Nataly Birch April 16th, 2012

The Painted Egg: Decorative and Imaginative Easter Eggs

With Easter having just passed, we thought we’d look to one of the holiday’s most common motifs, the painted egg! There are many different ways to decorate and make something special from your standard, boring egg. You can use either natural dyes or liquid food colors to make them almost any color you want. Not to mention all of the various artistic materials and ways that you can employ to make your Easter eggs really shine.

Below is a collection of some of the many decorative and imaginative ways that Easter eggs have been transformed into more than family fun and tradition, but into inspirational pieces of art in their own rights. So many fun and fabulous examples await. Enjoy.

The Painted Egg

1. Easter Egg Cozies by Annemarie’s Haakblog
Easter Egg Cozies

2. Easter Eggs by Klio
Easter Eggs in the basket

3. Easter Eggs 5 by The Felt Mouse
Easter Eggs 5 by The Felt Mouse

4. Arty Easter Egg by Joana Petrova
Arty Easter Egg

5. Quilled paper Easter eggs by Chica and Jo (Also you will find great tutorial how to make quilled paper Easter eggs of your own)
Quilled paper Easter eggs

6 Blue Willow Easter Eggs by karly b
Blue Willow Easter Eggs

7. Little green piggie egg by RCoshow
Little green piggie egg

8. Chicks and bunnies out of Easter eggs by lilfishstudios
Chicks and bunnies out of Easter eggs

9. All Our Eggs (in one basket) by Laura
All Our Eggs (in one basket)

10. Ukrainian Easter Eggs by HUTSULKA
Ukrainian Easter Eggs

11.  Easter Eggs by musicpb
easter eggs covered with natural dyes

12. Paper covered egg decoration by Julie Kirk
Paper covered egg decoration

13. Decoupage easter eggs by terri gordon
Decoupage easter eggs

14. Retro Mama’s Easter egg pattern by svankatwijk
Retro Mama's Easter egg pattern

15. Plush Eggs by scrumptiousdelight
Plush Eggs

16. Angry Birds by Amanda Younger
Angry Birds

The Big Egg Hunt

Below you will find special examples of decorative Easter eggs from leading artists, celebrities and jewelers that took part in charity event called “The Big Egg Hunt” in London last month.

17.  The Big Egg Hunt – Peace Egg photo by JulesFoto
Peace Egg

18. The Big Egg Hunt – Mayoral egg photo by JulesFoto
Mayoral egg

19. The Big Egg Hunt – Sad Happy Frog Egg photo by Ms_Bump (Artist listed as Gary Card).
Sad Happy Frog Egg

20. The Big Egg Hunt – Egg letter box photo by JulesFoto
Egg letter box.

21. The Big Egg Hunt – Phoenix photo by snaphappysal (Artist listed as Nilesh Mistry)

22. The Big Egg Hunt – My Baku photo by JulesFoto
My Baku

23. The Big Egg Hunt – Gregg photo by JulesFoto

24. The Big Egg Hunt – When I grow up photo by JulesFoto
When I grow up

25. The Big Egg Hunt – Rebirth photo by JulesFoto

26. The Big Egg Hunt – Robi & Walt photo by JulesFoto
Robi & Walt

27. The Big Egg Hunt – Dinosaurs photo by JulesFoto

28. The Big Egg Hunt – Gotthegg photo by JulesFoto

29. The Big Egg Hunt – The Big Bang photo by irishtravel
The Big Bang

30. The Big Egg Hunt – Eggstatic Eggstasy photo by JulesFoto
Eggstatic Eggstasy

31. The Big Egg Hunt – Seasonal Egg photo by craftinessa
Seasonal egg

32. The Big Egg Hunt – Blackberry moon photo by bowhanger 
Blackberry moon

33. The Big Egg Hunt – Phoenix egg photo by JulesFoto
The Big Egg Hunt - Phoenix egg

34. The Big Egg Hunt – Prep egg photo by JulesFoto
The Big Egg Hunt - Prep egg


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