Nov 24 2012

The Anatomy Of A Web Designer [Infographic]

The people at UK web hosting company Heart Internet wanted to find out what web designers think of their jobs, their perspectives and the industry as a whole. As 5oo designers had their say, the results may well be seen as at least not totally out of range. Still they are not representative for the industry as a whole. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the key findings…

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Nov 23 2012

Viewport Resizer: Extremely Flexible Bookmarklet Lets You Test Different Resolutions Easily

A web designer’s tasks are far from getting easier. More and more different resolutions come to market and have to be addressed in professional layouts. The formerly rather simple distinction between a site for mobile and another for desktop users is not sufficient anymore. With the success of smartphones of the most different sizes the problem grows bigger by the hour. Of course we have media queries to address different resolutions properly. And even though they do work in the majority of cases you still have to test them properly.

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Nov 22 2012

Design Kindle: New Resource For Web Designers Offers Icons, Textures, UIs And More For Free

Web designers are natural born searchers. They are on a continuous quest for icons, textures, inspiration, whatever helps get the next project done. If everything works fine they find what they were looking for and if things run really well the findings can be used freely. I know that Design Kindle is exactly where you should start your search. I assume a high probability that your search not only starts but also ends there. Design Kindle, a new resource for web designers, offers freebies – well – freely and in high quality and with no restrictions for commercial projects. Get the point?

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Nov 21 2012

40+ Fresh and Free Web UI and Mobile Kits for Developers and Designers


In this round-up, we are showcasing fresh and free web UI design kits as well as some mobile kits. This collection will astonish you, but, more importantly, save your valuable time. Designing a user interface (UI) is a difficult task, because it takes lots of time and needs loads of patience as well. Furthermore, designing user interfaces from scratch is very stressful work. But why re-invent the wheel on a daily basis? With these fresh and smart UI design and mobile kits, you can easily portray your ideas to your clients and give a very stylish look to their websites. All these kits are downloadable for free. Enjoy!

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Nov 19 2012

Thesis 2.0: WordPress Theme Framework Rewritten, A Turn For The Better?

Last month, the popular premium WordPress theme framework Thesis underwent a significant update, and the WordPress community saw the advent of Thesis 2.0 Unlike other theme updates, Thesis 2.0 marks a noticeable difference from its predecessor: there have been many changes and additions, and to quote the team behind the framework, the entire engine has been rewritten. In this article, we shall be taking a look at Thesis 2.0 and what it brings to the table.

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Nov 18 2012

Social Media Paradise: Twtrland Delivers Twitter Insights You Would Never Have Hoped To Get

Twtrland got created on the beach. A piece of paper was in the game, a pen and a not exactly quantified amount of coffee. Three brothers from Israel stand behind the service, whose main purpose was to help with the decision whom to follow on Twitter and – well – whom not. Still this is the main benefit you get from using twtrland.

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Nov 16 2012

Garlic.Js and Sisyphus.Js: These jQuery Plugins Store Form Values With HTML5 LocalStorage

The problem is as old as forms on the web are. The longer the form, the bigger the problem, potentially. The problem I’m talking about is one you have encountered more than once in your digital lifetime. It uses to occur only after filling out the most complex forms or while you are in a hurry and just wanted to submit this order you promised your wife to place today. There it is. Submission fails, the browser tab closes accidentally, for some reason you press F5 or whatever monkey business you achieve to perform. Result: the form is empty again, you are back to zero. The plugins for jQuery we have for you today, promise to avoid running into a situation like this ever again.

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Nov 15 2012

CSS: How To Individualize Scrollbars in Webkit Browsers

Internet Explorer is able to do it. Since ages, immemorially, almost. I’m talking about the customization of its scrollbars. Since version 5.5, which was released in July 2000, you can individualize the colors within its scrollbars. Most currently, browsers based on Webkit have caught up with IE 5.5 and allow for even more sophisticated individualization – their possibilities are not limited to simply changing colors.

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Nov 14 2012

Corbis Poster Contest: Make Your Mark – Design For A Cause

The world is not short of good causes and people who stand for them. Some of these causes are very prominent, practically omnipresent, while others could well use some more publicity. Now you have the chance to support a good cause you personally care lots about. With your help in terms of design you could earn your charity 1,000 Pounds/Euros. Corbis Images makes it possible with their brand-new contest “Make Your Mark – Design For A Cause”. If you know your way around Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, InkScape or whatever tool you see fit, this one is for you.

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Nov 13 2012

Social Stereotypes In The Networked World

Website builders put together an amusing infographic that reflects what kind of yearbook-type different social networks would be taken for. Do you remember? There have always been the rich man’s daughter, the sporting ace with the red cabriolet, the nerd with the black glasses, one or more hussies and all those gossipers and hearsayers. I suppose things haven’t changed much over the years as identifies the exact same characters in our favorite social networks.

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