Nov 06 2014

Top Tools and Resources for Hybrid App Development

Do you remember when apps first appeared for smart phones? The TV commercial for the iPhone 3G’s tag-line, “There’s an app for that,” made it seem like there was an app for anything you’d ever want. It may not have been true at the time, but it certainly is now, especially with the emergence of hybrid app development in the past few years.

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Nov 05 2014

Sheer Madness: InkyDeals Bargains Away Thousands of Design Resources Worth Over 31,000 for 99 Dollars

Sometimes we stumble upon offers that sound too good to be true. That’s also what our whole editorial office thought when we encountered InkyDeals’ "Colossal Birthday Bundle". To clarify whether this was most likely just a simple typo we contacted InkyDeals and asked them. No, did they assure us, this is not an error. We are totally serious about this. We really bargain away more than 40 GB of recent resources for the laughable price of under a hundred dollars. We do this to celebrate our third birthday. This is enough reason, isn’t it?! Okay, I answered. Then this is what I am going to tell our readers. But, don’t expect them to believe that…

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Nov 05 2014

JotForm Runs the Web Form Design Awards – Create a Great Form Design and Win 7,500 Dollars

JotForm, form renovators from sunny California, are taking off. Having been a major player in the form builder business for quite a while now, they decided to add broader design support to their product. And came up with a new tool called "Form Designer". This tool is just grand. As you’d rightfully expect from your favorite WYSIWYG builder Form Designer is completely intuitive to use, speeding up your workflow and improving your results. Whether you like to code CSS by hand or like to stick with pre-made design elements, Form Designer is there for you. To get Form Designer into the minds of the members of the design community they decided to host a contest with a grand prize of 7,500 dollars for the overall winner and smaller prizes in several categories. In need of Christmas money? Show off your skills and win the contest…

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Nov 04 2014

World of Design No. 2: New Zealand

We are accustomed to believe that web design trends as well as their ardent supporters and followers tend to accumulate in the northern hemisphere: Europe, UK, America traditionally are the center of all that is happening. But what about others, extremely remote, pristine, almost unspoiled parts of the world, such as New Zealand. Is it an active and equal participant of the mainstreams? As it turns out, yes it is. In the days of high technology in the Internet era, the geographical location has lost its relevance, allowing to bridge the gap between semi spheres and unite everyone in one virtual space.

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Nov 03 2014

Do You? These 35 Popular Brands Use WordPress as a CMS

WordPress isn’t just a blogging software. Today sites with millions of visitors can be flawlessly driven by it. WordPress is fast and flexible and a CMS in its own right. More than 60 percent of the world’s websites already run on WordPress and its triumphal march is far from over. In fact, WordPress is the only CMS with rising distribution numbers. All other competitors lose reach or – at best – languish. To me this is no wonder, given WordPress is that easy to use and imposes almost no limits upon developers. There is not a lot that you cannot do with it. Even sites with millions of monthly visitors turn to Automattic’s CMS. Today we want to show you 35 popular brands who already made the switch…

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Oct 31 2014

Brain Damage: Why Art Directors Hate Freelancers

Believe it or not, there are some freelancers who are morons, and I don’t mean that in the good way. In the ranks of creative children who see other possibilities, color outside the lines, make their own lines and blended two or three crayons to create new colors to captivate the senses, there were some who experienced something that set them apart from other creative children. While the schoolyard beatings of we “different” children made most evolve inner strengths that made them incredibly sensitive, and insightful adults, I suspect some suffered brain damage.

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Oct 30 2014

Deal of the Week: 100+ Essential 3D Mockups and Effects to Make Your Product Shine

Today’s Deal of the Week brings you a whole load of Photoshop templates and effects to professionally show off your designs and other products. More than 100 individual elements are part of the package. Among these, you’ll find 67 professional 3D mockups that allow you to project your designs onto a variety of surfaces. Do you want to present the design of your customer’s new website complete with the device it is displayed upon? The bundle has you covered. Have you just created a new line of shirt designs and needed it presented realistically? The bundle has you covered. Are you creating a collection of promotional gifts with your client’s design on it? The bundle has this, and a whole lot more use cases covered…

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Oct 29 2014

Colorful Autumn: 20+ Free HTML/CSS, PSD and GUI Templates (October 2014 Edition)

Two months and it’s Christmas. Leaves are falling; the world dresses up in colorful clothing. This is the right time to let your website or whatever project you are currently creating follow. Just like last month and a whole bunch of months before we collected the best free HTML/CSS, PSD and GUI templates from around the web with a release date from October. So this is the freshest material you can get. My personal favorite is the Material Bootstrap 3 theme as it brings together one of the most versatile frameworks with Google’s latest design guidelines known as Material. The future is now…

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Oct 28 2014 Swiss Knife for the Creation of Presentations, Infographics, Banner Ads and More (Comment to Win) is a recently relaunched and re-branded service loyal Noupe readers already know. We’ve covered the service under its former name EWC Presenter in August of 2013 already. At that time, our conclusion was entirely positive. We recommended to put PowerPoint and Keynote aside, and use EWC Presenter instead. A lot has happened behind the curtain since then, so we thought it would be time to revisit a service we had enjoyed at first encounter. Are we still fans? Well, the name is way better than the wooden EWC Presenter. And else? Read on…

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Oct 27 2014

Fall Cleaning: 22 Fresh and Free WordPress Themes From October 2014 to Damp Wipe Your Blog

Although I like the nightlife, I wouldn’t say I want the nights to get longer. I enjoy a long day’s – well – daylight. With autumn having undoubtedly arrived, nights are getting longer. We leave home for work in the dark and get back when it’s dark already. To save you from depression and give you a little perspective during the cold and sinister season we’ve put together another round of free WordPress themes for self-hosted blogs, just like we did last month and the month before and the…

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