Oct 07 2013

Best Practice: How to Make Your Business Card Work

We all love articles that show cool and amazing business cards. They are creative, well-designed, and inspire us to do better with our own cards. The problem is; do they work? Do people keep them, share them with others, but most importantly — do they encourage clients to call you?

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Oct 04 2013

Street Creativity: The Art of Japanese Manhole Covers

Of all the complaints you’ll hear from creatives about disrespectful clients, on all of the websites dedicated to crazy, and rude clients, you’ll never see the name of a Japanese creative, complaining about a client. Why is that? Perhaps because in a country that values creativity, that entitles creatives as “living treasures,” clients don’t try to talk jobs worth thousands, down to $50, or come up with excuses to not pay for work done. Before you pack up and move to Japan, enjoy this collection of street art, an outdoor gallery of manhole cover art, and dream of a place where you are worshipped for your creative abilities.

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Oct 03 2013

LightZone: Totally Free Photo Lab lets you Forget Adobe Lightroom

If you want to do quick everyday photo manipulations on a bunch of images, you will usually not go for Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom is what people inside the Photoshop universe will recommend you. A while ago, we already introduced you to a free competitor of Adobe’s commercial solution, Darktable (which is great). Today we have an even greater solution for you. The formerly commercial, now Open Source tool LightZone will really excite you. The most enthralling thing is, it works totally different from anything you know…

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Oct 02 2013

Flaticon.com: Use 11,000+ Free Icons from within Adobe Photoshop

Freepik, our friends from sunny Spain just did it again. They pushed out a new project by the name of flaticon.com. Flaticon.com is a platform hosting more than 11,000 icons, all in the looks of the ever so popular flat design trend. This week they added a brand-new Photoshop plugin to the free service. This makes it possible to access each and every icon directly from within Photoshop, which makes for a must-have for any designer out there…

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Oct 01 2013

September 2013: 10 Best Free Hi-Res Photos by Unsplash

A few months ago we introduced you to Unsplash.com, a project by Ooomf. Since then they kept promise and regularly released new images. Quality varies though. That’s why we decided to help separate the wheat from the chaff by publishing only the 10 best images released in September 2013. Have fun and do whatever you want with these gorgeous photos…

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Sep 30 2013

10 Beginner Tips for Unique Product Photography

Most photographers know the basics to good product photos – using a tripod, setting your camera to the widest aperture, using a white background, creating an out-of-focus background, and more. But what about those really unique product photographs? You know the ones. They simply don’t look like a normal product photo you’d see in a regular catalog. These are usually used for full page features in a catalog or in ads for top brands.

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Sep 27 2013

Google Static Map Maker: Static Maps on Steroids

True. Google Maps lets you generate maps, which can fairly easily be integrated into any given website. If you’ve done that frequently, you might have asked yourself if things could not be that little bit easier here and there. Working on the website for the butcher around the corner a static little map would be absolutely sufficient, wouldn’t it? You don’t need to be able to click, drag or zoom in or out there. Felt the same already? New York’s Katy DeCorah has something for us – a free little tool named Static Map Maker…

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Sep 25 2013

Flat, Mobile, Responsive: Fresh JavaScripts and jQuery Plugins Made in September 2013

jQuery plugins and JavaScript tools are collectibles you can’t get enough of. Just like WordPress themes, fonts, icons, basically any resource for designers and developers, they are available in masses. To separate the wheat from the chaff is harder than simply finding them. Regarding JavaScript tools keeping up with development is especially important. If you choose to integrate a third-party tool you should not decide to go for any medieval creations but make sure to get something recent and modern. We have curated some of the best and most recent tools. THey are all free and they are all fresh…

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Sep 24 2013

Plug-in Free #3: Building an Interactive Map

Hello developers! I am back for part 3 in our series on plug-in free web development. While the first article was all about theory, the second showed you how to implement bar graphs with HTML5. Today we’ll focus on something even more common. Interactive maps aren’t particularly new; they’ve been around for years. What’s different about the map, we will be developing during the course of the following article is, that it will be plug-in free. No Flash, no Silverlight, no Java, nothing.

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Sep 23 2013

There We Go: 25+ Incredible Sites Created Using Website Builders

It seems that website builders are on the rise lately. These sites boast the capability of helping anyone create a professional website, with no technical experience at all. While not all website builders are all that they claim to be, many do provide everything needed for even those with a blind design eye to end up with a fairly nice-looking website. Some of the more flexible web builders – those with more advanced features – are attracting web designers, since they can create almost any website they imagine without needing to know code.

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