Tara Hornor January 15th, 2013

50+ Fascinating Promotional Booklets to Inspire

No digital format can compare to the unique impression that printed materials leave with an audience. In today's era of computers and mobile devices, an excellent way for businesses to stand out is by printing booklets or other materials such as posters and postcards. In fact, an article on the PrintPlace.com blog points out that readers are much more engaged when reading print materials than when reading digitally. If you want your target audience to slow down and notice your products or portfolio in more details, then a promotional booklet may be your answer. The following collection of promotional booklets are for a variety of businesses and individuals, from artists to fashion to real estate. Each are quite unique with a stunning variety of layout, colors, printing format, and more. But all have one aspect in common: they do an excellent job of drawing the eye and making us want to stop for a moment to enjoy the fascinating printed design.

Pantone Brief by Adrià Gómez

Mid Tech by Adrià Gómez

Yum Yum Recipe Booklet by Paula McGloin

Saskatchewan Jazz Festival by FireBelly Design

Ringle 39 by Adam Vella

Valghefte 2011 by Studio 3

Festiwal Ars Cameralis by Marta Gawin

High End Apartment Booklets by Toast Creative

Sans Merci by Stevie Driscoll

Adobe Caslon Type Specimen Booklet from Two Times Elliott

WEORES 100 by Nora Demeczky

Master's Project by Anna Shuvalova

Denim Promotional Booklet by Dennis Harrington

Hamilton Wood Type Font by Dave Harper Design

Editorial Quote Book by Alaa Balkhy

Pip Hackett S/S12 Felt Hat Lookbook by Two Times Elliott

The Little Book of Photoshoppe Trickery by Mike Rigby

Handmade Portfolio by Nathan Hinz


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