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Nataly Birch

Corporate Design Made Easy: 30 Free Stationery Mockup Templates

Establishing your company in the real as well as the virtual world is an essential step towards success. While websites, profiles in social media, and mobile apps help to conquer the internet, in the real world things are less simple and straightforward. Still you are blessed with a wide selection of choices. You can go...

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Katie Thompson

Web Designs that Incorporate the Four Natural Elements

Today, the market consists of countless synthetic materials that showcase the talent and hard research of man. However, at the core of these products are four elements that have existed since time can remember: earth, air, fire and water. The elements have long been thought of as the essential materials to sustain the human race.

Aleksandra Bondarenko

The Importance of Accessibility in Product Design

Accessibility must be a default feature of product designs. As the world evolves to be more inclusive of all people, regardless of race, gender, and disabilities, so too does the digital world. Many web developers and product designers are now giving importance to how accessible their products are to all kinds of users, including people...

Charlie Fletcher

Designing an Effective and Sustainable Website with Limited Resources

Whether you sell buttons or beef, you need a website to achieve your business goals, especially when you consider the profit it can bring. The average eCommerce site earns just over $63,000 per month and a successful business blog can significantly improve your brand awareness.  However, running an effective and sustainable website can be tricky....

Jordan Smith

Top Tips for Using Background Textures in Your Website Design

Website backgrounds are similar to breathing. They are a part of our daily lives, yet we rarely pay attention to them unless something is wrong. And, like every breath you take, website background designs are essential to the success and longevity of your website; they improve the performance of every other aspect of your site....

Yen Pedrajas

Graphic Design: Your Ultimate List of Tools and Resources

We can’t do what we want to do without the aid of tools. Chefs employ fire to conjure up gastronomic wonders in the kitchen. Playing an instrument is an essential part of the music. A bridge that allows people to travel between two points in suspended space must be built using the correct tools and...

Charlie Fletcher

Design Thinking in Data-Driven Marketing

In design thinking, there is one principle more vital to success than any others. That is creative problem solving centered around improving the human experience. Fortunately, data provides a means to access and improve upon this principle for businesses that apply it.  As companies strive to incorporate more data-driven decisions into their operations, the role...

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Aaron Middleton

9 Web Design Mistakes that Harm your SEO

Your website is the virtual front door to your business, and for that reason having a website that manages to engage and retain customers is vital. But what about attracting customers? That’s where SEO comes in. Even though you may have a well-designed website, that’s not enough. If it’s not optimised for SEO, you’ll fail...

Katherine Orekhova

Medical Website Development and Design: Things to Consider to Create a Jaw-dropping Platform

Healthcare services inevitably go online. Therefore, healthcare establishments are looking for a secure and convenient way to deliver medical care to patients. In this light, medical website development is a beneficial option to invest in. This post will guide you through the mainstream medical web design trends, features to implement, and essential regulatory requirements to...

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Darya Jandossova

The Ultimate Guide To The Best eCommerce Pop-Up Design

eCommerce is a booming industry today, but navigating the online space can be tricky. With so many options that users can shop in, you need to keep your site attractive to keep users interested. However, maintaining users’ attention is more challenging than it sounds, and this is where eCommerce pop-ups come in.  What Is The...

Darya Jandossova Troncoso

10 Minimalism Web Design Tips for 2022

The old saying is true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.   For businesses, a website and its design are as important as their front door, if not more so. A web design that involves the best website trends of 2022, including clean minimalism, reflects the company and its capabilities.   A...

Alyse Falk

Little Things that Can Make a Big Difference in Web Design

When going to any site, the user does not start by reading the content, he evaluates it visually by means of scanning. To create a positive first impression, consider every little thing that can affect it. All of the most visible elements should create the correct impression of the entire company/store. To do this, you...

Isaac Dumet

Applying Marie Kondo’s (KonMari) decluttering method to design processes

Doing a quick Google search on ‘UX design methods’ will yield hundreds of hits. If you’ve just mastered your design resume, and are new to UX design, or in a rush, wading through all that info is guaranteed to give you a headache. How about this instead—before adding something, ask yourself “will it spark joy?”...

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Ray Hein

Branding for Web Designers: How to Create a Brand for Your Design Business

Creating a recognizable, memorable brand is challenging for nearly any business. Branding can make or break a company. If your brand is forgettable, you can kiss your customers goodbye.  The stakes are high for creating a winning brand. However, web design companies have little-to-no room for error for their personal company’s own brand.  Would you...

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Drew Allen

How Web Design and SEO Work Together to Drive eCommerce

Web design and SEO are truly the backbones of any good e-commerce business model. Without a physical store, you have to rely on your website and content to create a visual and emotional experience for your customers. Many online stores struggle to balance aesthetics with content, and their copy is either too off-putting or lacks...

Maksym Babych

Design of Healthcare App

Health is one of the major concerns of today’s world. We are living in a fast-paced world where going to the gym every day seems a challenge. But tracking one’s health status is not that much difficult. There are lots of mobile health applications that you can use to track your everyday health status. With...