Sep 12 2014

Sequence.js: Responsive Content Slider with CSS3 Transitions and Gesture Control

Plugins for content sliders are a dime a dozen, fish in the sea, you name it. Fewer, but still many are supporting CSS3 transitions and working responsively. Anyway „Sequence.js“ is something special. This JavaScript does not only support animations on the transition of slides as a whole. Instead all of the content of a slide, be it headlines or images, can be animated individually. Being a top-notch web tool, „Sequence.js“ even supports gesture control to be intuitively usable on smartphones and tablets as well. Now tell me, doesn’t this set that responsive content slider far enough apart to justify a closer look?

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Sep 11 2014

SVG Fallback in Older Browsers: Alternatives to JavaScript

SVG sees widespread support by recent browsers these days. Still plenty of people do not surf the web using one of these modern browsers. Especially the older versions of Internet Explorer are used in relevant numbers worldwide. And these older versions cause problems, not only, but also when it comes to SVG. IE simply doesn’t know SVG, so we need to offer PNG or JPEG as a fallback. Of course we have JavaScript with its numerous possibilities to care for proper fallback solutions, but what if JavaScript is not an option? Keep calm and read on. We have a row of alternatives for you. Some of which mean even lesser effort than coming forth with a full-fledged JavaScript…

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Sep 08 2014

Abandon Skeuomorphism with these 30 Free Icon Sets in Flat Design

The modern way of emphasizing cleanliness, sharpness and objectivity in your designs is by trying to avoid all lavish stylistic choices such as textures, fake feeling of 3d dimension, illusory decorations, shiny/glossy effects and giving the flat style a shot. Being here not just since yesterday, it certainly becomes obvious that this trend not only has put down its roots but also has matured dramatically in a short period of time. The concept implies getting the most out of minimalism, harmoniously marrying Swiss style with a bright coloring and some interesting solutions (such as a long 5 o’clock shadow). It sticks to simple shapes, solid color backdrops, neat sharp typography, generous portions of whitespace, intuitive glyphs, gorgeous bright coloring in order to provide designs with an absolutely clean, crisp, brilliantly simple, properly-balanced and highly enticing look. Not only the large-scale artworks are able to gain considerable advantages from it, but basic GUI elements such as buttons, icons, and controls can benefit as well.

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Sep 05 2014

Medialoot, Crocoblock, Filter Forge and InVision: Prizes and Winners

Just before the Summer vacation we ran a row of giveaways. We had very interesting prizes to be won. In the meantime, all the winners should have received their notifications. Here’s what we gave away and whom we gave it to. Make sure to check out these sponsors. Their offerings are great, even if you have to pay for them. Their products are worth each and every cent…

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Sep 04 2014

Cutting-edge: 40 Free Futuristic Fonts of Today

Today we have a stack of 40 fonts for you. And although these fonts all look like they will be created sometime in the future, they are actually available in the world of today. Most of the fonts are equipped with special characters from several languages. More than half of all the fonts are suitable for commercial use right away. Concerning the other half, as always we advise you to get into contact with the creator of the font to clarify conditions. This is true for today and will still be true in the future. Now enjoy our collection of 40 free futuristic fonts of today.

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Sep 03 2014

Exclusive Freebie: Ten Beautiful Facebook Covers as PSD, AI and EPS

Facebook covers are the only design you can add to your Facebook page. If your profile or fan page is supposed to sport a professional look, you shouldn’t simply go scaling your website header or any random image you were able to find. Instead you should put proper effort into making your Facebook cover look as professional as your services are, well hopefully. Ain’t got enough time? Keep calm and read on. We’ve got something great for you…

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Sep 02 2014

10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data

They used to say content is king. But what really makes up content? Gone are the days when “content” meant purely text. Today, if you want to engage and enchant your customers, your content must have some visual cues. The human brain processes visual information much quicker than text. And with web 2.0 visuals like infographics, you can convey complex, boring data in a meaningful manner. Although infographics make things simpler, it can be time-consuming to create them. Here is a list of my top 10 tools to create your own beautiful infographics and more visual content (no Photoshop required!).

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Sep 01 2014

30 Free Mobile App UI PSDs for Developers: Summer 2014 Edition

While prototyping interface designs, we are always striving for the spur that will force our imagination to run riot. Inspiration gives us a boost, but when it comes to an actual workflow, we are in need of something more pragmatic and effective such as sets of pre-defined components. Even if you are a great supporter of creating everything from scratch, sometimes you can be caught in a situation where you are running out of time and the more modular approach is like a lifebuoy to a drowning person. It allows killing two birds with one stone: invest your precious time in a project and still save some money.

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Aug 29 2014

Beach to Business: 20 Free WordPress Themes – Edition Summer 2014

Lament about it, but in the end you will find no other way than to face it. Summer is over. We all need to leave the beaches and get back to business. Fortunately some designers and developers have left the beach early to create some fresh and free WordPress themes to build upon. All we had to do was roam the web and find the new additions to the scene which we regularly do anyway. Thus we continue with our monthly series of the freshest WordPress themes for self-hosted sites. All the new additions are fully responsive, a trend that has been growing fast with no signs of slowing down. We hope you like what we found.

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Aug 28 2014

20 Free HTML, PSD and GUI Templates: August 2014 Edition

Summer moves on, but we are here to stay, as reliable as always, bringing you the next bunch of free HTML, PSD and GUI templates developers and designers brought forth in the month of August 2014. Despite the hot days creativity didn’t dry up. My favorite this month is the HTML5 template Sublime, but there should be enough to choose from for everybody. If you’re a first-time visitor to this series, scroll down to the bottom of the post where we have neatly listed all the already published parts of our monthly collection.

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