Jun 22 2011

How to Grow as a Designer or Developer

For many of us in the design and development communities, when we first begin down this path, we tend to go in hungry searches for knowledge and like a sponge we soak up all we can find. However, at times we can come to a plateau where we comfortably set up our virtual camp and we work from this place.

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Jun 21 2011

How to Design and Program a Facebook Landing Page

We all know that Facebook provides a great opportunity for organizations to connect with their target audience and interact with their clients. To do this more effectively, organizations are creating custom Facebook pages to differentiate themselves and represent their brands on Facebook.

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Jun 20 2011

A Graphic Design Primer, Part 2: The Principles of Design

In the last part, we covered the elements that make up most designs. In this part, we’ll cover the principles you can apply to those elements to create a design. All of these principles can be applied to any project, and have a direct impact on the success of that design.

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Jun 17 2011

Grungy Wallpapers and Resources Goldmine

One source of inspiration for many in the graphic design field are the wallpapers that they use to customize their desktops. These daily doses of skillful designs act as reminders to start our days off on the right, creative foot. One popular theme that tends to be prevalent in many of the dazzling designs one finds in the scores of wallpapers that are available online is the grunge.

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Jun 16 2011

Useful, Free Smartphone Apps and Resources for Developers

Smartphones are everywhere, and people all over the world are using them because of the many useful and amazing features they have that people love. People use smartphones for their daily work because smartphones have loads of advantages over a PC or Laptop, portability being a major one. Smartphone based apps also let you access your data no matter where you are.

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Jun 15 2011

Showcase of Online Artist and Design Portfolios

Throughout the creative fields, like with art and design, getting your work out there for an audience to find and connect with is essential. Taking your work online is a major outlet that many designers and artists opt for, especially given the versatility that the web offers.

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Jun 14 2011

How to Create a Realistic Soccer Ball in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to create realistic Soccer ball in Adobe Illustrator. Creating an illustration like this may seem complicated, but we will try to keep it simple. There are many different ways to create a Soccer ball, but we will use the simplest method – tracing the reference image with the Pen Tool. The main challenge will be to achieve a realistic look of the ball by using simple gradients and just a few details.

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Jun 13 2011

A Graphic Design Primer, Part 1: The Elements of a Design

There are many elements that make up any visual design, whether it’s good or not. Becoming familiar with the parts of a design is necessary before you can start to apply the principles of good design to your own work, in the same way that a doctor needs to have an understanding of anatomy before he can learn to heal a patient.

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Jun 10 2011

50 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations

Creating something out of the ordinary by combining two or more elements is not a new concept in the graphic design field. Photo manipulation is a true example of such collaboration that almost always brings astonishing results. Photo manipulation basically is a technique combining graphic design and photography.

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Jun 09 2011

Japanese Ball-Jointed Doll Still Life Photography

With all of the inspiring still life photography that can be found on the web, you can find some truly amazing niches within this artform. Some that combine not only the art and skill of the photographer, but also include some stunning designs or artistry from other genres and fields to really complete the picture. Pardon the pun. Today’s post shines the spotlight on one of these niches that produce some breathtaking works.

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