Dirk Metzmacher December 5th, 2016

Inspired Collection of Bright and Colorful Illustrations

Today we are showcasing 20 incredible illustrations crafted by professional artists and designers from around the world. Hopefully, these excellent pieces of artwork will inspire your own creative work. Some of these illustrations are cute, others are ultra modern, but always an „explosion of colors“.

Autumn Leaves

Slawek is a Concept Artist for animation and games. He exhibits 65 artworks of his great portfolio for your inspiration! colors1 © Slawek Fedorczuk

Fish & Chips

Krzysztof is a freelance digital painter and his biggest passion is creating environments and landscapes. colors2 © Krzysztof Roslan


Sam is a UK based Illustrator. He worked with Adobe, Playstation, GQ, Easyjet, Samsung and many more. colors3 © Sam Chivers

And So The Adventure Begins

The design and animation BluBlu Studios is located in Warsaw and Tokyo. They make character-driven animated series, explainer videos, commercials, and illustrations. colors4 © BluBlu Studios

Pixel Snake

Pierre Kleinhouse is an award-winning illustrator & visual designer. He likes to draw animals, plants, and characters, mixing his digital work with textures and old school techniques like silk screen printing. colors5 © Pierre Kleinhouse

Sugoi Books

Yime is a Spanish illustrator based in London. He likes to draw tattoos, illustrations and also mural paintings. colors6 © Yime

The Brewmaster

Chris is an animator and illustrator from Sydney. He designs mobile games, created quirky characters, animated educational, websites and more. colors7 © Crispe

Bike Parking Area

Miquel Rodriguez is an illustrator from Barcelona. He loves to draw people smoking, but hates tobacco. colors8 © Miquel Rodriguez

Emotional Layer

Ray Oranges is an illustrator based in Florence. He worked for Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Wired, Creative Review and Vodafone. colors9 © Ray Oranges


Superludico is a young, modern, colorful and playful design studio. I love this mix of illustrative elements and real models. colors10 © Superludico


Zuco created concept arts, editorial Works, vector graphics, and even toys. Look at all these colors! colors11 © Zuco


Nicolas is an illustrator and director at CRCR in Paris. Take a look at his great color combinations. What a red-green experience! colors12 © Nicolas Dehghani

Sneaky Allergen

Although the illustrations may look simple, they are well thought through, and no detail is left to coincidence. colors13 © Loulou & Tummie

Maps of Asia

Originally from mainland China, Jing is an illustrator living in East London. She has been working for clients including the European Parliament, IBM, Canon, Samsung and many others. colors14 © Jing Zhang

David and Goliath Tee

Jones and Co. is a family-run studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Character design, editorial and all forms of vector illustration! colors15 © Jones & Co

Three-Layers Pictures

Ngoc Thuy Do is a Senior Web/UI/UX and Graphic Designer from Vietnam. Sweet and lovely Character designs and many more techniques. colors16 © Ngoc Thuy Do


Charlie Bowden, Helen Boyle, and Amy Kitcherside are Pickled Ink and together have many years experience in the children’s publishing industry. colors17 © Pickled ink


The Umer Artists Agency represents talented authors and artists like Marko Renko. An outstanding creative person. colors18 © Marko Renko

Fire Fantasy

Oscar is a Senior Creative in Bogotá, Colombia. This illustrator knows to use the effects of colors. colors19 © Oscar Ulloa Creativo


David is an Illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Take a look at this Uncharted Fanart or his Monkey Island Characters. colors20 © David Puerta

Dirk Metzmacher

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