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Save Christmas: Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Gift a Designer!

Never look a gift horse in the mouth? Say that to a designer. His sense of aesthetics is almost militant. Thus, be careful this Christmas.

The Leopard Can't Change Its Spots.

It's a logical thing. People that deal with the question how something will look and work the best every day will stay in that rating mode after work. I can freely admit that this is definitely the case for me, much to the dismay of my loved ones.
In the restaurant: My god. Who designed this menu? Walking through the city at night: Oh no, an illuminated ad from hell. While watching TV: This spot is horrible. Which agency screwed that one up? During breakfast: Unbelievable how many spelling errors still made it to the local newspaper.
To me, that's completely normal. After all, I find myself tortured by an immense amount of bad design every day. Of course, I can understand that it makes it hard for friends and family when it comes to finding gifts for me.

12 Things Not to Get a Graphic Designer for Christmas

The fact that the team of the Creative Bloq has created a brief infographic on the topic, giving valuable advice, is a blessing. They have compiled the "12 Things NOT to Get a Graphic Designer for Christmas". Although some of their points seem pretty stark, they are right: You can find the complete infographic over on the Creative Bloq. (Screenshot: Noupe) The team's tips can be summarized by saying that you shouldn't get a designer trash. This sounds snobby, but it's still an excellent piece of advice, because what's the point of your not-so-cheap gift ending up in the bin after Christmas? This embarrassment is easily avoided by not making your taste the bar for your actions. (Unless you're a graphic designer). A designer does not enjoy funny cat pictures on a cheap china cup. He doesn't like horrible t-shirts with cliparts and slogans from a poetry album of the sixties either. And not all pencils are the same, just like a notebook is not the same thing as a Moleskine. If you've already bought some expensive trash and there's no way you're not giving it to him, at least put effort into a great wrapping. This turns the unboxing into the real gift. And keep the receipt... If you're indignant now, that's fine. It's better for me to appall you, than the receiver of your gift, and keep in mind that this is very exaggerated, just like the list by the colleagues over at the Creative Bloq. Read it with the necessary composure...

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