Apr 24 2012

An Eye for Detail: Exceptional Makeup Artists

As we search for inspiration, looking beyond our own fields and into other artistic arenas is quite commonplace, no matter how far from common the expressive works we find in these places may be. Which is the case today. Today we take a look at some work of an exceptional group of makeup artists who have really taken their artform to exciting and inspirational new heights.

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Apr 23 2012

A Collection of Beautiful Joomla Templates

Originally a fork of Mambo, Joomla has grown into the second most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web behind WordPress. In January 2012 Joomla was upgraded from 1.7 to version 2.5. It brought a lot of great new features such as notifications for easier updates, multi database support and improved search functionality.

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Apr 20 2012

Fabulous Phoneography: Gallery of Smartphone Photography

What makes a great photograph? Many believe it’s not just the subject of your picture, but even the composition and the style in which you decide to take your picture. Photography, like many arts, is fairly objective–you may find a picture that you love that your best friend absolutely hates. One certain thing about photography, however, is that the technologies and the styling trends are forever changing.

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Apr 19 2012

Design on the Go: Designer Apps for Android

As smartphones have advanced, and the display and photo capture technologies have improved, many have desired the ability to design and to edit images on their mobile phones. In fact, today hundreds of design applications exist on Google Play (previously known as Android Market). So in order to help you sift through the noise to find the ideal one for your needs, we decided to take a look at our top twenty designer apps for Android.

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Apr 18 2012

Massimo And Lella Vignelli: Designs That Will Outlive Mankind

There are two major things that had to be overcome in writing this spotlight on Massimo and Lella Vingnelli: One was how approach the subjects in a different way as they’ve had so much written about them? Two, as with writing about other designers who are still living, one runs the risk of being told by them that the article is wrong or even worse, moronic. Admittedly, I’m more concerned about the first as the second is nothing new to my writing career.

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Apr 17 2012

Extending the Web: Useful Google Chrome Extensions

At the end of 2011 Chrome surpassed Firefox as the second most popular browser in the world. One of the reasons it has grown in popularity could be because of its expansive Chrome Web Store. The store has thousands of applications that help extend the functionality of Chrome and make your browsing experience safer, quicker and more fun.

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Apr 16 2012

The Painted Egg: Decorative and Imaginative Easter Eggs

With Easter having just passed, we thought we’d look to one of the holiday’s most common motifs, the painted egg! There are many different ways to decorate and make something special from your standard, boring egg. You can use either natural dyes or liquid food colors to make them almost any color you want. Not to mention all of the various artistic materials and ways that you can employ to make your Easter eggs really shine.

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Apr 13 2012

Television Typography: Showcase of Memorable TV Show Logos

TV show logos have become an art. They create recognizable brands that become an important part of a show’s off-air life and legacy. The eclipsing O of “Heroes”, the periodic elements of “Breaking Bad”, the film-negative “X-files”, these title pieces have become instantly recognizable, and help make their shows familiar across many mediums.

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Apr 12 2012

Through the Mist: Showcase of Foggy Photography

There are so many photographers who set out to capture not just emotive imagery in their photographs, but hauntingly so. One way that many choose to bring this haunting element into their work is through their choice of subject. Few natural elements can add this tone to photos as well as fog. Easily one of the most emotive natural elements next to light, foggy photography is often beautifully stirring.

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Apr 11 2012

Typographical Infographics That’ll Make You Go “Wow!”

Words are a really powerful tool to express what you think, but an even more powerful weapon to visualize your main thoughts and concept are graphics. To be more specific a rich combination of beautiful typographical signs, letters and symbols. By using different fonts, sizes and styles it’s possible to create stunning typographical infographics. All you need is an awesome idea and some prior knowledge on the topic to visualize your thoughts and present them to your audience.

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