Kendra Gaines July 24th, 2012

Stripped: Minimalist Movie Posters and Album Artwork

As consumers, there are a lot of different products that companies want us to purchase or get into. When you’re in a position to make one choice amongst many products, there is a need for it to stick out; you need to be swayed. Companies do this through things like features and pricing; is it what you need? or is it in your budget? Many times, all the features and prices can be relatively similar, so what do people turn to? The design.

Design is important not just because it can make what you’re selling look better, but often times because it gives us a sneak peek into what’s in store. The purchase of an album or a movie ticket is no different. If you’re looking for a good movie or album, you’re often taking a look at the related artwork.

Though an unfortunate truth about movie and television artwork, as well as album artwork, is sometimes it can be a bit over done. Most times, it’s your first impression, so typically production companies want to cram in as much as possible–or either they’re completely off. Either way, after you listen or you watch you have an idea of what you just consumed; it’s either the same or very different.

The Artwork

What would happen if you just stripped down movie posters and album artwork to what it really is or could be? What if one decided to pick one thing to single out and used that as the artwork? Well, fortunately we don’t have to ask as many designers have done so. Below are some of our favorite minimalist movie posters and album artwork; some are clever, and some are just the essentials.

For added fun, as you scroll, stop at the title of the work and try to imagine what you would use as the design then scroll to the picture and see what you get. It’s very fun to see how people strip down different things.

True Blood by Albert Exergian

Batman by RCrosby93

The Simpsons by Albert Exergian

The Help by Nelos

Radiohead’s “The Bends” by Danix54

Sex and the City by Albert Exergian

Slumdog Millionaire by ThreeProngs

Superman by Haden Yale

Roger Water’s “Amused to Death” by Abrickinthewall

Titanic by Pedro Vidotto

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ahrima13

Alice in Wonderland by Rowan Stocks-Moore

The Avengers by William Henry

From Dusk Till Dawn by Grilherme Grecu

Fight Club by Pedro Vidotto

Juno by Theckboom

Forrest Gump by Pedro Vidotto

Hangover by Cameron X. Coleman

Home Alone by Backstothewall

Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3” by Minimal Album Artwork

Kill Bill Vol. 1 by Ibraheem Youssef

Captain America by Marko Manev

Pulp Fiction by by Ibraheem Youssef

The Shawshank Redemption by Nick Tassone

Shutter Island by Kenzo Giunto

The Social Network by Kairon Sarri

Coldplay’s “Fix You (Single)” by Ty Lattau

REM’s “In Time: The Best of R.E.M., 1988-2003” by Mr. Brocklehurst

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” by Ty Lattau

The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” by Abrickinthewall

Nirvana’s “Nevermind” by Ty Lattau

AC/DC’s “Back in Black” by Ty Lattau

System of a Down’s “Mesmerize” by Chris Siegle

Wall-E by Tom Cross

Wolverine by Marko Manev

Your Turn

Did you play along when scrolling? Pick three titles from above and let us know what you would have designed in our comments. Everyone has different ideas, so share yours!


Kendra Gaines

Kendra Gaines is a young freelance designer for Norfolk, VA. Visit her online portfolio at and follow her on twitter @TheGainesColl.


  1. I do not feel the need for minimal posters as they seem to attract users and they talk about the movie so minimal movie posters would not be able to deliver what they are supposed to!

  2. Getting 404s with the Jay-z and Captain America.

    I really like the movie posters (Avengers, Superman, Alice in Wonderland), but some of the music ones do not seem like they were really minimalized: Pink Floyd, Coldplay.

    Nice collection overall.

  3. Personally, I don’t like the Simpsons one. Or the Beatles one. But some are clever. Seen some of these before. I don’t have the link but someone posted an awesome poster for Horrible Bosses with this retro look.

  4. I like the Minimalist Movie Posters. Wish they really made them that way. It catches your curiosity. There’s 2 sayings, “Less is More” and “Keep It Short and Simple K.I.S.S.” These are the rules i follow when designing posters for work. People always ask questions cuz the want to know, and that’s how you get positive feed back from your work.

  5. Alice, Titanic are my favorites.
    I also agree that some of the audio posters are just too minimalist.

  6. Many are brilliant. Love the use of card suite symbols to construct the queen in Alice. Shutter Island is perfect and so is Batman. Too many good things to say about your work. Keep going. You got it.

  7. nice collection, love Alice in Wonderland, Avengers, Titanic. Home Alone was pretty brilliant too.

  8. Great concept – it’s amazing how we only need the colours and a few shapes to bring back memories of the full poster or album.

  9. The only gripe I had about Avengers was the oddly composited work they did with what appeared to be separate photo shoots. Maybe they were trying to avert expectations and/or keep us from really putting these characters together in our head until the movie aired, but, man, they were not exactly stellar. The one here would almost have been preferable, at least as a variant. I would have bought it.

  10. Id love to see more album work, but over all its great. Maybe try one with the art work of Scale The Summits album The Collective. That would be awesome to see how that comes out!

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