Jul 04 2013

Grab Beautiful Samantha Script Font As Long As It’s Almost Free!

Fonts can make or break a project. Whether it’s on a T-shirt, an ad or a headline on a website, if a font is boring or really hard to read, you’ve already lost your audience. Finding the right elegant font can be particularly tricky, though, since the intricate detail can often render your words illegible. There’s no shortage of fonts on the web, yet the really good ones, the outstanding ones often come with price-tags that immediately raise your blood-pressure. On the other hand, pricy fonts are not used by everyone. Chances are, that you’ll not find them in each and every brochure or pizza menu out there.

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Jul 03 2013

Reclaim The Web: Win One Year of Free Web Hosting with Zyma.com

Zyma.com is a young and emerging hosting provider from the United Kingdom. They have a very clean product line, where you can freely choose between one product, the Zyma Web Hosting Plan. Zyma promises that you will not need any other choice. Looking at their feature lists, there’s little room to disagree. Today, three of our valued readers are able to get a year’s worth of time to judge for themselves as we are giving away three Zyma Web Hosting One Year Plans. Good luck!

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Jul 02 2013

Create The Future: Common Techniques in Responsive Web Design


In this article, I’ll dive into some of the most common practices for building responsive site layouts and experiences. I’ll describe the emerging and available techniques for site layouts that flexibly resize based on screen real estate (referred to as “fluid grids”) so as to ensure that users get complete experiences across whatever screen size they are using. Additionally, I’ll show how to present rich media, especially images, and how developers can ensure that visitors on small-screen devices do not incur additional bandwidth costs for high-quality media.

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Jul 01 2013

Win Four Nexus 4 in Four Weeks #2

You remember: To celebrate the relaunch of our official Google+ Page we decided to do you (and us) some good. We decided you should be able to win a high-grade smartphone, while we hoped to strengthen and extend our followership over at G+: a classical win-win situation for the two of us. Last weeks winner has been drawn, so let’s go for the second of four N4. Conditions of partaking are easy to meet, so read on and secure your chance…

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Jun 30 2013

13 Free WordPress Themes, Released in June 2013

Now that June is over, it is time to take a look at some of the best free WordPress themes that were released during this month. Most of the themes that were released during June were meant for personal blogs or corporate and portfolio websites. Quite surprisingly, there were not many based on Hybrid Core framework this time; though Twitter Bootstrap and _s did find representation. WordPress 3.6 is just around the corner, so expect the number of themes to rise in the coming month! Until then, have fun browsing through this collection!

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Jun 29 2013

At A Glance: How To Secure Your WordPress Site [Infographic]

Securing your self-hosted WordPress site is absolutely essential. That’s the reason for our continuous coverage of this particular topic throughout the years. With WordPress becoming more and more dominant as the motor of today’s web, the topic stays at the top of our advice list. Throughout the last four years, the number of WordPress blogs having been hacked has more than doubled from 81,000 to over 170,000 per year. The fresh infographic by WPTemplate.com aggregates everything you need to know to properly secure your site and gives you a decent hint sheet to always keep your eyes on.

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Jun 28 2013

10 Killer Resources To Rock Your Next Bootstrap Project

Bootstrap is the young star that is getting all the attention lately. Released in August of 2011, even Twitter may not have known how big it would get. As of June 2013, it is still the most popular GitHub development project with over 52k stars and over 16k forks. Bootstrap can be mind-blowing when you consider how easily it incorporates so many complex things on a website. But can it get improved upon? Are there tools to make it even more astounding? Yes. Here’s 10 resources to help you on your Bootstrap journey.

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Jun 27 2013

Sit Down And Shut Up: How To Rescue Your Clients From Their Own Bad Taste


We’ve all been there before: a client hires you to design something, let’s say a website, for them. Work is good, right? But then as you start working on the spec with them, red flags start to crop up. Does your client proactively push you in directions you would never want to go? Does your client demand for the most aweful color palette that has ever been used in the history of web design? Let’s stop him. I’ll show you how..

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Jun 26 2013

From 4-Inch Phones to 40-Inch TVs: Designing Responsive Websites


It’s worth taking a step back, to think through your site’s experience and understand whether the device with which a user accesses your site changes the user’s expectations of the site’s functionality. Is the user checking your site for quick updates with her cellphone while she’s on the go? Is he sitting down, 10 feet away from a large TV screen, looking to immerse himself in a relatively passive consumption experience of rich content, videos and games? Are other users sitting down at their PCs, looking to get the most from your site content? Most of all, how do these expectations affect the site layout and functionality that you provide at those corresponding screen sizes?

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Jun 25 2013

ImpressPages CMS: Drag and Drop All the Way!


Last week, we covered ProcessWire as part of our regular CMS feature here on Noupe. Today, in this article, the CMS under consideration shall be ImpressPages. ImpressPages is an open source Content Management System with a drag and drop interface, designed with the end user in mind. We will be discussing its mode of operation, followed by additional details such as community, documentation and pros and cons.

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