Feb 20 2012

Free Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Photos

Photoshop has been the darling of the design industry for decades. It’s a fantastic program that has led the way since the release of Photoshop 1 on the Mac way back in 1990.

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Feb 17 2012

Designing the Web: Photoshop Tutorials for Designing a Website

For those of us in the business of designing the web, one area of resources that always prove invaluable to have in our design arsenals is tutorials. Learning how other web designers have crafted their designs, and which tools they always rely on can always help to guide us as we are either developing or honing our own skills. So we search the web for useful tutorials. Well today we have done the searching for you.

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Feb 16 2012

Hitting the Mark: A Collection of Creative Advertisements

Over the last 100 years or so advertising has been integrated into every walk of life. Whether you are working on the internet, relaxing at home watching TV or getting the bus or train to the cinema; you cannot avoid being bombarded with advertisements from all angles.

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Feb 15 2012

Free Fonts to Make a Great First Impression

When you’re designing a website, one of the pillars of great design is typography. Typography is an essential part of good web design, yet it’s amazing how many designers consistently don’t have the proper tools to work with! Talking of course about a quality font library. Even the best designer will struggle to come up with a professional outcome if their font library is lacking in quality.

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Feb 14 2012

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic holiday of the year is upon us. So why not take the opportunity to learn how to create a romantic gift box in AI. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial we will be learning how to create a heart shaped gift box by using a few basic tools such as the Ellipse Tool (L) and Pen Tool (P).

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Feb 13 2012

Get Your Kits: Fresh Web and Mobile UI Kits, Wireframe Kits and PSD’s

Today, we have a useful compilation for our readers of fresh web UI kits, mobile UI kits and wireframe kits complete with PSD files that will certainly come in handy when you are designing projects. Some basic user interface elements are always welcome toolbox additions by designers. We need them for a wide range of projects in order to able to easily create an accurate UI model of either a website or app.

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Feb 10 2012

Top Valentine’s Day Graphic Design Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and designers are eager to try out their creative skills. With the holiday comes a time of bright colors, attractive graphics and shimmering effects which can make for some romantic manipulations. We have collected some very useful tutorials, which will help you use Photoshop patterns, brushes and much more to create awesome Valentine’s graphics of your own.

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Feb 09 2012

Love in the Background: Valentine’s Day Wallpapers

With the season of love and romance nearly upon us, we thought that we should roll out the desktop decorations for our readers to get them in the ‘mood’, so to speak, for Valentine’s Day. So we have collected a lovely collection of wallpapers designed in the theme of the holiday. Some of these you have undoubtedly seen, but we are hoping that some of them may not have hit your radar before.

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Feb 08 2012

A Look at Inspiring Website Designs of Musicians

As with designer’s, musician’s websites are often some of the most creative, and for good reason. The website designs of musicians should ideally epitomize their sound in a visual medium. It should capture their brand in an online presence.

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Feb 07 2012

Time for Mail: Services That Improve Gmail Productivity

Gmail exploded onto the internet in 1994 offering users a whopping 1GB of storage. This was unheard of at the time with the largest email service Hotmail only offering a few megabytes of storage. Currently Gmail offers 7GB of free storage with competitors such as Hotmail offering 5GB of storage and Yahoo offering an unlimited amount.

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