Dec 10 2012

15 Heart-Warming Holiday Cards for Free By Day2Day Printing

If you are like me, you like to send a special postcard to your loved ones now and then. Christmas is now as well as then. Since a few years I don’t buy standard cards in standard shops but rely on online printing services. is such a service, but one with a long history and decorated with awards. Day2Day Printing started 25 years ago and it is now, that they decided to give back to the community. They do this by offering 15 free holiday cards for a limited time.

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Dec 10 2012

WordPress or MODX? The Winner Is…

WordPress and MODX are two of the most popular Content Management Systems. Each has its own loyal user base and audience, and both WP and MODX are amazing tools when it comes to website management. However, how do the two perform against each other? Alternatively, what are the similarities and dissimilarities between WP and MODX? We are going to answer these questions in the following article.

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Dec 09 2012

Image Is Everything – Ask @aplusk [Infographic]

Okay, we are not going to argue about the image strategies of certain people maybe mentioned in the title. Instead we are going to take a look at Veer’s latest infographic on the ever-rising importance of images in the modern world. Veer, which you might know as a service for imagery, illustrations and fonts, has put together a compact fact-sheet with the most important things you need to know, whether you are a designer or not. Unsurprising for an image provider, you say? Well, maybe, but nevertheless true.

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Dec 07 2012

HTML 5: Speed Up Your JavaScript-Animations with requestAnimationFrame

Thanks to CSS3 we no longer need Flash to produce good-looking animations. In general we do not even need JavaScript. But CSS3 falls short for some use cases. If you need to calculate or recalculate your animations, there’s no getting round JavaScript. You do not have to use setTimeout and setInterval though. These do carry the disadvantage of simply repeating a function in defined intervals. Looking at animations, defined intervals are not the best way to make them work. If you have been using these two functions, you probably already experienced difficulties in finding the values for intervals in match with the required animation steps. Furthermore, setTimeout and setInterval rarely are in sync with the display refresh rate, which leads to the effect, that animations cannot be precisely presented. It doesn’t have to be that way, though…

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Dec 06 2012

There Is No Getting Round These 40 Inescapable Fonts In 2013

We are sure that you will not even try to live without the following collection of inescapable fonts in 2013. All these fonts carry more than the basic character set, though mileage will vary. German readers will find all the special characters, others have to check by themselves. We have included the information, whether the creators of the font allow commercial use. These things should always be double-checked beforehand anyway. So do not only rely on our findings. Furthermore we tell you the format the fonts come in. To help you determine potential usecases, we have also included our rating regarding apperance and style of each font. Designers won’t probably need that much, though…

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Dec 05 2012

Festive Spirit 2012: 50 Awesome Christmas Wallpapers To Santa Up Your Desktop

Christmas Snowmen

It is December already, and you know what December stands for — festive season! Yes, that’s right. Christmas is just a few days away, and everyone seems to be getting in the festive mood. Speaking of festive mood: We noticed that our older posts, in which we collected Christmas freebies, are much sought-after these days. Thus we decided to not let you stick with the stuff from yesterday and deliver a brand-new set of 50 awesome and fresh Christmas wallpapers.

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Dec 04 2012

Is Concrete5 The Right CMS For Your Website?

Back in October, I did an evaluation cum review article about MODX. The aim of the article was to assess the usability and feasibility of MODX as a Content Management System for your website. My sole purpose behind the article was to help the readers in their quest to choose which CMS to use for their websites. The response to the article was good, and I’d like to thank everyone who read the article and took time to share it and comment on it. Carrying on from October, today, I shall be taking a look at yet another CMS…

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Dec 03 2012

20 Awesome Wallpapers For Retina-iPads

The iPads with Retina display call for a different breed of wallpapers as pictures with low resolutions cannot satisfy the eyes anymore, once you have taken a sip from the cup of high density. The community accepted that challenge rather quickly and has already brought up a wide range of high-grade imagery. I have been checking the offerings, trying to find wallpapers to my own liking. Here is what I came up with.

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Dec 02 2012

20 Unusual Wallpapers For The iPhone 5

Wallpapers – totally useless, but much sighed-for. I never met anybody who really did not have a more or less elaborate wallpaper on his device. Some do prefer extremely minimal variants though. First started on computer screens, wallpapers are omnipresent on any kind of device nowadays – as long as it features a screen. iPhone users had to wait quite a while before Apple made changeable wallpaper graphics available in iOS. I went and searched for some extraordinary pieces I intended to use on my own brand-new iPhone 5. And here is what I came up with…

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Nov 30 2012

Street Art In Thailand: Chiang Mai Graffiti

The meaning of a street artist’s work comes not only from its content, but also the laws, politics and religion, both official and unofficial, that govern the region. In Chiang Mai, in Thailand, street art is not necessarily illegal – the streets are filled with trash, good luck symbols and homemade signs – but many natives will tell you it is a form of expression that has no connection whatsoever with their country. They claim the few working artists are either westerners or Thais – mostly students – obsessed with western culture. But…

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