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Best Retro Horror Movie Posters

What piques your interest in a movie? What makes a movie great? Your answer might depend on what you actually look for in a movie. It could be its cinematography, soundtracks, actors, directing, theme, storytelling or an idiosyncrasy that you can’t characterize.

True movie lovers probably would agree that a great movie should embody more than one of the elements above to be considered one of a kind and transcendent. If a movie falls into a predictable pattern, many of us lose interest.

If you think about it, you’ll realize that most of our favorite movies tend to have a surprise factor. Because let’s admit it - our brains need surprises! What surprises us more than any movie? - Horror movies beyond the limits of ordinary storyline...

Although this particular genre usually has a very predictable flow, when the story and execution are both strong and far from clichés, the movie exceeds expectations and evolves into being something that has more than just shock value.

We have seen some fantastic horror movies released in the last couple of decades. Got a few in your head? Cool. Now try to remember their posters. If you are having a hard time, perhaps their posters were not striking enough to leave a lasting impression.

The Importance of Movie Posters

Sometimes the effect of a movie can go beyond the plot itself by blending other semiotic factors such as its poster. When you think about it, movie posters can actually be the number one element that has the potential to leave an unshakeable impact on moviegoers. So it’s better to make it good.

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Putting modern horror movies aside, it is hard to say that retro horror movie posters are well-thought-of and tell us so much about the movies. Yet their simple illustrations, graphics, and typographies are fascinating enough to get us in the mood and take us back to those simpler days.

Now it’s time to buckle up! We did the work for you and wandered through the most interesting retro horror movies. Let’s dig through some gruesome retro horror movie posters that will knock you sideways. And be careful Freddy may be coming for you tonight!

Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)

Invasion of the Saucer Men Retro Horror Movie Poster

The Black Cat (1934)

The Black Cat Retro Horror Movie Poster

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Bride of Frankenstein Retro Horror Movie Poster

The Invisible Man (1933)

The Invisible Man Retro Horror Movie Poster

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

House on Haunted Hill Retro Horror Movie Poster

Werewolf of London (1935)

Werewolf of London Retro Horror Movie Poster

The Astro-Zombies (1968)

The Astro-Zombies Retro Horror Movie Poster

Invaders from Mars (1953)

Invaders from Mars Retro Horror Movie Poster

Blood of Dracula (1957)

Blood of Dracula Retro Horror Movie Poster

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Retro Horror Movie Poster

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

A Nightmare On Elm Street Retro Horror Movie Poster

Halloween (1978)

Halloween Retro Horror Movie Poster

Gremlins (1984)

The Oblong Box (1969)

Day of the Dead (1985)

Day of the Dead Retro Horror Movie Poster

Supernatural (1933)

supernatural Retro Horror Movie Poster

From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond Retro Horror Movie Poster

The Cat Girl (1957)

The cat girl retro horror movie poster

Jaws (1975)

Jaws Retro Horror Movie Poster

Suspiria (1977)

suspiria Retro Horror Movie Poster

These were our top picks for classic retro movie posters that have stood the test of time. If scrolling through our favorites wasn't enough to scare you, show us in the comments that you're a true horror fan.

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