Noupe Editorial Team September 2nd, 2009

45 Brilliant Examples of Photo Manipulation Art

Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular application areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used extensively. One of the main reasons for that is its ability to blend real photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details which makes this software ideal for this kind of work. Here are 45 incredible examples of Photo manipulated images from extremely talented Photoshop artists.


by Jenny Leigh

by Fruit Manipulation

The Eye

Ups…Falling Letters

Baby dragon



Iron man

Chronoscape- thundersnow




One bark two stings


by Jerico Santander

Platinum Conception

vertical turn


Granulate Of Champion


Sinutab: Nose

Dirty Jobs

The Fire Lord


Like a Bird

Fire Horse

Smoke On The Water

Between the Roots

Wing Collector

Worth Checking

Noupe Editorial Team

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      1. And you are wrong Kate, the proper
        way to say that would be…”All of you are wrong”….Unless you are a Red Neck…then it would be…”Ya’ll are wrong”

      2. @Libretta:While “all of you are wrong” is correct, “you all are wrong” is also a perfectly acceptable format.

      3. @liberetta

        Perhaps you should learn the language a little better yourself before you comment on other people’s shortcomings. I would also suggest you look up the meaning of “first language” rather than blindly assuming it to be “the language one speaks above all others”.

        People in glass houses…

        And yes, some excellent work there.

      4. What exactly do you mean “this country”?
        Pretty small-minded of you to assume everyone is from the same country. You do realize the entire planet uses the internet, right?

      5. Damn, give him a break! He made a grammatical error, so what? I’d like to see YOU speaking in HIS first language.

        Amazing post, by the way. I love photo manipulations. They take a lot of time (some people can’t imagine how much) but they are a lot of fun :)

      6. First off, posting on here does not mean they are from the same country. Secondly, while I too live in the United States (as that is what I’m assuming you mean, since we seem to think we’re the only ones who exist) you’re a total hypocrite. We all are. If moving to the United States means you need to learn English and not be foreign, then why the hell isn’t everyone who moved here not Native American?

      7. -cough- Can someone please be mature enough to put an end on this pointless stream of accusations? Okay, the person made a grammatical error. Get over it. =)

        Lovely pictures, by the way, I’m very impressed -dreamy sigh-

    1. I like the Baby dragon, if you do two round puffs of smoking coming out its nostrils instead of smoke drifting up. Its the winner for me, of course they are all brilliant.

  1. “With smiles like that they must be…stoned”… As far as I could see is that that picture isn’t manipulated. It’s a true statue and he (Hirotoshi Itoh) made many more of those.

    The rest are way cool! :D

  2. These are great. The eye one kind freaked me out a little, but they are all so creative. I just published a post with a few of the same pictures. Please take a look when you get a chance.

  3. This is SO COOL… People Need To SEE What can be done with Pictures.. They Might Feel Better about some of the Other Things They have seen, If They Know the Truth.

  4. I’m still wondering what the URL is for the black/white ink one in the “Worth Checking” section. Not sure why those ones aren’t linked, how am I supposed to check them out?

  5. Very nice and creative images!

    In the morning I was looking for some inspiring images, because I want to create something and I have no idea what :) Now I think I can start to create :)

    Thank you for posting this article !

  6. I found myself thinking…”now how did they do THAT??”
    Wonderful images!!! THank you for sharing with us mere mortals!

    Absolutly amazing!!!
    Almost each photo, PURELY GENIUS!!!

    AGAIN BRAVO! brilliant job!!
    wow, The atomic bomb dust-mushroom which was turnd to a clown, Great IDEA! i loved it the most! not because it seems difficult, But just the creativity of it.
    Great JOB!

  8. Unbelievable……… Its true that man’s creativity never ends…………. Nice collection Dude………… Keep it up……

  9. GOD give them Big Brain for these kind of creativity , and AWESOME ………..
    AWESOME ………..
    AWESOME ………..
    AWESOME ………..
    AWESOME ………..
    AWESOME ………..

  10. Hi, does anyone know the name of the artist for the piece 5th from the bottom (of the two elephants)? It looks like the name says “Alexander Jao… 2001” but I can’t make it all out.

    Thanks so much!!

  11. Did you make those images?
    I’m puzzled your picture is very wonderful.
    I make that image very not well….. oh sad
    ( I’m Korean. I don’t use grammar not well )

  12. Stunning! Love it!

    “the eye” is actually an amateur reproduction of the keyart from the terrible movie of the same name. I worked at the agency that did the original art.

    “the wing collector” reminds me – a lot – of the art that accompanied singles from Tori Amos’ Under the Pink.

    But what’s new anymore, right? Those that are conceptually original are pretty-damn brilliant so still way more hit than miss.

  13. Excellent. Just starting out with this kind of work myself. Some great inspiration here, some of the most original work i’ve seen.

  14. Great collection, the one “Angry” however is just a photograph. There is no manipulation other than ink on a page and a pencil placed on top. Anywho other than that they all are really nice.


  16. I don’t know how many photographers publish their work nowadays without a bit of Photoshop aid. On the other side, when used for creating vivid art works, Photoshop is a great tool, nothing to blame!

  17. Great efforts, but I only see four of these that really tell a story. All of them say, “I can use Photoshop” but few go beyond that to a real message about the subject.

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  19. Wow,

    Combine people with a lot of talent and a lot of time to “play” and you get some amazing images. You should offer these as posters.

    Great Collection!

  20. I was amazed to see those images.Well done!Congratulations to those who made those art! Really amazing!

  21. Not only great photoshop work but some excellent conceptual ideas too. This is definitely one of the better collections of its type. Thanks for compiling and sharing.

  22. I like your blog design. It is easy to navigate, clean, uncluttered and the colours are very harmonious. Also, the information you are providing is top notch and very useful. Please keep up that great work.

  23. How about photo-shopped sumo wrestlers on skis? LOL :)

  24. All of these photos are really intriguing and creative. I am finding myself looking over them again and again and I cannot find a flaw anywhere! I can only see more and more detail that was really given special attention and made all of these works very amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  25. i know how to do some photoshoping but i need tutorials to learn how to achieve familiar effect to the ones above

  26. Mega collection!! A couple were hit and miss, but overall top tier. Recognised a lot of the work from DA, some scarily talented people out there :)

  27. Just found this by searching for photo art. Brilliant!! I like the one with the ironing board. Still looking for a photo manipulation App, if you know of any.

  28. this is really nice i am a airbrush artist and would take a long time to do this by hand. Amazing rock on

  29. The humorous elements get the kudos, for me. Most of them are particularly clever. I particularly loved the workmens’ “penchant” for noughts & crosses. But there was something similarly funny in most all of them.

  30. Thanks for sharing a beautiful creations. How to learn these advance level.

    bashir ahmed – Islamabad (Pakistan)

  31. it’s very nice thank you for it but i want to know how you design it ? or from where i can found the steps for it ?

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