Feb 07 2012

Time for Mail: Services That Improve Gmail Productivity

Gmail exploded onto the internet in 1994 offering users a whopping 1GB of storage. This was unheard of at the time with the largest email service Hotmail only offering a few megabytes of storage. Currently Gmail offers 7GB of free storage with competitors such as Hotmail offering 5GB of storage and Yahoo offering an unlimited amount.

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Feb 06 2012

Gaining Perspective: A Showcase of 3D Digital Renders

With the design communities ever pressing pursuit of inspiration and the growing popularity of three dimensional digital renderings, we thought this was the perfect opportunity for these two paths to cross for Noupe’s readers. So we went out across the internet in search of some truly inspired pieces of art that have crossed into the third dimension to showcase for you here. Rendered to perfection by some wonderful digital artists.

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Feb 03 2012

Incredible Hand-Drawn Works (With a Digital Twist)

Within the creative community there seems to be an ongoing divide between the realms of digital art, and traditional (non-digital) art. Often traditional art is viewed as somewhat archaic, conjuring images of the Mona Lisa or a Monet landscape. Whilst these masterpieces, and much of traditional art is of course pivotal to our conceptions of art and creativity, there still exists this divide in relation to the digital medium.

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Feb 02 2012

Fashion Forward: Showcase of Fashion and Editorial Photography

As we have undoubtedly heard our entire lives, a picture speaks a thousand words. And while that may be true of most, there are those who seek to tell a bit of a story with their works. Editorial photography, and perhaps some would say to a lesser degree fashion photography, is an area where a lot of effort goes into creating a story out of the piece. Through the costuming and composition, these shots come to life and their stories are told to the masses.

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Feb 01 2012

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Creating a Disco Ball

Creating an illustration of a sparkling disco ball might seem very complicated, and with good reason. In this new Adobe Illustrator tutorial we will try make it simple. We will be creating a really nice, shiny disco ball using only AI and our good taste in color selection. Overall, the coloring will be a real challenge. So get ready to create a vector that will have you dancing in your chair.

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Jan 31 2012

Help Wanted: Websites For Finding Design And Programming Jobs

There are a lot of advantages to freelancing. You will have more flexibility over the hours you work, you won’t have to commute to work any more and best of all, you are your own boss. It can be hard work landing a job. Not to mention making sure a project is completed successfully can mean working unsocial hours from time to time, however most people who leave their 9 to 5 jobs are happy with the freedom freelancing offers.

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Jan 30 2012

Send in the Toons: Collection of Creative Cartoons

For most of us whether it was the Saturday morning programming, the Sunday morning comic strips, more, or all of the above cartoons have been a major part of our adolescent and adult lives. For whatever reason, we seem to be drawn to the often exaggerated drawings of cartoonist’s pens. Be they digital or analog, classic or modern their cartoons call to us. Connect us to other times and places. And of course, they inspire us.

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Jan 27 2012

Useful CSS Snippets for Your Coding Arsenal

CSS is a beautiful language but it can also be frustrating at times. Certain CSS solutions don’t work on certain browsers (cough Internet Explorer cough) and much of your time can be spent debugging code.

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Jan 26 2012

Creative Uses of Illustration in Web Design

Using illustration in web design has become quite trendy these days. People love to see beautifully designed illustration based websites because they stand out from the rest. Not only because of the beautiful illustrative art work and carefully crafted web designs but also because of the perfect balance struck between these two important components.

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Jan 25 2012

Flashes in the Dark: Low light Photography

Photographers put a lot of focus and emphasis on the lighting for their pictures. After all, lighting is a powerful instrument in setting the overall tone and feel of the piece. Even when there is very little light to work with. In fact, it is in these situations that the lighting can create extremely emotive and distinctive compositions for the pics.

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