Publishing Policy

This Publishing Policy was amended on February 11, 2012

This is an overview of the governing policies and procedures that make up our publishing policy here on Noupe. With regards to the content we publish all services, tools and references we recommend are the personal suggestions of our editorial team or authors. We would never recommend anything we wouldn’t consider useful to our readers. We never promote services that we see no utility in and we never publish paid content.

Quality of content is extremely important to us, as we know it is to our readers, so we strive to follow this strict set of rules as best we can. Below is a peek at these guidelines so you can get an idea of what we do, and what we don’t here on Noupe. They guide all of our editing processes, writing procedures and communications, in general.

Our Content Commandments

  • Noupe (NP) does not publish any sponsored articles or paid content.
  • NP does not publish press releases or any other public relations (PR) content.
  • NP articles have no hidden advertisements. All advertisements are marked as such.
  • NP does not participate in any kind of affiliate marketing. (There is one exception: for our sister site Smashing’s products we are an Amazon Associate.[does this apply to NP as well?])
  • NP does not influence the opinions of its writers or contributors and does not force them to tailor their work to fit our personal interests, objectives or opinions.
  • Advertisers and sponsors have no influence on NP’s content.
  • NP always covers its own travel expenses and other fees related to research.
  • NP never uses donated products as prizes for its contests and giveaways. NP purchases these products at its own cost. (Exceptions are giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.)
  • NP does not participate in any kind of partner-linking system.
  • Links in NP articles are not for sale. NP never places links as favors to business partners or any third parties (except the”about-us”-page).
  • NP respects the rights of authors, designers and developers. NP would never publish links to illegal sources that reproduce the work of others or that violate author rights if we are able to detect illegal sources or copyright infringement through a reasonable effort by double-checking material to be published.
  • All editors, regular writers and guest authors of NP get paid for their work.
  • NP is happy to receive constructive criticism and suggestions from readers and friends; but it would never perform favors in return for them. NP’s recommendations are based on the expertise of its authors and are made in the best interests of its readers and the Web design community.


What is required to be featured here on Noupe?

You need to have high-quality material, of interest to large segments of the community. That means that designers and Web developers need to be able to use it, learn from it as well as develop it further. Websites that have some artistic or creative effort put into them have a good chance of getting featured in our magazine.

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