Jan 27 2012

Useful CSS Snippets for Your Coding Arsenal

CSS is a beautiful language but it can also be frustrating at times. Certain CSS solutions don’t work on certain browsers (cough Internet Explorer cough) and much of your time can be spent debugging code.

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Jan 26 2012

Creative Uses of Illustration in Web Design

Using illustration in web design has become quite trendy these days. People love to see beautifully designed illustration based websites because they stand out from the rest. Not only because of the beautiful illustrative art work and carefully crafted web designs but also because of the perfect balance struck between these two important components.

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Jan 25 2012

Flashes in the Dark: Low light Photography

Photographers put a lot of focus and emphasis on the lighting for their pictures. After all, lighting is a powerful instrument in setting the overall tone and feel of the piece. Even when there is very little light to work with. In fact, it is in these situations that the lighting can create extremely emotive and distinctive compositions for the pics.

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Jan 24 2012

The New Redesign Rules of the Web

With the ever-changing landscape that is the internet, web designers and developers are constantly tasked with redesigning some part of the web. Whether it be for our own sites or for those of a client, redesigning is a big part of working in the field right now. For whatever reasons, be it the growth and popular new directions of the web, or even a desire to keep your brand fresh, the web these days seems to be in a constant state of redesign.

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Jan 23 2012

USB Drives That Make You Jump Drive For Joy!

In the Stone Age of computers and digital storage, there were little “floppy disks” that promised holding an entire megabyte of space… although it was really only 978 kilobytes. AOL would send these little plastic disks to every household each and every month, hoping computer users would sign up for that now antiquated and laughable hook up to the internet. They made great drink coasters or building blocks for the kids.

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Jan 20 2012

50 Inspiring Logo Designs

A logo is an essential part of branding your website and marketing it offline and online. Some logo designs feature simple, beautiful typography whilst others more are fun and colourful. However, all logos should be memorable and able to integrate with your website design effortlessly.

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Jan 19 2012

Pixel Perfection: Showcase of Inspired Pixel Art

For many designers, and artists alike, using the numerous tools that are available to them in whichever graphics program is their app of choice is the only way they can get their work to shine. But then there are those who operate in the complete opposite manner, shying away from the tools and taking their work pixel by pixel all the way to perfection. Which brings us to the post we have put together for all of Noupe’s readers.

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Jan 18 2012

Printed Web: Print Design Inspired Websites

It seems things are changing for website design. The minimalist style adopted by many websites is slowly being evolved into something a little more engaging. One of the main sources of inspiration for this change in the way website content is displayed has been print design, particularly newspapers and magazines. Here are some fine examples of print design inspired websites.

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Jan 17 2012

Immortal Technique: A Quick Look at Minimalism

There’s a little bit of murmuring going on that the design technique, most affectionally referred to as minimalism, is dying and/or dead. I couldn’t disagree more. I believe that minimalism is not dead, mainly because people don’t quite realize what it is.

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Jan 16 2012

Brave New Worlds: Showcase of Fantasy Digital Paintings

When it comes to digital paintings there are many artists whose virtual brushes capture life as we know it in some form or fashion. Giving us glimpses at our world through their imaginations. Though some go beyond this world, and they dip their brushes in the wells of the fantastic. Giving us glimpses into worlds beyond our imaginations and often rooted in the mythic or magical…

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