Jan 09 2013

Neither Graphics Nor Fonts! Icons In Pure CSS3 with One-Div.com

Icons are becoming more and more common these days. Mobile clients are responsible for this trend as icons are most useful in environments where screen real estate is scarce. Icons help you find your ways around without needing too much text (if any). With the rise of higher density screens and rising resolutions it is preferrable to shift away from static icon imagery to vectorized icons that are able to scale to any desired size without pixelation or blurry looks. This requirement has initiated the rise of icon fonts. But wait, there is another possibility with its own advantages. Icons can be designed using pure CSS3 also…

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Jan 08 2013

Break Free From SEO: Integrating the News_Keywords Meta Tag into WordPress

Writers and editors, rejoice! SEO deadened titles are no longer required for news articles now that the news keywords meta tag is available, sort of. Okay, so only those who write articles for Google News can truly do a happy dance and even then are still not completely free from SEO in titles, but this new release is still a big step for online content. One of the big problems that the News team has been facing in the last few years has been that writers were forced to make awkward titles for their news articles so that the articles were optimized for both Google Search and News. In many cases, the titles were written by technical staff to make sure that the article was search engine optimized, often at the protest of the writers and editors. Because Search and News worked nearly the same, even though they are actually completely different systems, the approach to ranking well in both of those services meant keyword loading of the title. To combat this problem, just last September the Google News team rolled out the nifty news_keywords meta tag that Google News will now support.

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Jan 07 2013

Glorious Past, Challenging Future: Taking A Closer Look at Joomla!

Today, I shall be focussing on yet another Content Management System. In previous months, we have discussed MODX and Concrete5. In the following article, I will turn your attention towards Joomla! Considering the fact that version 3.0.2 has just been released this past November, it makes sense to look deeper into it.

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Jan 06 2013

Bitten: 5 Free Icon Sets For Real Apple Lovers

Today we have some very special icon sets for some of you, the real Apple lovers. If we agree that sales numbers have a meaning, we can assume: Apple lovers are not a rare species. If you feel like one, too, you will like the following article. We have five icon sets totally dedicated to Apple’s looks and styles for you. All of them can be used freely, but not all of them can be used for commercial projects as well. But why should we care about these details? We are Apple lovers, aren’t we?

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Jan 05 2013

Easings.net – CSS3 Animations Leadfooted

With the introduction of CSS3 we are able to use animated hover effects and other transitions. These transitions can be induced through the use of so-called easings. Easings differ in the way they start and accelerate or slow down and stop an animation. The website Easings.net has put together an overview of available easings. On top of that they provide some additional effects complete with source code for your easing pleasure.

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Jan 04 2013

Focal Point: CSS-Framework Scales Down Images In Responsive Designs Intelligently

Responsive webdesign aims to present websites in the best possible way, even if viewed on mobile devices. Images are usually simply scaled down in that approach. If you use images with a high grade of details pictures soon become too small. The new CSS framework Focal Point cares for shifting the focus to the most important part of the image before scaling down. That way smaller resolutions only see part of the image but larger.

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Jan 03 2013

Lord Of The Rings: Ringmark Checks Mobile Browsers For HTML5 Capability

HTML5, CSS3 and new JavaScript methods make mobile web apps possible that do not necessarily stand behind native apps for tablets and smartphones. But which mobile browsers on which devices are capable of performing modern HTML5 apps? The benchmark service Ringmark wants to help you find out.

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Jan 02 2013

Placeit by Breezi Lets You Showcase Prototypes In Realistic Environments

A little tool developed by the folks over at Breezi, a next-gen website builder, allows the presentation of screenshots in realistic environments. Apps are nowadays often prototyped and shown on the virtual screens of iPads, laptops, smartphones and the like, foremost to enable the customer to get an impression of what to expect at project’s end. The tool names Placeit is very straight-forward and does not leave you puzzling how to use it. This is what makes it perfect for everyday use.

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Jan 01 2013

Conditionizr for jQuery – Conditional Loader For Scripts And Styles

Conditional comments. Who as a web developer has never been confronted with the necessity of dealing with IE by the use of conditional comments? IE has had no way of getting round these methods of handling quirks and insufficiencies, but also in other browsers targeting their special capabilities can have its advantages. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to serve contents in the most optimal way to any user out there, regardless of their devices and browsers? The jQuery plugin Conditionizr promises to deliver just that solution for the most modern web developments out there.

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Dec 31 2012

Best Of 2012: 50 Free WordPress Themes


We have come to the end of 2012, and a new year is knocking or has already arrived in some areas of the world. High time for this article. Each year, hundreds of amazing free WordPress themes are released: the good, the bad and the ugly. Naturally, 2012 wasn’t an exception. WordPress lovers received numerous free themes for their blogs and websites. In this round-up, we enlist 50 awesome free themes for self-hosted WordPress sites.

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