Jul 09 2012

Artistically Designed: Get to Know Andrew Archer

Art and design are often very subjective fields when it comes to who and what is good. They can also be very subjective in determining where a particular piece fits. Is it art, or is it design? There are, however, basic principles we all tend to agree on; design is generally more calculated while art is more free. Every so often, you stumble upon a piece that gives you the best of both worlds, great design and great art.

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Jul 06 2012

Styles of Japan: A Showcase of Manga and Anime Illustration

Illustration is a field that is overflowing with imagination. From the various styles and mediums that illustrators have at their disposal, imagination seems to be about the only limit to their work. One area in particular that never seems to be lacking in imagination is the Japanese styles commonly known as manga and anime.

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Jul 05 2012

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Detailed Scanner Illustration

In the following Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed scanner illustration. We’ll start with a bunch of simple shapes, some basic vector shape building techniques, several effects and the round any corner script. Once we have our starting shapes we’ll continue with some Pathfinder options, several new effects plus some basic masking techniques. For the final touches we will use some simple blending.

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Jul 04 2012

Getting the Word from the Web: Awesome Feedback Tools and Services

Do you want to get better at what you do? Well, getting feedback is the most important step in doing that. The world is much more social and information is flowing faster than ever before. We can’t afford to be doing things without listening to our followers or users. The only way we can survive and even stand out is by shaping ourselves with the help of others. So let’s get our customers involved in building our business better, with some feedback tools…

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Jul 03 2012

From Head to Foot: Showcase of Beautiful Header and Footer Designs

Studies show that the website header is one of the first things a visitor sees on your website. That is mainly due to the way we are used to browser information on the computer presented from top to bottom, and due to the way HTML is built with the header being the first thing it’s loading on the page. Thus the importance of the header.

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Jul 02 2012

Saul Bass: The Evolution of an Artist

The film titles, the American graphic designer, Saul Bass designed between 1954 and 1995 not only helped bring graphic design to the attention of Hollywood, and to the forefront of the sixties art movements, but revolutionized the way we watch films. From being regarded as an annoying legality – the only way to give credit to the hundreds of people that worked on the set – his minimalistic, conceptual sequences helped film titles become an integral part of the story and…

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Jun 29 2012

A Collection of Incredibly Simple and Sleek Logo Designs

Logo design is a broad medium, full of diverse styles, genres and talents. With advancements in software many logo designs have become increasingly complex, utilizing wide color spectrums, complex gradients and intricate illustrations.

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Jun 28 2012

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Printer Illustration

In the following Adobe Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed printer illustration. We’ll start with two simple rectangles and some basic vector shape building techniques. Once we have our starting shapes we’ll continue with some Pathfinder options, a bunch of complex linear gradients and some simple effects. For the highlights we’ll use some simple blending techniques along with some new effects and pixel perfect vector shape building techniques.

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Jun 27 2012

Life Beyond WordPress: Showcase of Blogging CMSs

When it comes to content management systems and/or blogging platforms, we know that WordPress leads the race by a mile. Hardly any other CMS comes close to WordPress in terms of popularity and ease of usage. Yet, it is always useful to know your way around an extra CMS or two. Therefore, in this article, we shall take a look at some of the ‘other’ blogging platforms, apart from WP itself.

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Jun 26 2012

Architectural Artistry: Showcase of Architectural Photography

With so many architectural marvels all around us, photographers often turn their lenses towards these structural models, and the results are often as wondrous as the architectural artistry they are capturing. So much tone and mood can be given to these lifeless constructs through the photographers’ skillful compositions or knowledgeable enhancements. Which is what we are showcasing today.

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