Dec 31 2012

Best Of 2012: 50 Free WordPress Themes


We have come to the end of 2012, and a new year is knocking or has already arrived in some areas of the world. High time for this article. Each year, hundreds of amazing free WordPress themes are released: the good, the bad and the ugly. Naturally, 2012 wasn’t an exception. WordPress lovers received numerous free themes for their blogs and websites. In this round-up, we enlist 50 awesome free themes for self-hosted WordPress sites.

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Dec 30 2012

Advertising For Mobile On The Rise [Infographic]

Startapp is a platform bound to help app developers monetize their apps without the need for embedding banners or other more or less crude forms of refinancing means. Instead the service promises to monetize search traffic. Rings familiar to your ears? Well, the strategy resembles that of a quite popular search engine located in Mountain View. No matter if you have doubts as to how much sense this strategy might make or if you think this business model sounds promising, the infographic, we have for you today, is interesting no matter what. Entitled “Advertiser’s Guide To Mobile” they accumulated several studies to an easily consumable graphical overview.

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Dec 29 2012

Create.js – InPage Editing for Content Management Systems Using HTML5

Thinking about strategies of how to best edit web content, we will rather quickly agree that the so-called inline or inpage editing is the best way to do it. Inline editing means the editing of web contents right inside their original layout. Still this best way is supported by only very few systems. The project Create.js provides a module for almost every CMS out there to relatively easily implement exactly this, inline editing of any content.

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Dec 28 2012

Social Media Strategy: When Does Posting On Facebook Promise To Be Most Successful? [Infographic]

As a brand with a Social Media Strategy, you may try to achieve a variety of different goals. I do not know where your individual aims are set to, but I know that you will be seeking for the maximum range when you go posting into the social webs. At least you want to make sure that people take notice of your posts. If people start to comment, like and share, even better. A recent infographic shows the best weekdays to post your content and is divided into industries. So go and find your optimum time for pushing out that great content of yours…

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Dec 27 2012

We Love Icon Fonts: Open Source Directory for Free Icon Fonts

Tim Pietrusky, developer from Germany, has a big idea. His brand-new, free-of-charge web service called We Love Icon Fonts is supposed to become the equivalent to Google Web Fonts, but with a sole focus on icon fonts. The collection is steadily growing, quite a few are already integrated. If you want to embed the sets into your website, they get called in from the service as a third party hoster.

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Dec 26 2012

Calendario for jQuery Allows For A Flexible And Responsive Calendar On Your Website

If you need to publish events, anniversaries, anything that involves a date or date range, it is advisable to do this in the form of a visual calendar. That is exactly what the jQuery plugin Calendario promises to achieve. Calendario integrates a calendar with a month view into any website and is flexible customizable. The data to be displayed can easily be handed over via JavaScript.

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Dec 25 2012

Fresh and Free WordPress Themes Released In December 2012

We have come to the end of another fine month. For WordPress users, December 2012 marked the release of WordPress 3.5 Beyond that, many new themes were also released in December, and in this round-up, we shall be taking a look at them.

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Dec 24 2012

Photocat: Photo Editor Not Only For The Festive Season

Photocat is a very capable, yet also usable solution for photo editing. Did I mention it is free of charge, too? Especially to celebrate the festive season the creators added to the large feature set and provide you with a special creation to help you christmasize your photos. If you are late as always and urgently looking for a simple tool to aid you in putting together a last minute christmas card, I advise you to take a look at Photocat now. All others can relax for the time being, but should take a long hard look at Photocat any time soon.

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Dec 23 2012

35 Last Minute Christmas Wallpapers of 2012

Every year’s end we arrive at these special times when something seems to have changed everywhere: in the air, on the streets, in our houses, at work. The atmosphere is different: everybody is buying Christmas presents, Christmas trees, Christmas sweets and so on. Christmas wallpapers have their tradition as well. In this post we have prepared a selection of Christmas wallpapers to pep up your desktop just a bit. After all, it should fit into the overall decoration at home, shouldn’t it!

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Dec 20 2012

I Love You, WordPress! But…

…There are certain things that I hate about you, sadly. Yes, I know, many WordPress users will disagree (some will already have started cursing me, even without reading this article). On the other hand, many non-WP users might be passing those *I-knew-it* smiles while reading this text. Perhaps you are one of them? In any case, my point behind this article is not to trash-talk WordPress. Trust me: I love WordPress! As a matter of fact, I use WP on many of my websites. Plus, I’m currently writing this article for Noupe, an awesome website that uses WordPress. So read, what annoys me, what troubles me, what is inacceptable and then let’s start a discussion…

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