Get Your Kits: Fresh Web and Mobile UI Kits, Wireframe Kits and PSD’s

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Today, we have a useful compilation for our readers of fresh web UI kits, mobile UI kits and wireframe kits complete with PSD files that will certainly come in handy when you are designing projects. Some basic user interface elements are always welcome toolbox additions by designers. We need them for a wide range of projects in order to able to easily create an accurate UI model of either a website or app.

We hope that this round up of web and mobile user interface kits will prove helpful for the next mock-ups your projects demand. There were quite a bit of tools crammed into this post, so we have split it up onto two pages. Enjoy!

Get Your Kits!

Butterscotch UI Kit
This free download is a gorgeous UI kit with resizable shape layers in a clean, well organized PSD file.


Free Candy UI Kit
This bright and cheerful user interface kit contains clean, pixel precise elements that are ideal for web and app projects.


Free Dark UI Kit
Each element in this sharp, clean pack has been hand-crafted in Photoshop, and is fully scalable with vector shape layers. Enjoy!


Light UI Kit (PSD)
This kit has a very light look to it and is also very clean. Everything is 100% vector so you can re-scale this to any size needed.


Heads Up Display UI Kit
Here is a collection of over 50 pixel perfect HUD (Heads Up Display) user interface elements, for wire-framing and mocking-up desktop and web apps.


New Twitter Profile Page GUI PSD
The PSD provides the full mockup with all layers in vectors, allowing you to scale up the design elements without loss of quality.


iPhone UI Kit
These fresh iPhone and iPod Touch user interface elements are beautifully simple and elegant. This kit contains menu bars, list styles, buttons, form elements, icons, and more.


UI Kit
This set contains some truly beautiful UI elements. The link will take you to the comment where you can download the UI kit.


The Ultimate Wireframe UI Kit
This set contains over 60 of the most popular elements in web design. And each element has been created from scratch with Shape Layers, meaning that the whole kit is 100% scalable, and super-easy to edit.


Dark UI kit
Everthing in this wonderful, dark kit is 100% vector, so you can re-scale the elements to any size needed. It also includes a Photoshop PSD file.


Wireframe Sketch Sheets
Included in this set of sketch sheets are 10 printable templates for website designs, and iPhone and iPad app mock-ups. The designs are proportional and use a grid of 32 pixel squares for guidance and straightforward translation to Photoshop or Fireworks etc. when you are finished.


Votes & Ratings UI Kit
Here is a set of fully layered, editable Photoshop web elements for voting systems and ratings on the web. Everything in the pack should be scalable without any redrawing or major effort.


Simple UI Kit
This simple kit includes radio buttons, checkboxes, search boxes, regular and rounded buttons, on and off gui switches and more! Everything is 100% vector and can be re-scaled to any size if needed.


Blanc Web Elements
This set of web and user interface elements was created specifically for light, crisp websites and applications.


Minion UI
The idea behind this user interface kit was to make a dark but sleek UI, that borrows on styles from OS X and Ubuntu. Mission accomplished.


Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD
This kit allows you to mock-up fan pages for your clients looking to expand their brand to FB. All layers are vectorized, allowing you to scale up the GUI without loss of quality.


Lion Ui Kit Preview
This Mac OS Lion UI kit is perfect for those who need to create mock-ups in a Lion environment. The link will take you to the comment where you can download the UI kit.


Creamy UI Kit
This kit includes radio buttons, checkboxes, a percent slider, previous/next buttons, rectangular/circular buttons, search boxes, tick/cross buttons, and the on/off GUI. Everything is 100% vector and can be scaled to any size if needed.


Media Toolbar UI
This is a simple, sleek designed media toolbar user interface that’s 100% vector, so you can re-scale this to any size if needed.


iTunes UI Kit
This unique set contains some rather beautiful iTunes based UI design elements that could be just what your next project needs.


More Kits Are Waiting

That’s right more awaits. Now feel free to stretch for a minute, or go on and head over to page 2 of the post to get some more tools for your resource stockpiling.

Nousheen Aquil

Nousheen Aquil is a web graphic designer. She loves photography, drawing and painting. She also is a contributing member of WebdesignCore , a platform that focuses on free web resources and inspiration for designers and developers.

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Cool Collection, i have bookmarked it!

Vladimir Carrer

Very nice collection. I also recently made one Free Hand Drawn Kit


Thanks for the collection! Although I have to wonder why people need assets such as Twitter and iTunes?


Thanks for this collection


Very useful. Must have.


Gorgeous PSDs. The creamy UI kit is my favourite one. Thanks for sharing!


Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing


Another free resource to add to the list: Keynotopia’s Twitter Bootstrap templates for wireframing/mock-ups. Just released a couple of days ago! :)


free PSD resource sites continue to grow. Thanks for sharing.

Povinne Ruceni

Great collection!! I love Light UI Kit and Butterscotch UI Kit


Thanks for Collection Verity of UI Kit and Buttons.