Noupe Editorial Team February 28th, 2012

Free Quality Photoshop Brushes for Your Design Arsenal

With so many free Photoshop brushes being shared around the web, it can always be a bit tricky to sort through the masses to grab those true quality packs that are available. So we have once again, sought to help out our readers by doing some of the work for you. With designers constantly on a quest to build up their arsenal of resources, we dove into the web and came up with a few choice treasures for you to check out.

Below are the fruits of our labor. We found the works of so many talented brushmakers that have been released in the last couple of months, and while we are shining our spotlight on them, we are also helping our readers to stock up on the brushy goodness. So set off down through these 40 new, free Photoshop brushes and start adding to your design arsenal.

All of the brushes listed here are free for personal use, though you should always double check the license for changes before using them.

The Brushes

Vintage Hand

Radioactive Brushes

5 Simple Fabric Brushes

Walls and Pavement Grunge Brushes

Light Flares Set 1

Fractal 1

Photoshop Brushes Trees

Space Brush and Lunar Brush Pack

4 Corners Swirls

10 Burned Paper Edge Brushes

Abstract Brush Flare and Streaks Texture Pack

Ninja Brushes 05 and Fractals

Free Dust Particle Photoshop Brush Set

Light Ray Brushes

Halftones Set 3

Fire Brush Set

39 Free Ornament Brushes

Smoke Brush Pack

Dots and Scratches

Abstract Brushes

GreenPack Random Brushes

Sticky Tape Set 1

Water Brushes Vol. 2

Speck Brushes

6 Abstract Lines Brushes

Fusion Brushes

Paint Brush and 100 Essential Brushes

Abstract Clouds

Tech Brush Set v6

More Ink Splats

Dreamy Fantasies Brushes

Grunge Textures Set 1

Elegant Frame Brushes

8 Crisp Dynamic Grunge Brushes

VectorPack Brushes

High Res Textured Grunge Brushes

Neo Legacy Brushes


Spiral 2 Brush Pack

Dragon Writing

4 Subtle Rust Brushes


Noupe Editorial Team

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  1. It’s very exciting to see you guys showcasing some more of my Bittbox brush packs. You’ve been a great confidence booster, much appreciated!

  2. Very well thought-out collection. The only one I wouldn’t download is the 4 Corners Swirls. It’s far too common and EVERYBODY is always using floral brushes everywhere.

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