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  • Professional Logo Design: 50 Strong Examples and Making Ofs

    Logo design is an art the average designer does not need to perform too often. Yet, every once in a while, even the designer around the corner will be asked to create one. Chances are, this will be giving him/her some sort of a hard time. Inspiration will be needed. In the following article we will deliver just that. But we will go further, and not only inspire, but also show you how logos evolve – from ideas to first sketches to production-ready. We hope you enjoy our little collection…

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  • These Are Special Times: Win A Logo Design Bundle by

    Are you on the lookout for a new logo? One that represents your company best and gives it a progressive, yet likeable look? The only problem is, that money is short these Christmas times? If so, today’s game is for you! We teamed up with the specialists over at to bring you your free logo design to save your festive season. The only thing you need to do is leave us a comment with the best reason why you should be one of the two winners. Come on, use your imagination…

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  • Turn It Up: Musically Inspired Logo Design

    Many artists, whether digital or traditional find much inspiration in music. It often serves as a great mind opener for large amounts of creativity and style to be ushered in. Some artists believe music helps them to see shapes and colors, and often offers up feelings and emotions to help them execute their work more proficiently. Which is why it’s best to try to listen to music that you know will get your mind going.

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  • Seeing The Negative In Everything: Charles Goslin

    While I loved my art school teachers, they were all very different. There were some who taught technique. They were masters at drawing, design and type and their tips and tricks were valuable to a successful career, but some of my favorite teachers were the ones who taught creative thinking.

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  • Creative Brainstorming: 50 Examples of The Logo Design Process

    Everyone knows how important a logo is to your identity and brand. Every business, online and offline, requires a logo. A logo represents your company and products to potential customers.

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  • Inspirational Showcase of Type-Based Logo Designs

    A logo is the visual representation of the company that reflects the company’s business or products, all the while building up the credibility of the company. An effective logo design is one that aesthetically satisfies the target audience and possesses the potential to penetrate customers’ minds as a selling agent.

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  • Clever Logo Designs That Speak For Themselves


    A creative logo design plays a vital role in portraying the brand identity of any company. It is not only the name of the company, but also the brand’s message that communicates with the customers. Therefore, you should keep in mind that it is also the logo design that makes your business memorable and distinguishes it from the rest!

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  • For the Love of Logos: Tips, Resources, and More

    When it comes to design projects, logo designs tend to be some of the trickiest to work with, simply because of their purpose. All design tends to be conveying a message, this is true, but most designs get to use so much more to make their points accessible to the viewer.

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  • 40 Breathtaking & Creative Logo Designs Just to Inspire

    Designers have an urge to stand out as unique, specially when it comes to logo design. Designing a memorable logo is not easy, it requires paying a lot of attention to details when using typography, colors & shapes to convey the style the designer has chosen. Designers excelled in using shadows, contrast and transparency to represent the brand they are working on.
    Today we would like to share a compilation of 40 beautiful and creative logo designs of different variety that will hopefully inspire you.

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