Dirk Metzmacher July 2nd, 2014

Virtual Plastic Surgery: 40 Photoshop Beauty Retouch Tutorials for That Perfect Look

Retouching pictures of human beings is one of the most common tasks in image editing. Beauty needs to be perfect these days. We don't want to see how people actually look, but how we imagine them to look. Only superlatives suffice. If you like that or not, chances are if you are part of our industry, you'll have to deal with these tasks more often than not. The variety is wide - from removing pimples, whitening teeth and establishing a noble paleness to butt reductions and breast enlargements. Create your own beau ideal. If you want or need or have to get skilled in virtual plastic surgery, these 40 tutorials will do the job. You'll have to bring Photoshop, though.

Professional Photo Retouching Bikini Model

Website: 10steps.sg Creator: Aaron photoshop-beauty1
© Aaron

Retouch Images in Photoshop With Frequency Separation

Website: creativebloq.com Creator: creativebloq.com photoshop-beauty2
© creativebloq.com

How to Create a Porcelain Skin Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Exclusive Tutorial)

Website: webdesign.org Creator: VeronicaSpriggs photoshop-beauty3
© VeronicaSpriggs

Superb Skin Airbrush Technique

Website: tutorialpulse.com Creator: tutorialpulse.com photoshop-beauty5
© tutorialpulse.com

Photoshop Tutorial: Wrinkle Reduction

Website: digitalartsonline.co.uk Creator: Tigz Rice photoshop-beauty6
© Tigz Rice

Freebie: 5 Skin Retouching Photoshop Actions

Website: photoshoptutorials.ws Creator: Photoshop Tutorials Editor photoshop-beauty7
© Photoshop Tutorials Editor

Skin Retouching Tutorial

Website: timphoto.blogspot.de Creator: Tim Kiukas photoshop-beauty8
© Tim Kiukas

Removing Acne, Skin Blemishes With The Spot Healing Brush in Photoshop

Website: photoshopessentials.com Creator: Steve Patterson photoshop-beauty9
© Steve Patterson

You Are a Good Dentist

Website: cgarena.com Creator: Ashish Rastogi photoshop-beauty10
© Ashish Rastogi

Easy Facial Retouch Using Photoshop

Website: webdesign.org Creator: tutmaster photoshop-beauty11
© tutmaster

Action FlashBack: CoffeeShop Eye Bright!

Website: thecoffeeshopblog.com Creator: thecoffeeshopblog.com photoshop-beauty12
© thecoffeeshopblog.com

Photoshop Makeup Tutorial

Website: surrealpsd.com Creator: Conzz photoshop-beauty13
© Conzz

Eye Color Change

Website: photoshopmanipulation.com Creator: photoshopmanipulation.com photoshop-beauty14
© photoshopmanipulation.com

Pure White Portrait Retouch

Website: blog.designnocturne.com Creator: DesignNocturne photoshop-beauty15
© DesignNocturne


Website: designstutorial.com Creator: designstutorial.com photoshop-beauty16
© designstutorial.com

My Beauty Retouching Workflow

Website: digitalphotoshopretouching.com Creator: Julia Kuzmenko photoshop-beauty17
© Julia Kuzmenko

How Watching Makeup Tutorials Can Help Beauty Retouching

Website: photofocus.com Creator: MelissaNiu photoshop-beauty18
© MelissaNiu

Photoshop CS5 Beauty Retouching Tricks: Adding a Soft Focus Effect

Website: photoshopatoms.com Creator: photoshopatoms.com photoshop-beauty20
© photoshopatoms.com

Keeping The Details, Skin Smoothing The Smart Way

Website: tipsquirrel.com Creator: Scot Baston photoshop-beauty21
© Scot Baston

Great Techniques for Photoshop Beauty Retouching

Website: creativecurio.com Creator: LaurenMarie photoshop-beauty22
© LaurenMarie

Reducing 5 O’Clock Shadow and Beard Stubble in Photoshop

Website: photoshopessentials.com Creator: Steve Patterson photoshop-beauty23
© Steve Patterson

Virtual Makeup in a Snap

Website: yumz.net Creator: yumz.net photoshop-beauty24
© yumz.net

Easy Digital Nose Job in Photoshop

Website: photoshopessentials.com Creator: Steve Patterson photoshop-beauty25
© Steve Patterson

Smooth Skin

Website: lunacore.com Creator: lunacore.com photoshop-beauty26
© lunacore.com

Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

Website: tutorialboard.net Creator: tutorialboard.net photoshop-beauty27
© tutorialboard.net

Tutorial : How to Get Perfect Skin!

Website: mrmalique.com Creator: mrmalique.com photoshop-beauty28
© mrmalique.com

Really Cool Digital Make up in Photoshop in 10 Minutes

Website: abduzeedo.com Creator: paul0v2 photoshop-beauty29
© paul0v2

Remove a Tan Line

Website: lunacore.com Creator: lunacore.com photoshop-beauty30
© lunacore.com

Standard Of Beauty & Photoshop | Model Before and After

Website: youtube.com Creator: EcoworldReactor photoshop-beauty31
© EcoworldReactor

Beauty Retouch Overview - Photoshop CS6

Website: youtube.com Creator: No Pixels Harmed photoshop-beauty32
© No Pixels Harmed

Photoshop Beauty Retouch

Website: youtube.com Creator: dkf10425 photoshop-beauty33
© dkf10425

Creative Beauty Retouching In Photoshop

Website: youtube.com Creator: Retutpro - Photography & Retouching photoshop-beauty34
© Retutpro - Photography & Retouching

Beauty Retouching Kit - Photoshop Tutorial (in Just 5 Minutes)

Website: youtube.com Creator: Gokhan Bartu Yüksel photoshop-beauty35

Photoshop CS5 // Hautretusche mit Fülloptionen

Website: youtube.com Creator: KROLOP & GERST photoshop-beauty36

Photoshop Beauty Retouching Tutorial | Photoshop CC

Website: youtube.com Creator: Roberto Blake photoshop-beauty37
© Roberto Blake

Beauty Fast High-End Retouch Photoshop CS6 by Vlad Limer

Website: youtube.com Creator: vlad limer photoshop-beauty38
© vlad limer

Retouching Eyes for Beauty Portraits in Photoshop

Website: youtube.com Creator: Jim Harmer photoshop-beauty39
© Jim Harmer

How to Retouch Lips in Photoshop

Website: youtube.com Creator: Michael Woloszynowicz photoshop-beauty40
© Michael Woloszynowicz

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  1. Thanks for that thorough roundup, Dirk! What about a standalone article on e.g. how model agencies are working with Photoshop and models get “tuned”?

  2. It great to see that what amazing things photoshop can do. can you also give a brief tutorial on how to perform these?

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