Nataly Birch May 10th, 2015

State of Design: United Arab Emirates

Being deeply religious people, residents of United Arab Emirates live in a peaceful world hemmed in between the inhospitable desert and the Persian Gulf. Here, religion plays a significant role, affecting not only everyday life but also culture and art. It is not a secret that the UAE sports numerous distinct national characteristics that some may find outdated or obsolete. Although despite such constraints, the country can boast of one of the highest levels of the human development index and has a particular weight in world’s politics and economy. It’s no wonder that in the design sphere, artists also try to uphold high standards, push the boundaries and implement high-end solutions. Today, we are here to show you some high-grade examples of that craftsmenship…

State of Design | United Arab Emirates

It seems that we quite rarely encounter websites made by agencies based in that part of the world, since we got used to looking for works with subtle calligraphy for displaying content or solely focus on the right-to-left writing system.

In fact, modern creative teams manage to meet requirements of users from Middle East, Europe, America and others, opting in favor of neutral formatting and common type families.

The state of design in UAE is not different from any other modern country. Today we are eager to prove it to you with our collection of splendid web and graphic designs produced by agencies and standalone artists located in the Emirates.

The Edge Dubai

the edge

Creator: TenTwenty

The Moon Christmas

happy holiday by the moon

Creator: PixFlow



Creator: Entourage

Pacific Traders

pacific traders

Creator: Blue Beetle

Nikki Beach

nikki beach

Creator: Blue Beetle

Deep Soni

deepsoni portfolio

Creator: Deep Soni

Prototype Interactive

prototype interactive

Creator: Prototype Interactive

Dubai Airports

dubai airports

Creator: This is Crowd

Smart Learning

smart generation

Creator: Ahmed Alley

National Bank of Oman

national bank of Oman portal

Creator: Bellwether Brands

Spread Community

spread community

Creator: Georges Choufi

Molham Bakir

Molham Portfolio

Creator: Molham Bakir



Creator: Kerim Hacheni

Sculpt Media

sculpt media

Creator: Asif Kilwani

Nadine Zein

Nadid Zein Portfolio

Creator: Nadine Zein

Alter Ego

alter ego

Creator: Alter Ego



Creator: Robert James Gibbs



Creator: Karim Zakria

National Geographic Arabia Brand Campaign

National Geographic

Creator: Satyen Adhikari

Telefun Rebranding

telefun rebranding

Creator: Kashan Abedin



Creator: Daniel Shaikh

Kenwood Create More

kenwood create more

Creator: Shine Km

Mobile Learning Web App

mobile learning app

Creator: Yasir Abdul Wadood

UI7 – Mobile UI

ui7 mobile

Creator: Hamed Akhtari

Earth Balloon

earth balloon

Creator: Mohamed Samir


risk series

Creator: Karim Zakria

Arabic Typography Experiments

arabic type experiment

Creator: Razan Basim

Personal Branding Project

personal brandong

Creator: Sharanya Kunnath

Real Estate Property Listing

casa website design

Creator: Waseem Arshad

Purely Business

purely business

Creator: O E Dada


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