Jan 22 2013

My2Cents: The Impact Of Brands On Twitter [Infographic]

Don’t tell me, I know. I know that the following infographic is titled “The Impact Of Twitter On Brands”. But I cannot see this point. What promoted tweets, promoted trends and what else might be coming in future days really do, is leave their marks on Twitter. And I’m not sure whether this is for the better or for the worse. I tend to the latter. Anyway, let’s have a look…

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Jan 21 2013

AI -> Canvas: Export Fully Functional HTML5 Canvas From Within Adobe Illustrator

Mike Swanson, though having been aboard Microsoft for more than 11 years, has created a plugin for Adobe Ilustrator that resembles a good wine. The older it gets, the better it grows to be. More than two years ago, still employed at the Redmond company, Swanson pushed out the first version of AI -> Canvas. At that time HTML5 canvas was already of some prominence, but who would have dared to use the element in production environments? Today things look different, entirely different…

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Jan 20 2013

Fed Up with Unreadable: Are You a Human realises Captchas in the Form of Simple HTML5 Games

You know these sickening Captchas any web form these days brings before your eyes. Want to download something? Captcha. Want to send in a complaint to your telecom provider? Captcha. This would not even be a problem if it were only annoying. But more often than not, these Captchas are plain unreadable. Even if you own eagle’s eyes you will surely have experienced difficulty in deciphering common Captchas around the web at one point or another. What was once supposed to be unreadable for machines turns against its inventors. Is Skynet just around the corner? Anyway, alternatives exist. „Are You a Human“ offers a Captcha method that does not depend on blurry text and your deciphering abilities. Instead, these Captchas are little games, the so-called PlayThrus.

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Jan 19 2013

HTML5: Trendy Tooltips with Tooltipster for jQuery

Tooltips are a square deal. They allow for the placement of important information just in the very location this information is needed, regardless of screen real estate. Tooltipster is a plugin for jQuery aiming at making the process of creating tooltips as easy as possible while providing the biggest functionality available. They conform to HTML5 and can be styled to your own liking using CSS.

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Jan 18 2013

Code School + Noupe: Claim Your Complete Sass Course for Free

Recently we teamed up with the nice folks over at Code School to offer you a comprehensive course on how to use Sass effectively. Sass is a CSS preprocessor that makes coding style sheets a whole lot easier and the sheets themselves much more maintainable. “Assembling Sass”, that’s the title of Code School and Noupe’s free offering, explains the basics of how to enter the world of structured CSS in an entertaining, yet profound manner. Even though “Assembling Sass” is definitely worth paying for, Noupe readers can claim lifetime access to this course for free. You have to be quick, though…

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Jan 17 2013

Making the Best of WordPress Categories: Tips and Tools

Back in October of last year, I wrote an article about using tags in WordPress. Today, we shall be turning our attention towards the usage of categories in WordPress. Once again, before we proceed, allow me to disclaim: this is not a how-do-I-add-categories learning guide. For that purpose, however, I strongly suggest you check out the WordPress Codex. In this article, we will be focusing on using WordPress categories for SEO, discovering good and bad practices as well as taking a look at some nifty plugins that can make our lives easier.

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Jan 16 2013

Worth a Thousand Words: Creative and Informative WordPress Infographics

the lord of CMS

2012 saw two major releases of Wordpress.  The latest update by the name of Elvin brought improvements and enhancements including features both for web developers and writers. Still the indivual skill level is dominated by the need to understand older functions and components that have been around eversince. It is only then that you will be able to become a real professional and develop abilities to use the full power of this framework. Generally, acquaintance with Wordpress starts with a thorough study of the documentation, but, you are sure to agree, this information is dry as a desert and really hard to be taken in. As a consequence you will soon turn to other educational material, such as tutorials or articles recommended by others. Nevertheless, tutorials are more preferable to those who have a lot of time and can fully enjoy the benefits of them, but if you want to quickly indulge and satisfy the need for knowledge you should definitely stock up yourself with a bunch of infographics that represent at least part of the needed information in a friendly, easily understandable manner.

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Jan 15 2013

50+ Fascinating Promotional Booklets to Inspire

No digital format can compare to the unique impression that printed materials leave with an audience. In today’s era of computers and mobile devices, an excellent way for businesses to stand out is by printing booklets or other materials such as posters and postcards. In fact, an article on the PrintPlace.com blog points out that readers are much more engaged when reading print materials than when reading digitally. If you want your target audience to slow down and notice your products or portfolio in more details, then a promotional booklet may be your answer.

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Jan 14 2013

Professional Website Optimization with A/B Testing: Tips and Tools

As web designers and developers, we often have to take decisions related to user experience. Most of the time, we rely on data collected via surveys and analytics for this purpose. Of late, A/B Testing is gaining popularity among web creators and page operators alike. What is A/B Testing all about and how can it be done? We will answer these questions and provide you with some useful tools in the following article.

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Jan 13 2013

Girls, Birds, Butterflies: More Awesome Vexel Artworks

Vexel art is very similar to vector art in terms of appearance. It typically features sharp-edged lines and areas of flat color, or smooth gradient fills. The word ‘vexel’ was coined from a combination of “vector” and “pixel”. The main difference between vexel art and vector art is that vexel artwork is rasterized. This means that it’s not scalable, so many vexel artists create their vexels at very high resolutions. Instead of using vector lines, shapes and polygons, vexels are created using a raster programs support for transparent layers. Each layer is given a solid shape, or shape with a gradient fill, and the layer order and structure creates the illusion of a single composition. We have featured this technique quite a few times before, but simply cannot get enough of it. So, here is another serving…

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