Aug 11 2011

Websites Shouldn’t Look The Same Across Different Browsers…Here Is Why

Not long ago, on our sister site Smashing, we had a post discussing the communities adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 before they have become standards, and during that dialog we stumbled across another point that needed a bit more diving into. It was proposed that client’s expectations are somewhat unrealistic when it comes to their websites looking the same across all browsers and systems.

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Aug 10 2011

Phoning It In: Beautiful iPhone Photography

Most designers and developers jumped on to the mobile bandwagon as soon as the market broke. So many new avenues were made available, and the field gained a new route of accessibility. Another area that the new smartphone pandemic has impacted is photography.

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Aug 09 2011

Extending the Functionality of WordPress Pt.2

Previously, on Noupe. We brought you a handful of ways to expand on the functionality of any WordPress based site using some inspired plugins and/or themes to elevate this CMS beyond its humble beginnings as a blogging platform. With ways to turn WP into a Discussion Forum, an Online Shop, and a Helpdesk. Today, that mission continues.

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Aug 08 2011

Showcase of Web Design In Argentina Pt.2

Last week we brought you the first installment of an inspiring look at the state of the web design industry in the country of Argentina. This week we cap off the look with more insightful interviews, site showcases, recommendations and more. Let’s dive right in.

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Aug 05 2011

Getting It Wrong: Edward Fella

“I am interested in graphic design as art,” Ed Fella says. “This is a kind of art practice that uses forms that come out of graphic design, decorative illustration, and lettering, all mixed together-forms that come out of Twentieth Century art, out of Miró and Picasso — all of it has a genealogy and a certain look — in the same way that artists today use comic books and graphic novels. I was an illustrator, so you see endless styles popping in and out of the books.”

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Aug 04 2011

Create a Corn Cob in Adobe Illustrator

In this very interesting tutorial we will have the opportunity to create something unusual. We will create a Corn Cob by using Adobe Illustrator. We will use some great tools such as Blend Tool, Envelope Distort and of course the Pen Tool.

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Aug 03 2011

Stunningly Creative and Unforgettable Print Ads

Advertising is done in order to catch the attention of a target audience and deliver a specific message in a clear and concise manner. An effective ad is one that catches the attention of the onlooker with its added wow factor. Here we have put together a creative collection of tremendous advertisements for your marketing inspiration.

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Aug 02 2011

Extending the Functionality of WordPress (Part 1)

For a platform that started its life as solely a platform for blogging, WordPress has come a long way over the last few years. It’s certainly earned the right to be known as the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the net with speculation that between the self hosted script and its hosted service, it powers over 25% of the web ( exceeded 50 million websites last week!).

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Aug 01 2011

Showcase of Web Design In Argentina Pt.1

Argentina is a melting pot of races and cultures, and its people have developed a complex identity. Tango, political passion and soccer are just some of the features of this South American country’s make-up.

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Jul 29 2011

Skyline Photography At Its Best


Architecture tends to be an abundant source of inspiration, with so many classic and modern styles blending throughout cities all over the world. One such iconic source that many turn their photographic eye to, is city skylines. The looming structures carving out a recognizable silhouette as they climb high against the colors of the day or night sky.

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