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Nataly Birch April 15th, 2014

Create For The Next Big Thing: Free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups

The new year suggests the new undertakings, new hopes and new expectations. In the beginning we are always full of enthusiasm that is bubbling up inside us, pushing us on creating something incredible. However, in order to channel this boundless energy we need a fresh start, something that will "turn on" our imagination. And this something appeared last month. Motorola unveiled the Moto 360 smart watch, a part of the Google smart wear series, that as befits is powered by the Android platform. The smart watches are not something unheard-of, we already have Pebble Steel, Neptune Pine, Samsung Gear 2, Omate TrueSmart and Martian Notifier. Yep, it’s definitely something exclusive, but certainly not brand-new. Whilst all of the listed above high-tech accessories for wrists look geeky and crudely fashioned, the Moto 360 has a really sleek, stylish and a bit futuristic appearance that will feel great on your hand. The vague promise of “unobtrusively putting Google on your wrist” also seems quite feasible. The manufacturer declares that this watch will tell you more than just a time; it will become a younger sister of your smart phone that not only shares the same DNA but also provides almost the same range of functionality. The interest has been also stimulated by Android OS itself. Being available for broad mass, it allows people to freely take part in the process. Whether you are a designer or a developer you can directly contribute to the upcoming mainstream, making the product more sophisticated, elaborate and as a result, highly desired. Though, the smart gadget will become a tangible reality only this summer, the rapturous and vigorous designers have already come up with some original user interfaces. Here are several smart examples to spark your imagination.

MOTO 360 / UI Concept by Anand Mourouguessin  

The concept looks absolutely refined. The designer showcases several basic interfaces for the clock, the notifications, the weather forecast, the music player and GPS. The clock face fascinates with its stylish appearance that is made with current trends in mind. The heavily blurred backdrop naturally collaborates with slick typography and delicate graphics. For other functional blocks the designer leverages crisp icons, solid color backgrounds and a minimum of text, strongly relying on a powerful effect from creating a comprehensible interface. ui-Concept-by-anand-mourouguessin

Spotify - Android Wear App by Rico Monteiro

If everything goes smoothly, every popular online service will find its place on the new Android wear - that's what this designer believes. He offers to speculate about how the UI for Spotify will look like. Here, the small circular canvas plays into the hands, since music applications, traditionally, only derive benefits from round shapes. The designer presents several key screens such as inactive display, active display, playlist and menu that harmoniously utilize this simple shape. As expected, the designer gives preference to more primitive icons, graphics and neutral coloring in order to have an opportunity to include some pictures, avoiding a clutter. spotify---android-wear-app

Application Concept for Android Wear by Michal Galubinski / Thoke Design

Under the final chord, we want to show the gif-animated UI concept that clearly reflects all the spirit and dynamics that will be inherent to such interfaces. The concept comprises several sleekly successive screens that demonstrate a basic routine of upcoming messages. The creative team also displays designs of other basic UIs for such typical screens as home, incoming message, dictating messages, finding route to your destination, application menu, searching and friend’s profile. application-concept-for-android-wear For those who are deeply interested in this tendency and want to be actively engaged in, we suggest to visit the developer’s preview of Android wear and find out about this new piece of art with firsthand. However, if you are already ripe for demonstrating your creativity and showing off a brainchild that has been brought to life, at least at design stage, we offer to leverage these helpful mockups that will visually and showily frame your concept. And if you seek a boost for inspiration or a concrete example for getting some clarity, we have also included some free UI templates that were pleasantly provided by inventive members of Dribbble community.

Free Resources

Android Wear Scene 

android-wear-scene Creator:  Alexander Obenauer Features:  PSD template License: Free for personal use.

Android Wear


Creator:  Alexander Obenauer Features:  PSD template License: Free for personal use.

Google Watch

google-watch Creator:  Regy Perlera Features:  PSD template License: Free for personal use.

Android Wear Template

android-wear-template Creator:  JC Ferraris Features: PSD template License: Free for personal use.


iwatch Creator:  Alex Cican Features: 1 HD PSD template License: Free for personal use.

Moto 360

moto-360 Creator:  deeepu Features:  2 versions PSD template License: Free for personal use.

Moto 360 Mockup

moto-360-mockup Creator:  Mikael Eidenberg Features: PSD template License: Credits are appreciated.

Android Wear UI

android-wear-ui Creator:  Taylor Ling Features: 2 mockups License: Free for personal use.

Google Watch AEP

google-watch-aep Creator:   Christoph Fahlbusch Features: 3 compositions License:  Free for personal and commercial use. To round things up, how do you like this concept of a simple watch transforming into a notification centre? The image is based on Christoph Fahlbusch's work just shown. android_wear_-_clock_app_design_ramotion (dpe)

Nataly Birch

Nataly is an internet entrepreneur and an amateur web designer and developer from Sevastopol, Ukraine. She is running a blog for web designers and developers where you can find some inspirational and useful stuff. In her spare time she reads books, unveils the secrets of the world and plays volleyball. Visit her blog or follow her on twitter


  1. Stoked for these watches! Love the last combination of old fashioned with technology. These are seriously so cool.

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