Sep 25 2014

I Hate Parallax Scrolling – Here’s Why You Should Too

Parallax scrolling for websites is the new hotness! Then again, so were glitter unicorns and type for MySpace pages and websites galore. The web moves fast and there’s a difference between a fad and a trend. So, is parallax scrolling a good addition to your website? Here’s a look at the top parallax scrolling websites, their strengths—and weaknesses.

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Sep 24 2014

Refreshing Like September Rain: 20+ Free HTML/CSS, PSD and GUI Templates for Trendy Designs

Autumn is approaching. While I write this, the world around me seems about to drown. Rain is hammering against my window. Face it, it’s September 2014. And while it’s not always a good thing to see nice seasons leave and nasty seasons come, there is one upside of time flying by and this is the availability of the next stack of templates from our monthly series. Once again we have come up with our picks of the month, showing new interfaces and templates for all your web and mobile projects. As always, this roundup is divided into three sections for HTML templates, PSD templates and Graphic User Interfaces. Go ahead and see what we dug up for you. My personal favorite is "Lonely", a Bootstrap-based photography theme. What is yours?

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Sep 23 2014

End of Shirking: 20 Free WordPress Themes Fresh from September 2014

In between summer and fall, one can easily get surprised while wearing a t-shirt outside. I chuckled quite a few times already. It is then when I like my office most. Sitting in front of the computer with its warm glow, working on WordPress projects harder than ever – well, at least harder than ever since the middle of spring. WordPress is just that kind of a convenient CMS that can get you up and running in no time. Probably that way I can catch up with all the work I have been negligent of. Wait, would I not be quicker if I took a ready-made theme to accelerate things? Lucky me, as Noupe continues with their monthly series of the freshest WordPress themes for self-hosted sites.

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Sep 23 2014

MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress: The Winners

Last week we started a giveaway together with our friends over at MotoPress. You had the chance to win a 384 dollar value of licenses of their visual content editor plugin for WordPress. As promised we asked our magic fairy to conjure up the winners. And here are the results. The lucky ones are:

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Sep 22 2014

World of Design No. 1: Ukraine

From Sevastopol to Kiev, from Lviv to Donetsk – the Ukraine is a huge country with a long, rich history as well as dramatic landscapes and seascapes. Under its wings live various ethnic groups with a wide and diverse cultural background. The Ukraine or better the Ukrainians definitely have something to show off. It is a motherland of splendid embroidery, lavish traditional costumes, and highly decorative arts and crafts. It is no wonder that it is the home of a great deal of virtuosos who not only are engaged in traditional types of art but also in modern ones including website design, mobile app design, typeface design and others. Sharing common roots with both Eastern European and Western European civilizations, its cultural heritage is a unique blend that bears remarkable and exceptional elements that couldn’t but help to encourage talented folks on eloquently expressing themselves through creating projects that can be hailed as real masterpieces. Ukrainian designers and agencies are active participants of different trendy mainstreams. They work inside the world arena and compete with others on high levels, making their own incomparable contribution as well as blessing the web with matchless high-end projects. Today we are going to shed some light on several Ukraine-based and really talented individuals as well as creative companies that have already managed to leave their mark.

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Sep 19 2014

For the Love of Typography: 30 Free Decorative TypeFaces for Graphic Designers

Typography in the world of web design is only still growing in importance, while in the world of print design noone doubts the importance of great type choices and craftsmenship. Every artist understands that this is able to either make or break your design, no matter how lavish or unique it looks. Harmony in design aesthetics is what really matters, and typography plays a crucial role here. There is no more powerful tool than a properly-selected typeface that will help to harmoniously blend text into composition, and at the same time, make its presence felt.

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Sep 18 2014

Noteworthy: 8 New Incredible Illustrators of the Future

Whether you are an admirer and lover of illustration or in need of a fantastic illustrator who has a fresh look, you may find exactly what you need in one of the following eight illustrators of the future. All are fairly new to the online scene, and most of them are still students. A few have already built up somewhat of a following, even on the small portfolio they currently have. Some even have a couple of mentions on inspirational blogs.

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Sep 17 2014

30+ Free GUIs for Website Builders: Late Summer 2014 Edition

Of course could you delve into flat style design digging through informative aka dry articles that cover fundamental principles and basic techniques and let you know all of the principles and theory behind what you are about to do. Or you could go studying real world examples. This will let you get the hang of prototyping flat style projects quickly and effectively. What we found for you today is not only suitable in terms of education, but can also be used to speed up your workflow by giving you predefined and ready-to-use elements for the next-gen user interface you were just about to create. Moreover, all the following packs are free to use…

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Sep 16 2014

Corporate Design Made Easy: 30 Free Stationery Mockup Templates

Establishing your company in the real as well as the virtual world is an essential step towards success. While websites, profiles in social media, and mobile apps help to conquer the internet, in the real world things are less simple and straightforward. Still you are blessed with a wide selection of choices. You can go for press/television advertisements or various public campaigns, but before that you should take care of creating a corporate identity design that will clearly and attractively stand for what you are standing for. Logotype, tagline and coloring will form your brand in users’ minds. To achieve this, printed material is simply irreplaceable. And that’s where we want to help you with today. Get inspired by our 30 free stationery mockup templates in PSD format…

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Sep 15 2014

Exclusive Giveaway: Six Licenses of the Visual MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress (Comment to Win)

Today we got a fantastic opportunity for our dear readers here at Noupe Magazine. We teamed up with MotoPress and came up with the idea to give away six licenses of their visual editor for WordPress. MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress lets you build your posts and pages in WYSIWYG mode. Forget about TinyMCE and its shortcomings and turn to the easiest and most powerful way to create with WordPress. All you need to do to secure your chance to win is leave a comment below this article. Easy, isn’t it?

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