Oct 08 2014

Win Avada, the Bestselling WordPress Theme of All Time on Themeforest

What if there was a theme that does it all? One theme to serve the needs of all your customers? Only one theme with enough features to have it look differently, behave differently with every new project created? You say you’ve been looking for something like this for ages? In fact this theme already exists, and more than 85,000 people know. Now is the time for you to jump aboard. We welcome you there with the chance to win yourself a license. Read on, it’s easy…

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Oct 07 2014

Stack: New Kanban Boards Task- and Projectmanager by Bugherd

The makers of the popular bugtracker Bugherd from Australia are back with another solution designed to make the life of all of us working in the design and development industry easier. Their new product is called "Stack" which offers a nice association as to what we can achieve with it. Stack follows the concept of the popular Kanban board systems. The most well-known specimen these days is Trello. The similarities are striking. We have taken a closer look at Stack. Here are the results…

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Oct 06 2014

24+ Best Apps for Graphic Design Freelancers

One of the best ways to improve your workflow and time management as a graphic design freelancer is to use apps. Not just any app will do, however. You need ones that won’t waste your time by crashing and that help you both on the go and when around your computer. Our collection of the best apps for graphic design freelancers below are divided into design and photography apps and business management apps. As a graphic designer, you never know when inspiration might hit, which is why you want something in place to record your idea before you lose it. And we all hate the annoying business tasks, especially when they take too much time away from designing. The apps below should help solve both of these problems that can occur for graphic design freelancers.

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Oct 02 2014

Intelligent Wearable Devices: 24 Free Apple Watch Templates for Your Perfect Mockup

While some manufacturers opt in favor of huger devices and bigger screens, others vice versa prefer going for a more minimalist approach, slimmer gadgets and smaller screens. High technologies do not stand still. They always evolve, progress and improve, endowing masses with top-notch pioneering devices as well as surprising them with really unexpected solutions. The perfect examples for the latter are intelligent accessories that are on everyone’s radars these days.

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Oct 01 2014

Deal of the Week: John Forsythe’s 2014 Photoshop Text Effects Collection of 3,100+ Elements (NOT for 99$)

We know you like text effects. And – no doubt – text effects are a proven way to impress. As it is with everything impressive, the effects are bound to wear off over time. That’s why you will want to make sure you always got the freshest, most recent effects at hand. The free stuff already available is so wildly popular, you see it on every other corner of the web. But. You don’t want your creations to look like everybody else’s, do you? Keep calm and read on…

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Sep 30 2014

HTML5: Pointer Lock API Lets You Hide the Mouse Pointer From View

Browsers are on the way to becoming full-fledged gaming platforms. Thanks to HTML5 and JavaScript developing complex applications is still loads of work, but possible. Quite a few game concepts don’t rely on visible mouse pointers, though. Especially while controlling an app keyboard-based, a visible mouse pointer can get annoying. Use the new Pointer Lock API to simply hide it as necessary.

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Sep 29 2014

Practical Typography: The Only Book You’ll Need to Turn Pro

Matthew Butterick is a writer, typographer and lawyer from Los Angeles. As a lawyer he is aqcuainted to reading professionally produced material, as a writer he wants to stick to the same standards, and as a typographer he creates the fonts needed to achieve that. Besides outstanding fonts Butterick also created the web-based book "Practical Typography" which I stumbled upon just recently. "Practical Typography" wants to equip the average designer, writer, anyone with typographical basic knowledge. Butterick promises to elevate your skills to reach a level that is higher than that of 99 percent of your fellow designers/writers.

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Sep 26 2014

WTF? Quirky and Unusual Packaging and Advertorial Designs

For both packaging and advertisements, one of the most important elements is that the design stands out from its surroundings, whether this is on a shelf or in a magazine. The catch is that it shouldn’t just stand out, however. A good marketing design is one that will also capture attention long enough to leave a lasting impression on the consumer. And also just as important is that the lasting impression is one that accurately portrays the brand along with the product’s unique features and, more importantly, benefits.

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Sep 25 2014

Deal of the Week: Convert Photos to Painted Art With These Impressive Photoshop Actions

Flat design is all the rage these days. But imagine a flat design website equipped with full-fledged real-life photos. This might or might not look too good. Have you ever thought of taking the complexity out of the imagery as well? How about converting photos into more of cartoon-style drawings, bringing them closer to the flat style of your over-all site design? With the amazing Photoshop actions our Deal of the Week is offering you, you can do that all and with ease!

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Sep 25 2014

I Hate Parallax Scrolling – Here’s Why You Should Too

Parallax scrolling for websites is the new hotness! Then again, so were glitter unicorns and type for MySpace pages and websites galore. The web moves fast and there’s a difference between a fad and a trend. So, is parallax scrolling a good addition to your website? Here’s a look at the top parallax scrolling websites, their strengths—and weaknesses.

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