Dec 30 2011

20+ Free Android Apps for a More Productive 2012

As the new year beckons, resolution time is upon the masses once more. For those who are wishing that they can keep themselves more productive in 2012, we have put together a list of apps for all those Android users (who some readers have suggested we have been neglecting) to help them keep their resolutions going all year long. We took to the reviews and looked around at the various suggestions offered around the web to find a range of apps that we hope can help cover all of your bases for staying on track.

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Dec 28 2011

Art in the Abstract: Showcase of Conceptual Photography

When artists get an idea poised for realization, there are many ways that they take these concepts and bring them to life. These artists, usually working in more abstract arenas, craft these concepts from their imaginations into the physical world by many means. Photography however, is not one of these areas that we tend to think of when it comes to more abstract and conceptual work. Photography to most is more concrete an artform, or at least that is how many of us tend to view it. But conceptual photography is a dynamic, thriving form of art that is worth taking note of.

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Dec 26 2011

50 Interesting Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are a very important part of every website design. First and foremost, they help direct visitors to the main areas of your website, regardless of what page they are viewing on your website. They also point search engine robots in the right direction (though some flashy navigation menus aren’t that SEO friendly).

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Dec 23 2011

An Inspired Collection of Free Live Wallpapers for Android

Since we have been compiling wallpapers for our readers, we wanted to turn our decorating eye towards the Android series of devices as we have not had a dedicated wallpaper post for those users. Today we address this with a collection of wonderful live wallpapers specifically targeted at the Android line. These animated backgrounds have been a big draw for users since Android introduced them with version 2.1.

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Dec 22 2011

50 Fantastic Premium Business WordPress Themes From 2011

Whilst Joomla and Drupal are popular amongst website designers, WordPress is by far the number 1 used CMS in the world. Which is one of the reasons that WordPress themes are seen as such a hot commodity these days in the design world.

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Dec 21 2011

Shades of Grey: Showcase of B&W Photography

Photography is such a vast field filled with so many amazing techniques and tricks for taking the world around us and stealing moments from it with often breathtaking results. One easy way for photographers to add emotion and impact to their captures is to strip them of color. B&W photography has such a knack for delivering such impactful pieces simply by taking them down to more basic levels and allowing the tone to be set in a much more subtle, yet evocative way.

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Dec 20 2011

Awesome Free Texture Packs from 2011

As the year draws to a close, we tend to take a look back over the year and take stock. This post is here to not only sort of serve that purpose, but to also stock up on some of the year’s top free texture packs from around the web. Knowing how much use the web design community gets from resources like these, we felt like it would close the year in style to showcase some of 2011′s freshest and most useful textures that were released throughout the year.

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Dec 19 2011

Design in Motion: Inspiring Speed Art Videos

When designers use YouTube, most times they are looking for a great tutorial or looking to learn about the basics of a new topic as quickly as possible. Some of the most popular places to turn are speed art videos. Speed art videos are an overlooked source of inspiration for many designers in the community, though. Something we hope to change with this post.

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Dec 16 2011

A Showcase of Portrait Photography

When photographers set out to take a picture of someone, there are those who say they are out to capture a lie; while others will argue that what they are really trying to get at the heart of is the truth. Not matter what side of the fence it is you come down on, the fact is, when the photographer gets up close and personal with their subject, truth or lie, something magical happens. With so little between the model and the viewer, the emotions and impact come across so much clearer. No interference.

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Dec 15 2011

A Festive Collection of Christmas Themed Wallpapers

“Tis the season!” as the saying goes. And given that giving is the theme of the season, we figured that we should gather up some Christmas themed wallpapers to pass along to our readers. With so many wonderful and whimsical desktop decorations out there on the web, we wanted to be sure that we grabbed the best there was available for our seasonal offerings.

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