Jul 29 2011

Skyline Photography At Its Best


Architecture tends to be an abundant source of inspiration, with so many classic and modern styles blending throughout cities all over the world. One such iconic source that many turn their photographic eye to, is city skylines. The looming structures carving out a recognizable silhouette as they climb high against the colors of the day or night sky.

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Jul 28 2011

The Open Source Movement

The open source movement or philosophy is something that I am truly passionate about, and something that can have beneficial effects for all industries related to technology and its use. In this article, I’ll outline information about the philosophy, what it means for the web design industry, how you can benefit as a designer, and how you can contribute.

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Jul 27 2011

Resources for Styling Lists

In our continuing quest to listen to our readers and give them what they are looking for, we have a post of resources that we were asked to compile. With the amount of content being shared through the web, so much of it is presented in lists, designers are constantly looking for stylish ways to deliver these listings. Below are some resources and more to help you out in this arena.

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Jul 26 2011

40+ Websites with Unusual Navigation

Navigation is the most important part of a website without which no website can effectively operate. Achieving unique navigation that effectively fulfills its purpose is nearly akin to climbing Mount Everest. Having a unique navigation with perfect functionality makes the website easy to navigate, thus ensuring a better users experience.

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Jul 25 2011

Showcase of Web Design in Iceland

An island isolated right by the Arctic circle doesn’t seem a likely arena for vivid Web design, but that is indeed the case with Iceland. Iceland is an exemplary Web market because no other country has higher Internet penetration: a whooping 92%! The good news for Web developers: more than 90% of Internet connections are high speed. And the next sentence will make CSS and HTML developers practically flock to Iceland: less than 5% use Internet Explorer 6 as their main browser!

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Jul 22 2011

Outstanding Text Effects Tutorials in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool that you can create fluffy, vague, sparkling, gelatinous, glossy, glittery, retro and revolutionary effects with. Creating a particular text effect in Illustrator is not that difficult now; thanks to the availability of huge number of tutorials that guide you through each step.

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Jul 21 2011

How To Sell Your Designs Without The Sales Pitch

Let’s face it: sales make the world go round. But as a Web designer, you’re concerned more with fonts, color, hierarchy and images than with the sales process. Some believe that designs sell themselves; while this may be true for a few designers, it is certainly not the case for most.

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Jul 20 2011

A Roundup of Valuable Twitter Tools

It is hard to argue against the value of Twitter these days, especially for businesses and professionals looking to network and stay ahead of the curve. Like the throngs of designers and developers that have flooded this social media outlet’s streams and sapped its API since its inception. And with so many amazing tools available to expand on, and enhance the overall user’s experience, Twitter is becoming even more useful and handy than ever before.

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Jul 19 2011

A Showcase of Beautifully Designed Infographics

In the past we have presented our readers with some inspiring and well designed infographics to demonstrate this useful presentational route that many are taking these days for content delivery. By taking statistical data that would normally be dry and otherwise lacking, and designing the information in such a way that it becomes not only more digestible, but also exciting and somewhat interactive. Today we are doing it again!

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Jul 18 2011

Global Web Design Trends: South America

We live in a global world that has an overflow of information. The Internet has given us access to very different cultures and allowed us to share much more information than ever before. But do different regions have their own specific Web design trends?

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