Jul 24 2012

Stripped: Minimalist Movie Posters and Album Artwork

As consumers, there are a lot of different products that companies want us to purchase or get into. When you’re in a position to make one choice amongst many products, there is a need for it to stick out; you need to be swayed. Companies do this through things like features and pricing; is it what you need? or is it in your budget? Many times, all the features and prices can be relatively similar, so what do people turn to? The design.

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Jul 23 2012

HTML5 Tutorials for Keeping Your Design Skills Tight

With the growing number of HTML5 tutorials available to help designers and developers get a better handle on this language, it can get a bit tricky sorting through them to find what you are truly looking for. And as the capabilities of this language expand, it is important to keep up with the many ways to harness the full power of HTML5. Today, we hope to help you on that journey.

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Jul 20 2012

Runny Paints: Modern Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor is one of the oldest and arguably greatest techniques of painting. A style that is becoming more and more popular. The upsurge in popularity is most assuredly owed, in no small part, to its versatility and simplicity, which give one an opportunity to experiment with the medium. Not only with materials on which the paint is applied, but also with different styles and themes.

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Jul 19 2012

The Importance of Creative Design For Mobile App User Experience

Just this spring, Apple revealed that more than 25 billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store. Add to that the 10 billion Android Market downloads announced at the end of 2011, and you’re looking at more than 35 billion apps downloaded cumulatively across both platforms. Clearly, consumers love their smartphones and the mobile apps they can get on them – but they can’t love all the apps.

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Jul 18 2012

A New Collection of Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates

Professionally designed and neatly coded templates always make life easier for developers, not only because they save time, but also for the effort they save. Since web development is an ever expanding field, it is important for developers to keep their work up to date with the latest changes. HTML5 and CSS3 templates are there to make your websites future proof and make them even more accessible.

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Jul 17 2012

The Evolution Of Mario

There aren’t many video game characters that are in the consciousness of the general public, however Mario certainly has made great strides in this area. It’s rare to meet someone who has not heard of the Italian plumber named Mario, but those who don’t play video games often may be unaware of his humble beginnings.

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Jul 16 2012

The Ultimate Collection of Professional Textures

Today’s post features a huge variety of high quality, high-resolution free professional textures. These texture packs range from wood, concrete and bokeh designs, to grunge, old film and rain drops. Whatever your project is, there is sure to be a suitable texture for you in this mega collection!

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Jul 13 2012

Stadiums of the Olympiads: A Look at Interesting Olympic Stadiums

On 27 July this Summer, athletes from 204 countries from around the world will head to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. With social media integrated into everyone’s lives, this years Olympics looks set to be the most recorded and most talked about Olympics since the great spectacle was reintroduced in Athens in 1896.

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Jul 12 2012

The Awe Inspiring Fury of Mother Nature in Photographs

The might of mother nature can often be as frightening as it is beautiful and enthralling. From wildfires to volcanoes, from tornadoes to lightning storms, and from floods to extreme droughts; these amazing acts of nature can make for some truly stirring photographs. Truly these oft devastating and destructive moments, when captured on film can be simply mesmerizing. As you can see for yourself in this amazing collection of photographs.

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Jul 11 2012

Useful Tools, Scripts, and Resources for Front-End Developers

If you’re a front-end developer mostly focused on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then you’re probably always on the look out for ways to be more productive. In this post we’ll share some tools and other resources for front-end developers that you might find useful to include in your workflow.

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