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Christmas Experiments: Advent Calendar of Open Web Technologies

I don't know how I could have missed this great project during the last two years. Invented in November of 2012, this project has grown to become a more than noteworthy exhibition of what open web technologies are able to do today, when used by skilled people. Christmas Experiments is not only an impressive collection of 24 outstanding works but also the best argument for lifelong learning. See what you can do when you commit yourself to staying up to date. Your clients will pay you with full hands, as if you were worth your weight in gold. Well, the latter might be a slight exaggeration. Look at these masterpieces, however, and see how much room for improvement you still got...


Christmas Experiments: Joyful Code Pieces from the 1st to the 24th of December

Christmas Experiments, a project incepted by David Ronai, grew successful right from the start and has up until now easily managed to attract numerous digital crafters from agencies throughout the globe. The first and second editions from 2012 and 2013 are still accessible, so you can start to explore the project from the beginning, should you get addicted to it.

The experiments themselves, starting on the 1st of December and then proceeding one per day up to Christmas Eve, are very much of the same quality you have gotten used to with Google's Chrome Experiments. They focus on open web technologies such as Web GL, the use of the Audio API and more. The participating artists enjoy complete creative freedom in what and how they want to do it. The main topic certainly is Christmas. Thus, a Caribbean limbo at the beach side would not fit too well. Unless the dancers are dressed up like Santa Claus, however.

There are no such borderline experiments, so no need to worry. What the digital artists present is a versatile demonstration of what the web is able to look, feel and sound like today. None of us would have believed that possible only ten years ago. Just like a real Advent Calendar Christmas Experiments offers one new experiment each coming day. The navigation on the homepage is a little in need of getting used. There is one big block of ice in the middle of the screen surrounded by 23 smaller blocks circulating around the big block. Active blocks change their color to white, blocks for days to come remain transparent. Hovering an active block shows a preview of what's behind it on the face of the big block in the middle.

Clicking one of the active blocks leads to the experiment behind it. From here you can easily navigate the whole site as the day numbers appear to the left side of the browser window.

[caption id="attachment_86296" align="alignnone" width="550"]Pixilights: Experiment Number Eleven Pixilights: Experiment Number Eleven[/caption]

Today's experiment is a game in 2D named Pixilights, created with pixi.js. Its aim is to avoid the falling presents. Some of the experiments are available to be fully explored including source codes over at Github. This isn't true for each of the experiments, however.

Anyway, Christmas Experiments is THE Advent Calendar for web developers and designers, willing to get involved with web technologies and modern standards of today. Wait, isn't that YOU?

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