Mar 09 2012

Crossing Over: Showcase of Inspired Bridge Photography

Both architecturally and metaphorically speaking, bridges are such amazing structures. Representing an unstoppable desire to move forward and crossover what gaps lay before us, they stand as sturdy testaments to our ability to solve problems. Also demonstrating our resolve to create shortcuts where needed. So they can stand for so much, as they cross over whatever impassable (or passable) terrain lay below them. This could be why…

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Mar 08 2012

jQuery Mobile Tutorial: Creating a Restaurant Picker Web App

With an increase in the number, diversity and complexity of smartphones, more and more companies want to have their own mobile app, but creating a native app can be pretty expensive. It requires special skills, as well as special coding tools, and then there is also the need to build an app per platform (Android, iOs, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc).

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Mar 07 2012

Lasting Impressions: Unusual Business Cards That Will Definitely Be Kept

As a designer creating a good business card for yourself can be quite task. The need for a visually appealing business card design is greater than in other work fields. There are 2 steps to giving a business card, not only as a designer, but as a business individual in general. The first step, and most important is ensuring the business card is kept. The second step is, of course, getting the project.

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Mar 06 2012

Web of Color: Bold and Beautiful Uses of Color in Web Design

As we look around the web, we see so many examples of designers who have brilliantly used color in web design projects to make the page or various page elements really pop. Even in some cases when we see designers opting for more minimal designs, using bold splashes of color can really take the look to fantastic new heights in very simple ways. Using bright, bold colors can often be risky, as the colors can end up visually overwhelming or…

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Mar 05 2012

Stunning Photo Manipulations Featuring Water

Nature provides great inspiration for digital art, and water is one of the most visually impressive aspects of nature. Many photo manipulators choose to work with water as it’s fluidity, opacity and reaction to light are all great foundations of art. Water also brings with it tremendous energy. The splashes, waterfalls and flows offer a wonderful basis for exciting compositions.

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Mar 02 2012

Top Fifteen Photography Portfolio Sites

What sets great images apart? What do the most successful photographers do to make their work stand out? Often the difference between a great photo and a great photo that captivates and prompts exploration is a good showcase.

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Mar 01 2012

Desktop Decoration: Collection of Wonderful Desktop Wallpapers

With designers being such visual creatures, filling their personal spaces with inspiring imagery is almost an act of an instinctual nature. And our personal computers are not immune to this decorative desire. Given that there are an almost overwhelming number of wallpapers available online, this constant demand for fresh desktop decorations is under steady supply. In fact, the web is filled with designs to sort through.

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Feb 29 2012

A Showcase of Great Looking Tumblr Themes

Tubmlr has gained a lot of fans over the last 5 years, and with good reason. Whereas many blogging platforms are striving to add more and more features to their platform, Tumblr has stayed true to its microblogging roots by keeping things simple. This has resulted in one of the most user friendly interfaces available online.

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Feb 28 2012

Free Quality Photoshop Brushes for Your Design Arsenal

With so many free Photoshop brushes being shared around the web, it can always be a bit tricky to sort through the masses to grab those true quality packs that are available. So we have once again, sought to help out our readers by doing some of the work for you. With designers constantly on a quest to build up their arsenal of resources, we dove into the web and came up with a few choice treasures for you to check out.

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Feb 27 2012

A Showcase of Beautiful Bird Photography

Nature photography is often more beautiful than photography featuring manmade subjects, as it presents us with the beautiful randomness of the world around us. Some of the most stunning creatures within nature are birds. With around 10,000 species of birds, bird photography presents us with an endless variation of colors, patterns and visuals.

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