Dieter Petereit November 18th, 2014

Retro Textpress for Illustrator: 20 Great Retro Text Effects Bargained Away

You know and (most likely) love the concept of one-click purchasing. This is a convenient way of buying something, isn't it? Imagine the same principle ported to design work. One click and your plain text layout looks great. This is exactly what today's Deal of the Week will bring you. Apply a plethora of retro text effects to even the most common (and boring) fonts and see the magic happen. With our Deal of the Week you'll get 20 graphic styles for Adobe Illustrator. Apply them with a single click or tweak them to your liking. On top of the fantastic effects, this deal contains 15+ seamless patterns and textures topically fitting the retro style of the text effects. Put it all together and lower the price down more than 50% and you are up for a great deal not to miss,

Retro Textpress - The Highlights

  • 20 Graphic Styles Give your designs a real retro look with this set of 20 Graphic Styles for Adobe Illustrator. With just a single click you can apply these retro text effects to any of your projects for a fantastic and refreshing look.
  • Easy to Customize Need to tweak some of the templates? Not a problem. You can easily customize any of the templates to create your own unique effects. Just use the appearance panel to alter the attributes until you have the exact look you want.
  • Usage Examples Your purchase of this Mighty Deal also gets you 1 AI file containing a number of usage examples. Take a look at just a number of infinite possibilities for using these retro text effects.
  • Resource Files You'll also get an RTF file containing a list of links to tons of helpful resources that help you get started with text effects.
  • Bonus: 18 Seamless Patterns & Textures Use these 18 seamless patterns and textures to compliment your styles. This AI Swatch Library comes with eight seamless line patterns and ten seamless textures.

These are Examples of What the Effects Can Do

The Pricing Integrates Seamlessly with the Retro Topic

This collection of retro text effects is not expensive outside this deal. But who doesn't like a solid saving of more than 50%? I know I do. So, if you are like me, go ahead and buy all 20 Graphic Styles and 18 Seamless Patterns and Textures for just $7. Or wait until the deal expires and pay 15 dollars again ;-) Just kidding; click here and we'll take you over to Mighty Deals, where you'll want to check the fine print, then click the prominent BUY button and get that warm fuzzy retro feeling as if you were a child again... This article is sponsored by Mighty Deals and as such an advertisement. Noupe does not participate from sales on an affiliate basis, however. Our new ads format "Deal of the Week" is run once a week at max. So if you want to book a deal for your product, get in touch with the friendly staff over at Commindo Media.

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  1. Great discount . I know almost zero about Illustrator but anyway lots of people will like it .
    You`ve got lots of nice deals on this blog :)

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