May 20 2011

Distraction Management: How To NOT Procrastinate or Get Distracted

Whenever we are working on a design, facing a deadline, it is of the utmost importance that we stay on track and power through til the end. Doing whatever is necessary to keep us walking with progress over stalling with digression.

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May 19 2011

50 Free and High-Quality Icon Sets

A beautiful and elegant icon set is an asset to any good web design. Creative use of an icon set can help make or break the overall look of the design. Freebie design components, especially beautiful icon sets can be found in nearly every designer’s toolbox, or if not already among their tools, then certainly on their wishlists. Which is what brings us here today…adding to that tool kit!

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May 18 2011

Graphical Design with OSS

Many designers don’t use graphical Open Source Software. This is not a coincidence: usually they don’t understand it, don’t like or even despise it. Since using the free software requires more time and technical knowledge — it seems easier to pay for a working package from a well-known vendor.

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May 17 2011

Freebie: Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme Version 1.0

Blog-O-Folio is a free 2 column Wordpress Theme suitable for any and all of your corporate, portfolio or personal blog needs. With a wide variety of tunable theme options and functionality to merge your portfolio with the blog, it is now ultra easy to maintain your blog and portfolio at the same time.

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May 16 2011

A Showcase of BOLD Typography in Web Design

Excellent typography looks attractive while at the same time remains completely functional. The beauty of typography lies in that it vividly communicates with the visitors and keeps them informed about what they have come to the website for. Although the graphics play a key role in any web design, properly implementing the typography can create effective results especially when it is not underestimated.

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May 13 2011

What Color Is Your Money? Showcase of Bank Websites Worldwide

Having lived and worked in various countries during the past 15 years, I have accumulated quite a few different bank accounts. On any given day, some of us may actually need to log on to at least three bank websites. And while one wouldn’t normally turn to a bank website for inspiration, it is actually surprising how the world of money is quite useful for considering the different ways large amounts of critical information can be packaged.

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May 12 2011

50+ Fresh And Useful Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials

Designing an icon set may sound like an easy thing to do but in actuality it is much easier said than done. Many designers end up with a disaster, while some more matured and experienced designers successfully meet the expectations and deliver.

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May 11 2011

Interview with Germán Covacevich

Germán Covacevich, also known as Cova, is a freelance illustrator and digital painter based in Rosario, Argentina with a portfolio that features a vast cross-section of disciplines and styles. And he also finds time to sing and play the guitar along with his band.

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May 10 2011

Building Manageable Growth on the Web

One of the greatest things about the web can also prove to be its deadliest of business snares at the same time. That is the opportunity it provides for growing and expanding your business via the internet. Which is one of the main reasons that the web based business market continues to grow at the rates that it does, as it does in the design and development fields.

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May 09 2011

Better Resources for Photographic Inspiration

We are always on an endeavor to make our reader’s lives a little easier. That is why every now and again we trawl through the internet for you to muster up some of the best inspiration resources we can find. Great photography can be as inspiring as any other form of art or design.

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