Oct 11 2011

The Keys to Organic Designs

In the world of design we all tend to have our processes and approaches that rule how we craft our work. This is essential for most of us in the field to have in place. Our own systems that we have spent years honing and developing down to less of an art, and more of a routine. We do this so that we have an order by which we can methodically craft our designs without letting any little things slip through those proverbial cracks…

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Oct 10 2011

Paul Rand Will Change Your Life!

Paul Rand (August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996) lived a lie when he was young. Born Peretz Rosenbaum, in Brooklyn, New York, he was Orthodox Jewish. As Orthodox law forbids the creation of graven images that can be worshiped as idols, he must have felt a yearning and creative turmoil that ate away at him… and strengthened his resolve and character.

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Oct 07 2011

Create a Neat Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator

Holidays are arriving. One of the most necessary things for gift wrapping is the ribbon. Today we will be learning how to create a vector illustration of a beautiful red ribbon in Adobe Illustrator. All you need is the Pen Tool, 3D effect Extrude & Bevel and a good taste in color selection. This could be a nice practice for less skilled Pen Tool users.

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Oct 06 2011

What Do You Think is the Ultimate Browser Feature?

The web plays such a large role in our modern lives, even for those of us not working in one of the many industries which are based there. Be we users, web workers or both, internet browsers are a major part of how that experience all goes down. For designers and developers, browsers help steer the directions that our industries tend to make strides in.

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Oct 05 2011

Web Analytics – 45+ Scripts & Services To Analyse Your Website Traffic

One of the most important tasks for any online business is the thorough analysis of their traffic. It helps them understand why they have or hadn’t had success within a given period and helps them plan for the future. It’s not just a matter of counting how many page impressions or unique visitors your business has had in the last month (though these are important metrics).

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Oct 04 2011

The Wild Side of Photography: Wildlife Photographers

One area of photography that requires as much patience as it often does bravery, is wildlife photography. But the breathtaking pay-offs are usually wonders to behold. Wildlife photographers have some of the most respected and impressive galleries to file through when one is looking to appreciate the art of this industry, or as this case may be, when seeking a bit of inspiration.

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Oct 03 2011

Designers Know Your Code: Web Design Tutorials

As almost any web designer worth their salt, and a large percentage of web developers will tell you, to be fully considered a web designer you have to have some background in code. Not to the depth that full on developers must, but it really is unfair to the rest of those working on a website with us if we do not have some knowledge in a handful of key areas. Which is where these web design tutorials come in.

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Sep 30 2011

Humble Freelancer, Assertive Businessperson – A How To

If you’re a freelance designer, or you work for another company, you got there not because you love business, but because you’re a designer at heart. The business side of things came as a necessary evil, but you really love nothing more than to doodle all day, mess around in photoshop, or bang out semantic code. There are a lot of traits of being a good designer which are counter-intuitive to being a good business person

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Sep 29 2011

Web Design & Development Podcasts

Not long ago we had a post that discussed the role that podcasts have been playing in the design field. After which we were asked for a post that focused on more web design and development related podcasts for our readers. Something of a proverbial playlist of shows that are currently helping to shape the fields from the virtual airwaves. So here we are!

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Sep 28 2011

MediaWiki: The Definitive Wiki Engine

By now most everyone online has heard of Wikipedia; the online encyclopedia that boasts millions of articles in dozens of languages. It revolutionised the way content was delivered online and popularised the word ‘Wiki‘. According to Google, it is the 6th most popular website in the world.

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