Aug 11 2014

Action-packed: 40 After Effects Tutorials for Beginners and Pros

After Effects, Adobe’s tool for Hollywood-esque special effects, comes with that familiar Photoshop look, but is supercharged with a timeline and animation capabilities. Even 3D objects can be imported. All in all this gives us enough options to create stunning composings for movies and TV. Delve right in with these 40 After Effects tutorials for video editors and effects specialists. Even as a pro you’ll learn something new from the following list. Ambitioned beginners should be able to follow, too. See for yourself…

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Aug 08 2014

Boring Work Made Easy: Free Templates for Creating Manuals

Whichever boring and insipid creating a manual usually is, whether you are a developer/manufacturer or an end-user, you simply cannot do without one. Perspective of poking a finger in the sky in order to figure out how to employ the product as well as leaving your arduous piece of work without a detailed description does not sound great at all. So like it or not, manuals are integral parts of our life.

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Aug 07 2014

Exclusive Freebie: Five Responsive HTML Email Templates for Noupe Readers (plus PSD)

Today we are back with another amazing freebie for all our lovely readers! We teamed up with one of the industry’s most well-known PSD to HTML conversion companies,, to give away a pack of responsive HTML email templates. The original PSD template was created by our second amazing partner in this giveaway, The PSD is available from here, too. So you can get your hands on building your own template if you feel so. We thought this was a great opportunity to share the experience we had with the P2H guys, what working with them is like and what challenges you might encounter while creating your responsive newsletters. Not the least part is that anyone who leaves a comment below gets a chance to win free newsletter template coding services from PSD2HTML worth $150!

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Aug 06 2014

It’s a Rat Race: 40+ Free SEO Tools Any Site Owner Needs to Know

Free SEO tools are a great way to get closer to that number one position without paying too much upfront. Dirty little secrets: even the average SEO specialist uses free tools, so why shouldn’t you? We have researched the following big list of free SEO tools anyone should at least know about. Even if you may have used one or two from the list already, we are sure you’ll find more than one gem you haven’t seen before. Let the race for the top spot begin…

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Aug 05 2014

29 Great Free Business Card PSD Templates: The Ace up Your Sleeve

When it comes to promoting a business, we have become accustomed to resort to online means such as websites, social media profiles, Google ads and the like. In doing so we extremely underestimate the power that is hidden in print material. Take that profane business card as an example. Of course these days business cards are no longer necessary to convey your contact information. But they still have the potential to set yourself apart from the competition. Start seeing business cards not as small pieces of paper, but more like an ad that is going to beat the drum for you. Focus on the details, the choice of paper, the print technology, the thorough design. We have compiled 29 professionally-crafted and free business card PSD templates in the following article. Let the inspiration begin…

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Aug 04 2014

July 2014: 20 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes of the Month

We are back with our third month in a row, where all the new entries to the WordPress theme stage are being designed responsive. New ranking factors at Google take mobile usability into account, so building websites that are not mobile-ready today is shortsighted , to say the least. Don’t get caught that easy. Use one of our new entries instead. For another month we went out into the wild to search for the newest and coolest WordPress themes available. In the following article, we introduce you to our findings.

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Aug 01 2014

Why Having a Blog is so Important for Freelance Designers

With competition rising among designers, using social media is more important than ever, especially having your own blog to help spotlight your talent and abilities. A blog can not only show your work but your thought process, knowledge and professional demeanor… if it’s done correctly!

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Jul 31 2014

HTML5: More Flexibility in Form Design

Forms have grown more versatile with HTML5. The input element is now able to contain email addresses and dates and marking input fields as mandatory or prepopulating them with content is no longer a case for JavaScript – just to name a few of the most valuable additions. But then, there’s even more to it. Did you know you can now have more than one “submit” button and did you know that you can now have input and select element living outside your form element? We’ll walk you through this…

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Jul 30 2014

24 Fresh and Free HTML, PSD and GUI Templates: July 2014 Edition

Continuing with our monthly series, we bring a selection with the best quality items for webmasters and app developers looking for good interfaces to use in their projects. Our favorite this month is Kappe, but as always, there should be something for everybody. If you’re a first-time visitor to this series, scroll down to the bottom of the post where we have neatly listed all the already published parts of our monthly collection.

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Jul 29 2014

CSS3 Background Blends: Photoshop Background Effects in pure CSS3

With CSS3 we are able to add more than one background to an element. In doing so background images and/or colors are piled upon each other, just as you know from the layers concept of Photoshop. While transparencies exist, the underlying background file or color will shine through. The new CSS3 Background Blends allow for even more possibilities to combine several backgrounds into one impressive appearance.

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