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18 Absolutely Stylish Designs Using Photoshop Brushes and How to’s

I think many people out there underestimate the power of well used Photoshop brushes. A good designer can use Photoshop brushes in a variety of ways to accomplish a plethora of results. If you thought the Photoshop brushes were just for those new to Photoshop or just to add a touch of grunge to a design, you are sadly mistaken.

For some good examples on how Photoshop brushes can be used, check out these tutorials:

To really show off just how well Photoshop brushes could be used in web design, I have selected 18 amazingly designed websites that feature a good use of Photoshop brushes or elements that also come in the form of Photoshop brushes. In addition to showcases such designs, I have also linked to Photoshop brushes similar to the ones used in the designs or that are similar to the elements in the design.

1. Watercolor Brushes

Sunrise Design

How To » Free Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

How To » Free Hi-Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes Set II

How To » Free Photoshop Brushes: 40 Splatters, Strokes, and Watercolor

2. Basic grunge brushes

Base 6 Design

How To » Basic Grunge Brushes

How To » Grunge 1 Brushes

How To » Brushes for PS Grunge

3. Grungy Edge Brushes

Julius Mattsson

How To » Grunge Corners and Edges Photoshop Brush Pack

How To » Grunge Edge Brushes

How To » Grunge Edges

4. Swirls and Elementals

Smile Crocodile

How To » Flourish Brushes

How To » Spiky Swirl Brushes

How To » Free Photoshop Brushes Swirly Trees

5. Sunburst and Sun Rays Brushes

Calakmul Games

How To » Vector Line Brushes

How To » Rising Sun Brushes

How To » Rising Sun Brushes

6. Glowing Lines

Simple Flame

How To » 25 Abstract Light Free Photoshop Brushes Vol.1

How To » Light Brushes

How To » Magic Brushes

7. Space and Star Brushes

Addison Kowalski

How To » Galaxies

How To » Star Brushes

How To » Star Brushes

8. Trees and Plants

Plant With Purpose

How To » Trees Promo Pack

How To » Trees Brush Set 2

How To » Hi Res Photoshop Tree Brushess

9. Abstract Brushes

2 Creative

How To » Abstract Brushes

How To » CS4 Brushes

How To » Christmas Brushes

10. Chalk and Pastel Brushes


How To » Chalk Brushess

How To » Chalk Brushes

How To » Scratchboard Brushes

11. Cloud Brushes

1st Nature

How To » Cloud Brushes

How To » 7 Cloud Brushes

How To » Cloudy Brushes

12. Old Paper and Textures


How To » Paper Textures

How To » Old Paper Brushes

How To » Old Paper

13. Brush Strokes

Far From Fearless

How To » Angrey Painter

How To » Stroke Brush Set

How To » Paint Experiement

14. City and Building Landscapes

Taxi Me

How To » City Skyline Brushes

How To » Urban City Brushes

How To » Photo Skyline Brushes

15. Paint and Ink Drip Splatters

Square Factors

How To » Ink and Paint Splatters

How To » Splatter Plus

How To » 10 Splatter Brushes

16. Halftones and Patterns

New To York

How To » Spirals and half-tone brush set edition 2

How To » Half Tone 3

How To » Very Large Retro Brushes

17. Letters and Handwriting

Alpine Camp

How To » Victorian Letter Brushes

How To » Handwriting Brushes

How To » Pretty Script Brushes

18. Graphic and Images


How To » Vintage Hawaii

How To » Vintage Toys

How To » Vintage Anatomy

Author: Danny Outlaw

Danny Outlaw runs the Outlaw Design Blog. You can follow him on twitter @DannyOutlaw

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  1. I really didn’t realise you could do so much with brushes I am going to have to look into this more, I struggle with design rarely using brushes. Photoshop is not my software of choice, I prefer Paint Shop Pro, but am prepared to change alliegence!!! Thanks for the article

  2. Wow, this is a great list of great brushes! Thanks for taking the time to make this. It’s a good mix of different styles that I’ll definitely be using.

  3. Bummer… I was really hoping for some ‘could’ brushes. But they were just clouds. :)

    Seriously, good list. Thanks a bundle.

  4. Brilliant article, nice to see an article combining inspirational examples with how to’s an resources to help viewers recreate the effect. Great work Danny.

  5. This is a really great post with a lot of really cool brushes and great tutorials to go with them. I have already bookmarked this page and will use it for future reference.

  6. Your site looks done by a technician and not by a Designer. Furthermore, the examples posted are really very basic examples, nothing much to do with “absolutely stylish designs”.

    A 101 Design would come in handy for you. Your twitter also looks very amateur.

  7. This is a massive list of quality brushes. Thanks for including some links to tutorial on how to effectively use brushes in designs. Great post.

  8. Geez.. what a collection !! How do you come up with such a huge resource of brushes! lol Anyway, very useful post.. Keep providing such awesome designing resources! Thanks ;)

  9. i can;t beleive all of these are blocked by my school’s filters. completly redicules. i’m trying to pursue a career and their keeping me off of stock photo and brush sites, i’m tired of being stock blocked.

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