Jul 18 2013

Totally Free: Unsplash.com delivers Hi-Resolution Photos To Your Inbox

Commercial use photos are always appreciated. In most cases, though, licensing is not as straightforward as you would want it to be. Studying license conditions is not what most of us like to struggle with. Some countries even have legal systems in place, where it is hard for the creator to waive all his legal rights, even if he explicitly wants to. The best way to stay out of trouble is to either shoot each and every photo by yourself or choose pictures with as little license overhead as possible. The new project Unsplash.com by freelancer-platform Ooomf.com promises to deliver exactly this kind of material.

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Jul 17 2013

Win Four Nexus 4 in Four Weeks #4

You remember: To celebrate the relaunch of our official Google+ Page we decided to do you (and us) some good. We decided you should be able to win a high-grade smartphone, while we hoped to strengthen and extend our followership over at G+: a classical win-win situation for the two of us. Last weeks winner has been drawn, so let’s go for the last of four N4. Conditions of partaking are even easier to meet, so read on and secure the last chance…

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Jul 16 2013

Freerange Stock: Commercial Use Photos Completely Free Of Charge

Freerange Stock, relatively new to the market, is a stock photo provider sporting a different approach. All their images are freely usable for private and commercial use alike. They don’t even force you to backlink or attribute in any other way. Money isn’t requested, either. Photographers receive a share of the Adsense revenue of the site. There is only one precondition: you need to open a member account…

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Jul 15 2013

Steampunk in 3D Design: 40 Fascinating Time Travels

Today we have true inspiration for 3D designers, or any designer even. We collected 40 Steampunk designs to send your mind on a time travel back to your childhood, when you were dreaming of becoming Han Solo, Darth Vader or – who knows – Chewbacca. Dreams can get hairy, can’t they? The following collection shows how much fantasy can be contained in one single designer. Admirable…

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Jul 14 2013

Free – The Future of a Radical Price (Audiobook For Free)

I don’t know anyone working in the field of web-related topics who has never heard the name Chris Anderson. Anderson has spent years at the top-spot over at Wired, one of the most renowned magazines of the last two decades. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller "The Long Tail", too. That book describes a new economy of mass-customization and niche-products. In "Free: The Future of a Radical Price" he analyzes how companies can make money offering their products for free. And it is this book itself, that now comes for this exact radical price: It’s a free download as an audiobook over at NoiseTrade.

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Jul 12 2013

Veneer Font Family Bargain: Distressed Typeface for Next to Nothing

If someone tells you that you look distressed, you won’t jump for joy. That’s because you are no typeface. These actually look darn good distressed. At least as long as the distressed looks are applied by experts. Yellow Design Studio definitely is such an expert. I actually don’t know why, but they decided to offer their top-selling font Veneer for next to nothing via Mighty Deals. Let’s not complain and grab it while we can…

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Jul 12 2013

IM-Creator: Free HTML5 Homepage Builder for John Q. Public

Homepage construction kits, website builders or whatever you might want to call them are not shrinking in numbers. Instead, their numbers grow constantly, and, what’s more, their feature sets improve, as do their visual approaches. Today we take a look at IM-Creator, one of the freshest specimen of its kind.

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Jul 11 2013

Summer 2013: The best HTML/PSD Themes & UI Elements of the Season

If you develop websites and your environment is not WordPress, you still don’t need to live your online life in visual darkness or hide beneath the sheets. We curated a list of awesome templates layered in HTML and CSS to make your work easier, and with a lot of different grooves to find the appropriate one for your web. Or, if you are you more confortable developing your own theme based on some pre-built elements, here is the inspiration you need to create an awesome theme or application. Starting with the PSDs  and UIs shown below, you can create your own awesome design. Take a look!

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Jul 10 2013

Homepage Construction Kit: 40 Ready-made Elements for Web Design with Photoshop (+ how to create your own)

It is quite common to prototype web designs in Adobe Photoshop. Although the final product will consist of large amounts of CSS driven looks, it usually turns out to be faster to use an image-editor for the first drafts. Photoshop still is designer’s first choice in many cases. Using very few basic shapes and forms you are able to creative high-grade user logins, buttons, sliders, video-players or even whole web sites.

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Jul 09 2013

HTML5up: 14 Totally Free and Modern Templates Made With HTML5

If you happen to be looking for ready-made website-templates you need not search for long. Google brings up a bunch of sites, here at Noupe we don’t abandon you on that search either. When it comes to Google findings, chances are, you will, in most cases, not really be satisfied by the available quality of code or layout. In these case, read: in any case, you should visit the new service HTML5up. What you will find here are really elegant and modern templates for contemporary websites based entirely on HTML5 and CSS3, with a bit of JavaScript, obviously. These templates are not only entirely beautiful, they are also completely free.

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