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Chromantics: Do You Know the Psychology of Colors?

The small but really neat browser quiz Chromantics asks ten questions touching ten different design environments. You need to choose the right one of two color options for each design task from a color-psychological point of view. I wasn't always right. Chromantics: Do You Know the Psychology of Colors?

Chromantics: Who is the Best Color Psychologist?

Fortunately, Chromantics always explains the correct choice with background information which was able to restore plausibility even when I would've made a different choice. You'll surely learn one or two things from the results. Chromantics: Do You Know the Psychology of Colors? For one, you'll learn things about color psychology which you probably didn't know before. This even happened to me after over 20 years of design experience. On the other hand, you'll also learn that there's not always one definite answer. In some cases, my opinion was generally different from the one the makers of Chromantics declared as right, and I can back it of just as well as they back up their color choice. Chromantics: Do You Know the Psychology of Colors? In any case, Chromantics is an interesting piece of knowledge for in between. It looks beautiful, does not only offer plain fare, and just takes up one or two minutes of your time. So, visit it and click through the quiz…

Chromantics: Thought Up and Made by Designation

Chromantics was created by students of the education company Designation. Designation offers 12-week intensive workshops, so-called boot camps, in Chicago. There they hammer all the knowledge you need to become a UX/UI designer or frontend developer into you. The boot camps have an ambitious schedule with 70 hours a week. Including an additional six weeks of virtual training, you are almost trained intravenously with over 900 hours of education. Designation works with real commissions for real clients. This secures that the practical relevance is given throughout the whole schedule in contrast to other educational facilities.

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  1. Using the right colors for your projects increase the ROI.
    Chromantics it is so funny to learn more about colors.

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