these Christmas times? If so, today’s game is for you! We teamed up with the specialists over at to bring you your free logo design to save your festive season. The only thing you need to do is leave us a comment with the best reason why you should be one of the two winners. Come on, use your imagination…

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