Sep 03 2014

Exclusive Freebie: Ten Beautiful Facebook Covers as PSD, AI and EPS

Facebook covers are the only design you can add to your Facebook page. If your profile or fan page is supposed to sport a professional look, you shouldn’t simply go scaling your website header or any random image you were able to find. Instead you should put proper effort into making your Facebook cover look as professional as your services are, well hopefully. Ain’t got enough time? Keep calm and read on. We’ve got something great for you…

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Sep 02 2014

10 Tools to Create Beautiful Infographics and Visualize Data

They used to say content is king. But what really makes up content? Gone are the days when “content” meant purely text. Today, if you want to engage and enchant your customers, your content must have some visual cues. The human brain processes visual information much quicker than text. And with web 2.0 visuals like infographics, you can convey complex, boring data in a meaningful manner. Although infographics make things simpler, it can be time-consuming to create them. Here is a list of my top 10 tools to create your own beautiful infographics and more visual content (no Photoshop required!).

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Sep 01 2014

30 Free Mobile App UI PSDs for Developers: Summer 2014 Edition

While prototyping interface designs, we are always striving for the spur that will force our imagination to run riot. Inspiration gives us a boost, but when it comes to an actual workflow, we are in need of something more pragmatic and effective such as sets of pre-defined components. Even if you are a great supporter of creating everything from scratch, sometimes you can be caught in a situation where you are running out of time and the more modular approach is like a lifebuoy to a drowning person. It allows killing two birds with one stone: invest your precious time in a project and still save some money.

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Aug 29 2014

Beach to Business: 20 Free WordPress Themes – Edition Summer 2014

Lament about it, but in the end you will find no other way than to face it. Summer is over. We all need to leave the beaches and get back to business. Fortunately some designers and developers have left the beach early to create some fresh and free WordPress themes to build upon. All we had to do was roam the web and find the new additions to the scene which we regularly do anyway. Thus we continue with our monthly series of the freshest WordPress themes for self-hosted sites. All the new additions are fully responsive, a trend that has been growing fast with no signs of slowing down. We hope you like what we found.

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Aug 28 2014

20 Free HTML, PSD and GUI Templates: August 2014 Edition

Summer moves on, but we are here to stay, as reliable as always, bringing you the next bunch of free HTML, PSD and GUI templates developers and designers brought forth in the month of August 2014. Despite the hot days creativity didn’t dry up. My favorite this month is the HTML5 template Sublime, but there should be enough to choose from for everybody. If you’re a first-time visitor to this series, scroll down to the bottom of the post where we have neatly listed all the already published parts of our monthly collection.

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Aug 27 2014

Pexels and Travel Coffee Book: Two New Sources for Completely Free Photos

Oops, we did it again. Two more sources for completely free photos have been washed upon the shores of Noupe headquarters. I call them completely free, because both sources chose Creative Commons Zero as their license model. And as we all know, stuff licensed CC0 is free for any legal purpose, not even attribution is required. While Pexels is more of an aggregator of elsewhere already available material, Travel Coffee Book concentrates on collecting travel photography from all over the world. It resembles the popular Unsplash very closely. Both services deserve to be bookmarked. Here’s what you can expect…

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Aug 26 2014

HTML5 Canvas: Drawing Made Simpler with Fabric.js

Drawing with the HTML element Canvas doesn’t leave much to be desired. Complex shapes and animations are possible, the feature set is quite impressive. Yet we need to combine several methods when it comes to e.g. create a shape, rotate it and fill it with a color. The JavaScript library Fabric.js simplifies the possibilities Canvas has to offer and adds functionality to het work done faster. Animations and interactions are created and applied in next to no time.

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Aug 25 2014

Call to Action: 40 of the Best Button Tutorials the Web Has to Offer

A button is a small, but very important design element. Besides providing the overall functionality of any given website, buttons are often meant to spread a call to action. Equipped with this crucial task, buttons need to be visible and self-explanatory, no matter what. We have curated 40 of the best button tutorials the world-wide web has to offer to help your buttons achieve their goals. You’ll find trendy minimalistic specimen as well as elegant or playful examples. Add your own creativity and you’ll build that guarantor of success in no time.

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Aug 22 2014

Massive: 662 Free Web Resources for Designers by The DealFuel Crew

The good news about the Internet is that it’s a rich and powerful source of help, information and expertise. The bad news is that it provides an almost limitless amount of information and an ever-increasing supply of experts on just about every subject. So if you are searching for some web resources for your next project, how do you know they are reliable, licensed to use and of high quality? Well, we have a great solution for you. The following collection of freebies grants you reliability, no hassle use licenses and high quality all in one fell swoop. Did we mention, that all of the resources are free? No? They are all free…

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Aug 21 2014

Professional Logo Design: 50 Strong Examples and Making Ofs

Logo design is an art the average designer does not need to perform too often. Yet, every once in a while, even the designer around the corner will be asked to create one. Chances are, this will be giving him/her some sort of a hard time. Inspiration will be needed. In the following article we will deliver just that. But we will go further, and not only inspire, but also show you how logos evolve – from ideas to first sketches to production-ready. We hope you enjoy our little collection…

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